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Bishop is a mutant from a possible future that became trapped in the past. Upon returning to the past and seeing Gambit, he recognized Gambit as the "Witness", supposedly the last person from his own timeline to see the X-Men alive. Bishop had spent a part of his childhood being raised by The Witness and later worked for him in exchange for saving his dead sister's essence in holographic form.
Not long before Bishop traveled into the past, he had viewed the remnants of a recording found in his own time which implied that there had been a traitor amongst the X-Men who killed all the others. Knowing The Witness' name was LeBeau and that he still survived in his own time while all the other X-Men were dead, Bishop at first accused Gambit of being the traitor. As they worked together though and despite Bishop's distrust of Gambit, they developed something of a friendship and respect for one another. Later, the "traitor" was shown not to be Gambit in the Onslaught series.

[See UXM 287, 298, 308, 334, 335. XM 8, 46-47, 51-52, 58. First Bishop Limited Series, XSE Limited Series]


Bella Donna was Gambit's wife by an arranged marriage and may still be, legally, but that is in question. Although she is the daughter of the head of the Assassins' Guild, Marius Boudreaux, she and Gambit were childhood friends and sweethearts. Their marriage was arranged to try to bring a peace between the warring Guilds, but in the end got Gambit banished from New Orleans. [see Julien Boudreaux]
Bella Donna seemed to have been killed in the Ghost Rider/X-Men/Brood crossover, but was brought back to life by Gambit in the 1st Gambit LS.Rogue has seen some of her memories, and she now wishes both Gambit and Rogue dead.


Julien was the son of Marius Boudreaux, head of the New Orleans Assassins Guild and Bella Donna's brother. He all but officially ended Gambit and Bella's marriage by challenging Gambit to a duel on their wedding day. He didn't want peace between the Guilds and he didn't like Gambit with Bella. There have been hints that Julien had incestuous or extremely overprotective feelings toward Bella Donna.
Gambit ended up killing Julien and was banished from the Thieves Guild and from New Orleans in order to keep the peace. Julien was brought back to life by Candra and her Elixir of Life. It made him even more insane than he was before and Candra used him against the Thieves and Gambit. He was killed again by his father and the Assassins.

[See the Ghost Rider/X-Men/Brood crossover and the 1st Gambit LS]


Once head of the New Orleans Assassins Guild, he sought peace with the Thieves Guild. Working with Jean Luc LeBeau, the two made a deal which arranged the marriage of their children, Remy and Bella Donna Boudreaux, who were already childhood sweethearts, in the hopes that this would end the fighting. The attempt at peace was unsuccessful and cost him his son, twice. He recently passed away, possibly under mysterious circumstances, and Bella Donna is now head of the Assassins Guild.

[See XM8, and the 1st Gambit Limited series.]


The Brood is a space faring alien race that uses other life forms as hosts to perpetuate their species. They have tried this on a number of occasions with earthlings and have been thwarted by the X-Men.
One such case was an attempt to use the Assassins' Guild as hosts and the resulting deaths caused Gambit and the X-Men to go to New Orleans to help his in-laws with the help of Ghost Rider. Gambit, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider have since crossed paths with the Brood on another occasion. The Brood consider the X-Men and other super beings excellent host candidates.

[See the Ghost Rider/X-Men/Brood Crossover, and Ghost Rider 67 & 68]

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