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Written by Courtney
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 10

Remy woke to find himself in a bed. The bed wasn’t as comfortable as the one in the hotel, but it was better than the floors he slept on for the last few years. His eyes finally fluttered open only to see a huge blue form wearing a lab coat standing by a table, peering into a microscope. Even though he had seen Kurt, nothing prepared him for this beastly blue person. A gasp passed his lips involuntarily and he sunk into the bed further. The person heard him, however, and turned slowly. “Ahh, Remy, you’re awake.”

Remy recognized the voice. He didn’t believe it though. “Y’ were de homme on de phone?”

He grinned a fang-filled smile and extended his large hand, which was sort of like a paw with an opposable thumb; claws included. Remy tentatively returned the handshake. “Hank,” he reminded him.

“Right… I didn’ expect t’ be meetin’ any more blue people today…” he joked, letting a nervous laugh crawl out of his throat.

“I believe I will be the last one for awhile. Our winged compatriot, Warren, has blue skin as well, but he at the moment has taken a leave of absence for his corporation.”

Remy’s eyebrows furrowed. “He’s blue an’ he still works.”

“Courtesy of an image inducer that I invented myself,” he beamed proudly. “Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without the funds of Xavier, which you know that is where you are now, correct?”

Remy nodded numbly. His eyes trailed to his left where Rogue was whimpering in her sleep. “Is it okay if I get up?”

Hank motioned towards her. “Yes, but heed caution. I’m still unsure of her abilities.”

Remy slid off his bed and walked the short distance to Rogue’s bed slowly. He climbed up next to her and just observed her sleeping form. A thin sheet of cold sweat had appeared on her face as her face contorted with anguish. “Henri, what’s wrong wit’ her?” Remy asked, worried.

Hank was immediately on the other side of the bed. “She appears to be having a nightmare, though it may have something to do with today’s earlier occurrences… I’ll page the resident psychics at once!” He ran back to his desk and dialed an extension number.

Rogue was beginning to moan. “remy…?”

Thinking quickly, he wrapped his hands in her blanket before holding her pale bare one. “I’m right here, p’tite,” he whispered.

“remy… come back…”

“Rogue, I’m right here.” He said more sternly as he reflexively rubbed her hand, trying to sooth her out of her sleep. Her lips began to tremble and a sob passed through her lips. Her body racked with tremors and suddenly, she snapped up into a sitting position, eyes wide with fear. Her head whipped around wildly, trying to make sense of her surroundings. She must have glimpsed at Remy three times before realizing he was next to her.

“Remy! You’re here!” She threw herself onto him, clutching onto his clothing as if he were a lifeline.

“’Course I am. Where would I have gone?”

“Ya disappeared in mah dream… it seemed so real Ah thought Ah was alone fohever… Kurt left me, too. It was all dark an’ cold an’ scary. Ah don’t evah wanna have that dream again.” She shuddered against him. She looked up at him with watery eyes. “Where is he?”

Remy motioned to the bed next to her. She turned and saw him still unconscious. “Gawd, what did Ah do ta him?” Guilt plagued her and felt like a huge weight on her heart. She didn’t dare leave Remy’s side for him though. She was too afraid to go near him and she also felt too weak to make any sort of movement.

“We’re still attempting to figure that out, Miss Rogue.” Hank said, returning to her beside.

She recoiled into him, obviously frightened of his appearance. “Who are you?”

“We spoke on the phone this morning. I’m Hank, but known for obvious reasons as the Beast.” He smiled gently at her, not wanting to flash fangs as he mistakenly did with Remy earlier.

“Phone? Ah don’t remember talkin’ on the phone… Remy, where are we?” Her eyes were wide still, but this time filled with confusion.

“Chere, we talked t’ Henri dis mornin’ about comin’ t’ de Xavier Institute.” Her face didn’t change at all, showing she did not register a single fact. “Y’ don’ remember anyt’in’?”

She looked away from him, staring into nowhere, trying to reorganize her thoughts. “Ah can’t remember a thing… Foh some reason Ah remember you an’ Kurt, that’s it. Everythin’ else is black…” her eyes closed as it came together. “Like mah dream,” she whispered sullenly.

