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Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Written by Alexis
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 1

The street was dark, it was early in the morning and very few people were on the street. The street lamps were the only thing on, in what appeared to be a deserted part of town with the exception of a one or two people going about their business and few drunks in alleyways. Some of buildings had broken windows boarded up. The pace was quick and quiet. Remy and Jean stuck to the shadows following their target. A man walked quickly, looking behind him every few feet as if he was being followed but wasn't sure. He knew he had to get to the base, the information he had was vital. He turned the corner onto a much brighter street, and Remy and Jean followed, but as they turned the corner, suddenly, the man they had been following turned around, Remy grabbed Jean quickly and spun her around and then embraced her into a sweet kiss, while never taking his eye off of the man. The man seemed relieved and kept going, letting Jean go, he grabbed her hand and they ran.

Two days later.

The evening was warm and sticky, one of those muggy nights that made sleeping difficult. Jean was trying to sleep, but couldn't seem to relax enough to succumb to slumber. She couldn't help but think about the other night, and she felt guilty. Why should she, Scott is dead? Remy hardly said a thing about their kiss, like it never happened .... it was all just apart of what needed to be done to get to the man with the information. And she was pleased they were able to get the disc before it was delivered to people who shouldn't possess such information. Why couldn't she sleep? Why did that kiss bother her so?

She felt flushed when it happened and found it difficult to concentrate until Gambit yanked on her hand and whispered c'mon, with the impression of what was she waiting for. What was she waiting for? Another kiss? Seize the moment to slap him? Remy acted like nothing happened. Perhaps nothing did. She couldn't stand being awake in the middle of the night, they had another mission in a few days and she really needed the rest. After wrestling with the bed for a few more minutes, she decided to go to the kitchen. Maybe something soothing to drink will help her sleep.

Ororo was in the kitchen, she didn't like muggy nights either, and while it was tempting to change the weather slightly to make it more comfortable, she chose not to. Some weather systems need to occur to keep balance. She was wound up after the mission as well, it took some effort to keep Cable and Gambit at peace with each other. She made herself some green tea, green tea always has that soothing feeling of being well when drinking it, so despite the mugginess outside, she made the tea, and cooled it with a wave of her hand and sat down to relax.

Jean walked into the kitchen and greeted Storm.

"Couldn't sleep?" ask Jean.

"No" was all Ororo said.

"Mind if I have a cup?"

"Help yourself"

They sat in silence for a few minutes. Enjoying each others company with out saying a word. Storm broke the silence with "you seemed troubled, is there anything I can help with", Jean thought for awhile. Should she even bother with this, is she just being silly, it was just a meaningless kiss, that appeared to mean nothing to Gambit, so, why was it bothering her so.

She started with "we didn't tell you everything that happened at the debriefing" was Jean's opening response.


"And this really doesn't having anything to do with what happened with the mission, I just don't know what's going on with me, I'm feeling confused"

"Maybe I can help" Silence fell between them again. Jean was deciding how to tell her, does she just come out and say it, should she give all the details, should it be said in a manner so that it does not appear to bother

her, why or why does this bother her so.

Finally breaking her trace the tea seemed to have put her in, she said "Gambit kissed me".

"He did?" Ororo's eyebrow arched. "Did he mean to kiss you?"

"Well I suppose not, he just did to make it appear that we were a couple walking down the street"

"Oh" Silence fell once more. "But you don't feel that way"

"I feel guilty, like I have cheated on Scott, I was shocked and excited at the same time, and I found myself enjoying the embrace"

"Does he know you feel this way?"

"No, I don't think so, I don't think he's given it another thought"

"Are you hoping for more?"

"No, I don't think so"

"But it was exciting and I felt wanted .... and I feel guilty for feeling this way" long pause "I miss Scott, and I'm lonely"

Ororo moved to Jean and held her, while Jean wept on her shoulder. When she was done, both women were feeling very tired. They put the cups in the sink and headed to their rooms.

"Thanks 'Ro"

"Goodnight Jean"

He was quiet coming into the house, it was late, he didn't want to disturb anyone, he heard voices in the kitchen and the first words he heard was "Gambit kissed me" he stopped, waited and listened. He retreated into the shadows as the ladies went upstairs to their rooms. After fifteen minutes he quietly made his way to his room.


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