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Written by KazeRogue and Cat Smith
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 11

Remy LeBeau closed his eyes for a few moments, then visibly pulled himself together. He had business to do, and he wouldn't anything - or anybody - get between him and the Mask of Ra. Not even the woman who had come to intrigue him more than any other person before had done. Why the hell had he kissed her? This was only complicating the matter. He should have pushed any thought of her aside and went on with his job. But now, he couldn't think of anything else but the taste of her lips.

Damnit, he was a pro! He had a perfect plan and he would get through it. What was he expecting from this situation anyway? She would take every chance to arrest him, that much he knew about her character by now. This was no Hollywood movie in which either she would forget about her principles and follow him around the world on the search of new challenges, or he would realize the BADNESS of what he was doing and become a valuable member of society, of course amnestied because of his sincerity about his change of mind.

This was life and he knew he couldn't offer her something that would have any worth in it. Even if she would be able to let him get away with his past crimes, he wasn't one to settle down. White picket fences, a dog and 2.5 children and a wife who arrested his colleagues was not quite what he wished for in his life. At least, that's what he told himself.

"Listen, Xandra, I really never wanted anything to happen to you. I was just trying to help a friend, I never would have thought that you'd have any probs with this Creed guy... Really"

Kitty was desperate. The need to apologise had driven her to the police station again, where she had met Xandra and asked her to have dinner with her in a nearby restaurant. Now she nervously looked into the other's stoic features, afraid of having loist a friendship. But even more afraid of what would happen to her if she lost the protection the Detective offered.

"Why help him? What would he possibly have ta do with Creed" The Detective wasn't making this easy for her friend, but she needed information. And she knew that she had a better chance of getting it while the hacker was still afraid and felt guilty.

"I really dunno. He just told me that there was some guy after him, hired from one of his 'victims' I guess. Well, he just thought it to be a good idea to play his two opponents off against each other, to have him get rid of the killer and to buy him some time in keeping you busy. At least that's what he told me."

Kitty's state was approaching hysteria, so Xandra decided that there was nothing more she could expect from this source. Standing up, she threw some bills on the table to pay for her food and grabbed her jacket.

"Where are you going?" The hacker almost whined.

"Ah have work ta do." The policewoman turned to leave.

"Wait! Is everthing okay with us? I... I mean... will you.. you know?"

Xandra turned again to face her friend with a hard look. "Ah won't."

Kitty's relief was almost tangible as her features eased in a second, she smiled at the Detective extremely thankful as the noose had been removed from her neck. For now.

"I .. thank you. But - why are you doing this? I mean, you even arrested your mother, why do you make an ecxeption with me?"

Xandry considered her response very well. This would decide about their friendship. The detective was positive that Kitty would still help her in times of need, if only because Xandra knew too much about her illegal activities. But whether she would do it out of friendship, she couldn't be sure, if she were honest. How could she explain that she had decided for herself long ago to separate personal and business matters? That it was not their friendship that kept the hacker from being arrested? Nonetheless, Kitty deserved the truth.

"Because this way, ya're of more use ta me. Your help in my work does more good than your other activities do bad."

The two young women looked into each other's eyes in silence as their relationship had been clearly defined, neither knowing what it would be in the future though. Abruptly, the Detective turned and left the restaurant without another word.

Trying to relax, Xandra closed her eyes and lifted her head to the soft breeze. The coffee she held was warming her hands and she took another sip to let the warmth run through her body in this cold night. She had tried to nap some hours since she planned to stay up all night, lying in wait to catch her thief. But after half an hour of tossing and turning, she had given up and went for coffee instead. Now she was sitting on the roof of Logan's apartment house and waited for the hours to pass by until she would go to the museum.

"De moon be bright dis night" The voice startled her, though nothing betrayed that reaction. She kept her eyes closed until she felt it was safe to open them and face the owner of the voice. He looked gorgeous, his black coat fluttering in the wind, his hair tousled, melting with the background like the being of the night that he probably was. Though she said nothing, the question was as clear written on her face as if she had spoken it out aloud. He lit a cigarette.

