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Written by Cat Smith
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 8

In time, Rogue fell asleep. Again, she dreamed. This time, she was still in the darkened room, and Remy was still there, though he was hunched up in a corner, on the floor.

“Remy?” Asked Rogue, walking up to him. He looked up a little, his eyes blood red, and shining with tears. He pulled her to him, and held her in his arms as he cried.

“I’m so sorry, chere. I didn’t mean t’ leave y’ dere. I shouldn’ta done it.”

Rogue lay her head on his chest. “It’s all right,” she whispered. “Ah know what it’s lahk ta feel ya owe a debt ta someone. Ya’d do anyhtin’ foh them...”

“But it’s you I owe!” Remy insisted, looking into her eyes. “Y’ gave me y’ love. Y’ made me feel like no-one else ever did. An’ how do I repay y’? I feed on y’ an’ leave y’ alone while I go an’ fuck dat bitch. Mon dieu, how can y’ ever f’give me?”

“Don’t do it again?” Asked Rogue, hopefully, a little smile on her face. Remy looked up at her, and smiled back, pulling her into his arms. He kissed her forehead.

“Would dat I could, Rogue.” He whispered into her hair.

“Remy, ya can! Run away, take me with you!!”

Shaking his head, Remy smiled sadly. “Hadea’d know where I was in an instant...” He looked at the ceiling, then back at Rogue. “An’ she’d kill y’. I won’ let dat happen. ‘Sides which... I owe her.”

Rogue hit his arm, and glared at him. “Ya owe her nothin’!! She made ya like this! She made ya inta a Goddamn killer!! She-”

“I was a killer long ‘fore Hadea came ‘long.” As Rogue glared at him, Remy couldn’t help his little smile. “’Sides, cherie, I owe her more dan I could ev’ repay. ‘Cause o’ her, I can touch y’... wit’out her, we wouldn’t a been able t’ make love las’ night.” he held her against his chest tight.

Rogue wrapped her arms around him, hands stroking his back, all her anger gone. “Can vampire’s have kids, sugah?”

Remy laughed and shrugged. “I dunno, chere. Is dat a ‘Ah howape soh!’ or a ‘Oh mah gawad! Weh dident use pratehction!’?” Rogue pulled back and slapped him at his bimetteish mimicry of her. He only smiled and ducked forward as she was about to slap him again, and kissed the tip of her nose. So close, their forehead’s touching, they smiled at each other.

“Foh th’ record,” said Rogue quietly, “It was a ‘Ah hope so”.”

Remy nodded. “Me too.” They sat for a moment, in silence, then Rogue smiled at him wickedly.

“Wanna try again? Jus’ ta make sure?”

Remy grinned at that. “Sounds good t’ me!!”

Rogue blinked awake in her dungeon home. For a moment, she thought it was phantom arms from her dream that she could feel around her. But as her vision cleared, she saw it was Remy. She pushed him slightly.

“Remy!?” She asked, confused. He hadn’t been there when she went to sleep!

He blinked owlishly, then smiled cheekily, and hugged her, planting a little kiss on her lips. “T’ink it worked, chere?” he asked.

Rogue stared up at him stupidly. “What worked?”

“Y’ bein’ pregnant!” The smile fell from his face. “Assumin’ y’ can be, o’ course.” He hugged her. “If I can’t have kids, I’m gon’ kill Hadea.” He brought Rogue’s chin up so that he could see her, and stroked her cheek. “I wan’ a family wit’ you more dan an’t’in’!” He said softly, tenderly. It was clear in his eyes his longing for a family. A restless part of his that would only be happy with a home and children was brought to the surface, and Rogue found that she loved him more than ever because of it.

Startled understanding lit up Rogue’s emerald eyes. She stared at him in shock, her lips parted. “It... it wasn’t a dream?!”

Remy stared down at her. “O’ course it weren’t!” he grinned impishly, red eyes twinkling. He rolled on top of her, and whispered in her ear; “Dreams don’t feel that good!” He felt he should elaborate, and did. “Vampires have dis weird t’ing where dey can get int’ a person’s mind, like a telepath... I suppose it’s f’ when ya wanna entrance someone when y’ in trouble or... somet’in’... Most vampires can’t use dat gift when dey’re asleep. But I can. Hadea says I’m de only one she knows dat can do dat,” he added with a touch of pride. “Not only dat, but...” He trailed off.

Rogue was smiling seductively at him, inviting him to kiss her. With a grin as he did so, she rolled him onto his back in a mock wrestling match. Remy won, and threw her lightly to the ground, and smiled impishly at her.

“Don’t get cocky, Cajun!” She warned playfully, her eyes sparkling. He bent down to kiss her, when Hadea stormed thru the door. She grinned devilishly at him.

“Come here!” She beckoned him, and started to pull the thread from her corset.

For a moment, Rogue was shocked by the woman’s egotism, that he would come to her in an instant. After that, she became afraid he would leave her again. But he had promised he wouldn’t, and she believed he’d keep that promise. Rogue wasn’t afraid of Hadea. She didn’t believe that she was stronger than her.