It was then Betsy came into the room, followed closely by a man in a wheelchair and Jean. Hank stepped aside as the man in the wheelchair took his place. “Rogue? I’m Professor Charles Xavier,” he extended his hand. “Welcome to my school.” Rogue glanced down to her bare hand idly and didn’t bother to shake hands. Remy, instead of leaving him hanging there, took his hand instead. “Ahh, you must be Remy, the sworn guardian of our young Southern belle.” He smiled kindly, brown eyes friendly and inviting. Remy couldn’t help but noticed how much light reflected off his shining, bald head. He figured his nerves were getting to him and a laugh escaped his lips.

Xavier caught him glancing and smiled more, but then turned his attention back to Rogue. “You seem frightened, child. Is something the matter?”

“Ah don’t know where Ah am or why Ah’m here,” she murmured, recoiling even further into Remy.

“What is this?” Xavier asked, confused. “You’re at the Xavier institute, Hank told the team you contacted us earlier…” He looked to Hank for an explanation, but received an uncharacteristic shrug from the Beast.

She looked to Remy to speak for her while she buried her head into his chest. She was afraid. Why was her head suddenly blank? She remembered Remy and Kurt and them fading out of her mind. She knew that her powers were dangerous but she knew there had to be more. For the life of her though, she couldn’t remember a damned thing. “It might have somet’in’ t’ do wit’ her powers.” His eyes traveled down to her and stared her straight in the eyes. “Chere, d’ya remember anyt’in’ ‘bout how dey work?”

She shook her head softly and a tear fell down her cheek. “Would it be possible…” Xavier began. “If we went inside your mind, Rogue? Your memories have to be in there. It’s not likely they just disappeared, never to be remembered again.”

“Somethin’ tells me that Ah don’t wanna remember me,” she answered gravely. “Why else would Ah suddenly fohget mahself?”

Xavier nodded and looked to Remy, who nodded as well, knowing full well what her past was full of. “It’s what makes you a person, though, Rogue.”

She lifted her head up from Remy’s chest, her eyes still shining with tears. “Fine, do what ya hafta then.” Her face was pink with slight anger. Who was this guy to tell her what she could have in her mind… although… she was going to be a pretty empty person if she didn’t allow him to fix things straight again. Her face paled once again and she relaxed. “Can ya make Kurt wake up first?”

His smile remained warm as he nodded once again. “Of course, but it will take a second.”

“Ah understand.”

Xavier turned his chair around with the slighted swivel of the joystick located on the right arm of the motorized vehicle and faced Kurt. He reached out with his hand and placed it on Kurt’s furry blue forehead. His own forehead scrunched in thought and his eyes shut, concentrating. Remy watched curiously as Xavier worked his ‘magic.’ Kurt’s eyes could be seen rolling beneath his eyelids and suddenly, they snapped open. Gold flamed from his eye sockets for a second until he relaxed.

Rogue reached out to him weakly. “Kurt?”

He was panting and once he controlled his breathing more, he turned to Rogue and smiled weakly. Rogue mirrored his smile and lowered her hand. “Ah’m ready foh ya,” she whispered. Xavier faced her once again and reached his hand out in the same fashion as he did for Kurt. “Wait!” He halted mid-motion as Rogue cried out. “Ah don’t mean any offense by this… but somehow Ah’d feel better if she did it.” She pointed at Jean, who had been sitting on the medical bed behind Kurt’s.

“Me?” She looked between her and Xavier several times before asking “Why?”

“You’re warm. Ah remember that. You’re warm like Remy… not as much as him, but there’s enough that Ah trust ya, Ah guess.”

Jean walked, more like waddled in her stage of pregnancy, over beside Xavier. Hank pushed a chair underneath her so she could be more comfortable. She smiled her thanks and turned her attention to Rogue. “How do you remember me?”

Rogue shook her head. “Ah don’t know… it’s like a flame sparked up in mah head… Ah can only guess Ah got it offa Kurt. But Ah dunno…”

“It’s okay. I’ll still do it. I just need you to relax completely and let your mind open to me.” Rogue nodded and closed her eyes, once again leaning into Remy. For a second she almost looked asleep, but Remy noted sadly that she was too peaceful to actually have fallen asleep.