"I jus' felt I had t'see you once again b'fore... y'know." He sat down next to her and exhaled smoke deeply. Xandra watched the smoke curl and blur the view of an otherwise clear night as if it were the most fascinating thing she had ever seen. Whereas Gambit watched her, features painted in moonlight, her hair's white streak amazingly bright while her eyes' sparkle matched the one of this night's brightest stars. The situation still seemed unreal to him, even when she spoke.

"This is doing neither of us any good." Her voice was strangely flat and as green eyes met red ones he could see the turmoil of emotions she had managed to keep out of it. His heart seemed to skip a beat as he barely suppressed the sudden urge to stroke a single strand of white hair out of her face.

"I know. I should go."

"Y'should." Was her only answer. Neither of them moved. They sat in silence, coffee as forgotten as cigarette, staring at the stars and the hectic atmosphere below. With a sigh, the thief threw the butt of his cigarette away and stood. Startled, the Detective stood as well, dropping the cup that she had put on her knees before. With an inhuman swiftness and elegancy, Remy caught it and handed it back to her. Due to the trembling of his hands, he spilled the hot liquid and burned them. Reflexively, Xandra took them in their own to check the bruise.

"Let me see... we should get soemthing to cool it." Both realized the same instant that they touched and pulled their hands back as if they had felt something far hotter than the coffee.

"It be okay..." Remy whispered without looking her in the eyes. Suddenly, he cursed himself for coming here. He felt like a brabbling idiot. He, the charmer, the nonchalant womanizer, was nervous as a highschool boy before his first date. He turned to leave, trying hard to not make it obvious as the flight that it was. Xandra held him back by his arm and he couldn't help but stare into her beautiful eyes that pleaded him to stay.

"I really... I should..." He couldn't find the words to explain what he was having a hard time explaining himself. That this couldn't be.

"Ah know." She simply looked at him and with a fervent passion all dams broke down when their lips met.

As Xandra woke, she felt comfortingly dizzy. She kept her eyes still closed, reluctant to open them to see the reality she wasn't fit for after the last night. Inhaling his scent that still lingered in the blankets, she tried to remember every detail of what had happened, but even failed when it came to the question how they had come into Logan's flat, down from the roof. But she could still feel every single touch of his, as if he had burned her skin where he had caressed it. She could also recall his words, whispered between two kisses. 'We're only makin' dis harder'. And her response: 'Ah know'. Nonetheless, neither of them had been able to stop what would prove to be the bittersweetest experience in Xandra's life.

She finally opened her eyes, afraid of seeing him lying next to her. Afraid of not seeing him lying next to her. But as she could have assumed if she were her regular self, he was gone, whether she should be happy or sad, she didn't know. Her eyes happened to stray from the pillow with the distinctive dent of a head having rested there, still smelling of Fahrenheit, to the clock on her nightstand. Xandra almost burst out laughing - or crying - at the irony of having overslept for the first time of her career in the NYPD.

"Could you KINDLY tell me why I've been kissing my boss' ass to get you the permission to stay in this godamn museum over night when you prefer to stay at home and oversleep?" Xandra has never seen Forge so mad, and she'd die a happy death if she never had to again.

"Ah... Ah felt he wouldn't come." the Detective cursed herself for stammering.

"And you did know this how? And don't give me any of this 'female intuition' crap!"

Xandra thought fervently about Gambit's possible reason to not steal the Mask last night besides making love to the Detective who was supposed to arrest him.

"There was full moon last night, and th' sky was extremely clear. It was too bright for him ta get into th' museum unnoticed. Ah.. Ah've done a psychoanalysis, he's a perfectionist, he wouldn't take any chances. And since Ah reckoned he would use this night ta watch th' building nonetheless, perfecting his plan. Ah couldn't risk him to see me there and get suspicious." Xandra held her breath and prayed for her boss to accept her explanation. Strange as it was, he did.

"And what do you intend to do now, Detective?"

Xandra looked into the Lieutenant's eyes and held their gaze, laying as much determination in her voice as she could master.

"Ah will catch him. Tonight."


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