“Don’t ya ever quit?!” Asked Rogue warningly, her eyes flashing as she tried to push Remy off her, ready to fight for the man she loved more than anything. Remy had something else in mind, however, as he wouldn’t budge, and glared down at her.

“My dear, you could never understand!” Hadea told her with a smile, revealing her long, white fangs. Remy shuddered. Hadea was playing with what she thought was her food. Not while he was around!

“What cain’t ah understand?” Asked Rogue from under Remy, still trying to push him off, again in vain.

“Vampires are built for pleasure,” she paused for a minute, trying to remember her name. “Rogue, wasn’t it? No matter. As I said, we are built for pleasure, and we get what we want, when we want it. Isn’t that right, my dear?” She looked at Remy. Though her tone was still playful, there was an edge to it that told him he better have the right answer. He ignored it.

“You might, Hadea. Go back to Bishop.” Remy muttered under his breath.

Hadea heard it clearly. So did Rogue. She frowned. Remy hadn’t mentioned Bishop was also captured. What was this woman doing to her team mate?!

“LeBeau, I tire of Bishop.” She scowled, and pouted like a spoilt child. “I want you, and if you don’t come here, now, I will spill this woman’s entrails...” Hadea frowned at Rogue, then crinkled her nose distastefully, “and the fetus of your child, onto this dusty floor, and make you come anyway!!” She screamed at him, claws on her hands extended, and ready to lunge at Rogue.

Remy pulled Rogue up with him, and stared at her. Fetus... they were going to have a child!? It was unbelievable... Remy wanted to kiss Rogue, to hold her, to cry in joy with her. But he couldn’t they didn’t have anywhere near the time. He thought quickly thru his options. He could fight Hadea, and hope like hell he won, or he could go with her and break his promise to Rogue. For a second, though he loathed it, he was going to go for his second option. Then he realised that this was going to happen every time, and one day, it was certain that Hadea would just get hungry, come down here, and feed on Rogue. Remy wouldn’t watch that. He could picture that image far too well in his minds eye, and it terrified him there. He had only one choice, and then, at least he wouldn’t have to watch Rogue, his only love, get old and die, while he remained young forever. He shuddered, and glared up at Hadea, Rogue still in his arms.

Hadea smiled. “You’ve made your choice then?”

Remy stood up, protectively in front of Rogue, and looked Hadea straight in the eye. “Leave us alone.” Remy blinked. He hadn’t meant to say that, but he had anyway. His eyes flitted to Hadea’s. She was smiling.

“All right. You have tonight, and tomorrow dream-time. Then, you are mine, body and soul both.” She turned and walked out, shutting the door behind her. Remy and Rogue both stared after her. he turned around, and looked at her, sat amidst the dust on the cold stones of the floor. He offered a hand for her to take, which she did gladly.

“What... what happened? Ah thought ya were gonna go with her, or she was gonna kill me...” Rogue asked, green eyes looking up at him, confusion welling up in them. Remy pulled her to him, shaking, thinking that she could very easily have killed her.

“Hadea f’got t’ mention somet’in’ else dat vampire’s are...” He rested his chin lightly on her head. “...unpredictable.”

Rogue hugged him. “Yeah.” She paused a minute, taking comfort in his warm arms. “Remy?” She asked. “Do... do you think she was telling the truth about me... about us havin’ a kid?”

Remy looked down at her and nodded. “Oui. I do. Y’ don’ believe her?”

“Ah don’t get how she could know... Ah mean, if ah am, it could only be a day or so, an’ ah don’t think anythin’ll happen ta mah body in the first day or so...”

For a moment, Remy pondered this, then as he bit his lip, and pulled back to wipe the blood from it, realised. “It ain’t human, chere.”

“What?” Asked Rogue, looking up at him.

“De chile...” He put a hand on her abdomen. “Our chile ain’t human. It be half vampire.” Frowning, he wondered for a moment if he would be able to sense whatever Hadea did. He wasn’t as powerful as her, of course, but he would try... He listened hard, but could hear only his and Rogue’s breath and heartbeat. he tried his other senses, then, finding nothing, grimaced as he realised he would have to try his vampire’s gifts... Just catching himself so that he didn’t bite his lip again, he concentrated. He touched as much of Rogue’s body as he could with his own, and felt her. Not her flesh, but her life-force, like a rich, warm light, flooding into his body, making him ache for it... he shuddered as he fought against the hunger, and concentrated more... With a gasp, he realised he felt it. She was pregnant! The little bundle of cells in her womb mind not yet be conscious, but it was alive, and it had a life-force like it’s mothers, yet different. It was more like warm silver, flowing into his veins, and Remy could feel the likeness to his own life force. It as so touching that he felt tears roll down his face in joy. He could hear Rogue calling out to him, and cut off the connection to his child. He opened his eyes, and looked thru the haze of tears at his lover.

“Remy!?” She asked, frightened. “What’s wrong!?”

Remy smiled, but couldn’t, didn’t try to stop the tears flowing. “Not a t’ing, ma amour.” He kissed her softly, and his eyes twinkled. “Hadea was telling the truth, Rogue. We are gon’ have a baby!”