Jean raised her hands to her temples and her brow furrowed in concentration. Remy watched as the psychic fire once again sprawled out from her forehead and touched Rogue’s. Rogue breathed in quickly from the contact as it plunged into her head. “Is she okay?” Remy asked Xavier.

“Most people react similarly to a psychic probe. What’s going on is nothing out of the norm.”

Rogue stiffened suddenly against Remy as Jean knocked down the mental barriers that barricaded her mind. A startled gasp came from both of them simultaneously, but Jean’s was more like a cry of exasperation. Her concentration couldn’t hold any longer so she cut the connection. The psychic fire diminished and retreated back to Jean’s mind like a wounded dog. Rogue went limp in Remy’s arms. “What happened t’ her?”

“Her mind was so distressed when I broke the shields she unknowingly put up. I put her to sleep so her mind could get used to the memories again.”

“So she can dream ‘bout it all ‘gain?” Remy scowled. He pulled Rogue closer to him and cradled her body. Her face was perfectly blank as if it was a normal pleasant slumber.

“Right now she’s just experiencing rest,” Xavier answered. “Jean has just made it so she cured the amnesia and knocked her unconscious for her own good. She shouldn’t dream at all either. I’ve seen to that.”

Remy just shook his head, unconvinced. He let go of Rogue with one hand, still holding her to his chest. “Henri, where are my cards?”

“Your cards?” He quickly bounced – yes, bounced – to one of his desks and scuffled in the drawers. He produced Remy’s diminishing pack of playing cards. As he handed the pack to him, Hank and the other members of the room saw Remy’s hands tint a brilliant orange. He had Rogue leaned in the crook of his right arm, his left hand extended away from her. He fumbled the cards out of the pack, dumping them out on the bed. As daintily as possible so as not to touch the bed, he picked up a card. He held it outstretched away from himself, Rogue and everyone else, though he was tempted to hold it to the institute people. With a stifled cry, he allowed the painful blaze to flow into the card. He felt it on the brink of exploding and let it go. It fluttered for a split second before blowing up with a small poof. The remaining ashes fell to the bed and floor softly like feathers.

“Is that the only form of control you’ve found?” Xavier asked.

“So far. I t’ink it’s pretty good for two days.”

“It is. Does it activate randomly?” He rested his chin on his hand, elbow propped on the arm of his wheelchair. Remy decided to call this ‘the investigating teacher/recruiter’ look. He didn’t know whether to be amused or miffed with the look.

“Here an’ dere. Usually when I’m t’inkin’ a lot, or barely at all,” he said with a smirk. Confusion is always a plus. He thought wickedly.

“Or when your emotions are heightened?” Xavier suggested.

Remy thought about it. the first time in the alley, in fact, all the encounters with Victor he was frightened. A second ago, he was angry to hell. “Oui,” he finally mumbled.

Xavier nodded, which came off as quite arrogant to Remy. He wasn’t sure if he liked what he was getting into, what Rogue had gotten him into. He didn’t feel too secure with all the telepaths living there either. Betsy he had already pegged with a slight dislike due to her snobbish conduct, Xavier with his royal “I rule all” aura, and Jean, well, she wasn’t too bad as of yet, even though she was making crap assumptions with people she didn’t know very well. So far Remy only trusted Kurt because he was blood with Rogue. Hank was friendly, but Remy wasn’t too sure about him. He couldn’t be too bad, though.

“Do we have a room or somet’in’ t’ stay in?” Remy asked, changing the subject.

Xavier caught the subject change right away, but without faltering, he answered, “You have one of the guest rooms set aside in your name in the boys’ wing, as does Rogue in the girls’ wing.”

“We don’ have de same room?”

Xavier smiled, though Remy saw right through it. He was enjoying how he was testing the ‘wise old mentor’s patience. “We do not encourage coed dorm rooms.” He received a look that was half a pout, have a scowl. “Visitation is fine though.” Remy’s face faded neutral.