For a moment, Rogue just stared up at him, uncomprehending.

“I can sense it’s life-force,” Remy explained softly.

A tear escaped the corner of Rogue’s eye. “A baby?” She whispered.

Remy nodded, grinning like a little boy who’d just been told he could have all the candy in the world. “A chile... our chile...” He bent down to kiss her, and Rogue accepted his kiss readily, and eagerly.

“Ah love you, Remy Etienne LeBeau,” whispered Rogue, her eyes shining.

“Love y’ back,” He whispered, smiling. Then he took her hand, and led her from the room. “Let’s get outta ‘ere ‘fore Hadea changes her min’ an’ come’s back!”

Later, Remy lay in Rogue’s arms, half asleep, half awake, day-dreaming about a life with Rogue. He could see it perfectly. Their wedding would be beautiful, she’d wear a beautiful cream dress with antique lace and pearls. And their children... they’d have four, two beautiful boy’s, and two beautiful girls. With a smile on his lips, Remy woke himself, and leaned over to kiss Rogue lightly. Stretching out, he laid a hand on her stomach, and concentrated again, until he could feel both Rogue’s and their child’s life forces. It had only been a few hours, yet the baby’s ‘force had grown considerably stronger. Remy smiled, and lazily lolled his head on Rogue’s neck. Jerking away quickly, he winced and punched the wall as the strong smell of the blood rushing thru her veins reminded him that he was hungry. He didn’t want to hurt someone, to kill them, though he supposed he didn’t have any choice. As soon as he’d realised what Hadea had made him, he had vowed he’d only kill killers. He’d tried to not kill them, but once he started to drink, the hunger, the pain got worse until he’d drained them dry. He wished it wasn’t like that, but it was, and that was all there was to it.

Shifting uncomfortably, Remy realised he was indeed hungry. Glancing at the clock on the wall, he saw that it was 6pm. With it being winter, it should be dark by now. He pulled on his clothes, and looked outside the room. There was a small whole drilled into the wall above his head, and there was no sunlight pouring thru it.

Turning back into the room, he padded softly over to Rogue, and kisses her cheek. Sighing, Remy whispers to her he’ll be back soon, then left.

It was indeed night, now. The sun had set at 4pm, not unusual this far north. Remy had a pair of sunglasses on, to hide his mutant eyes from anyone in the streets. There were few people out, as the cold of winter had struck with a vengeance, and it was only a few degrees above freezing. Glancing around at the few on the street, he saw mostly business people going home to their loved ones, and shoppers hurrying home to get in from the cold.

Remy sucked in his breath as a young woman brushed past him one her way to the factory where she worked night shift. It took all his strength not to grab her and drink from her now, in plain sight. Clenching his teeth, he turned into an alleyway... and grinned. He didn’t even have to look! There was a teenager there, backing a middle aged business man up against the wall. The man was terrified, but the kid was leering at him.

“Give me ya money, old man!” He yelled, swinging a baseball bat at him, catching him in the stomach. The man doubled over, gasping for breath. Remy stepped into the shadows, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike, and watched with slitted eyes.

“Here,” gasped the man, handing over an elegant-looking leather wallet. The kid rifled thru it, then glared back at the man.

“Naw, man, there ain’t enough in here! I don’t want no plastic crap! I want tha paper!” The kid pulled back his bat for another swing, madness gleaming in his eyes. With a nod to himself, Remy chose this moment to intervene.

“What d’ y’ want paper f’, mon ami? I’m sure de M’su got lotsa paper f’ y’ in here,” Remy said, picking up the man’s forgotten briefcase from the floor as he stepped out.

The kid turned and stared at Remy incredulously. “Hey! Get the hell outta here! This is my turf! Find yer own!” Remy continued walking towards him. After crossing half the distance between them, he took off his glasses, and stared right at the boy. He stared right back, frozen to the spot in fear. Remy continued toward him, keeping his eyes trained on him. When he reached him, his arm shot out, Lightening fast, and pinned him to the wall by his neck.

“Get outta here,” Remy ordered, over the kid’s dying sounds. The man took one look at Remy, and ran as fast as he could. Remy turned back to the kid, the blood thirst visible in his eyes. He dropped the boy. gasping for air, he tried to wrench enough air down his injured wind-pipe to fit sobs around his ragged breaths.

“Don’t kill me, man,” begged the boy, wiping the tears away with a fist.

“Why should I give you the mercy that you wouldn’t show to that man?!” Asked Remy, eyes glowing and fangs bared.

“I wouldn’ta killed him! I didn’t-” The boy’s last words turned to a gurgle as Remy plunged his fangs into his neck. Now Remy was beyond thought, he couldn’t have stopped even if he’d wanted to. As the boy’s blood flowed thru him, his hunger increased, until the pain was such that Remy wanted to scream. finally, he dropped the boy, the blood drained from his body. Sitting there for a moment in a stupor, his senses finally returned. He looked down at the boy beside him, who he had just killed, and broke down in tears. He curled up, let the sobs wrack his body, crying for the boy, the boy’s family, and for his own damned soul.


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