“Sounds good t’ me. C’n we take Rogue up t’ her room now?”

Xavier glanced to Hank. “If she’s just sleeping,” Hank responded. “I do not see any problems with it.”

Remy fully gather Rogue in his arms and slid off the bed. Kurt got off his bed as well, ready to move again. He wasn’t completely energized for teleporting though. “Hey, Remy,” he started. “I’ll show you how to get to the wings.” He walked to the doorway and waited for Remy. Rogue was tiny in his arms, her own arms curled up in her lap. Her face was still blank and unmoving. The only indication of her being alive was the small wheeze of air passing through her nose with each breath. Her legs dangled like dead weight against Remy’s left arm, her hospital gown flapping at her ankles where it would have been to the knee on a female a bit older. The thin material kept Remy protected from her skin, regardless of whether it was dangerous or not.

His arms shivered, as he was in a plain short sleeve t-shirt and scrub-like pants instead of a gown like Rogue. He missed his trenchcoat. He scowled at the thought of them getting rid of it. He looked up at the older Kurt, who was smiling warmly. Yeah, Remy trusted him, even though he looked like something out of a vampire movie.

Without looking back to the others, Remy followed Kurt down the hall, his feet sinking into the carpet. It felt like it had just been installed the day before, but guessing from the wealth of Xavier, they probably had it for awhile and tended to it well. Rooms stretched out to either side of the hallway, but with the doors shut, Remy couldn’t see a thing. He glanced back in the direction in which they weren’t headed to see a window with a balcony beyond it. The land looked like it extended forever.

Kurt stopped in front of an elevator at the end of the hall, which Remy frowned at. “Y’ use de elevator for de professeur?” Remy asked.

Kurt looked at him for a second blankly before answering. “Umm, yeah. You know how hard it can be to get around in one of those things.”

Remy nodded, though thought about Kurt’s hesitation. They walked into it when the doors slid apart. Kurt punched the 2nd floor button. Remy observed how it was a limited choice of places to go, except for a small blue button below the 1st floor button. With a small smirk, Remy tucked that thought to the back of his mind. Never know when it might be fun to play with.

To break the silence, Remy asked, “So how big is dis place?”

Kurt smiled. “Huge. It’s a really great place to live. Plenty of games and things to do in the rec room, the never empty kitchen, the pool out back, a front yard that goes on for half a mile. I could go on for awhile.”

“S’okay. It’s gon’ take me a bit t’ get used t’ dis. I haven’ lived in any place decent in my life.” Kurt glanced at him, but figured Remy didn’t need his pity. Saying ‘I’m sorry’ would seem like an insult.

“I just know you’re gonna love it. Wait ‘til you meet the others.”

“Dey’re any kids as young as me an’ Rogue?”

“Not really. Just Ororo and me for the youngin’s. Mrs. Summers is due to have her kid in a couple weeks, so you guys won’t be the youngest for too long.”

They continued walking down the hallway, once again, closed doors scattered amongst the walls. “Where we at now?”

“Girls’ wing. Rogue’s room is right up here.” They walked up to the next door on the left. “Here we go.” He reached for the doorknob but it swung open before he could touch it. Kitty was on the other side with a young African American girl with stark white hair.

“We were just making it more homey,” Kitty explained, motioning them inside. She motioned to the other girl. “This is Ororo. Ororo, Remy.”

He nodded to her and she smiled. “Nice to meet you,” she said in a dignified voice, one that sounded much older than the body it belonged to.

“Dis is Rogue,” he lifted Rogue up slightly to motion to her.

Ororo stayed smiling. “She’s so beautiful,” she said aloud. “So small, but she looks like she knows the world inside out.”

“Y’ could say dat.” She and Kitty stepped out of the way so Remy could place Rogue on her new bed. It was freshly made with what appeared to be a homemade quilt. The room was painted a soft pink, which matched the quilt. Small trinkets were around: ballerinas posed on the bookshelves, stuffed animals on the dresser that was yet to be filled.

He sat down next to her on the bed, reveling in the softness of the mattress. He could only hope his was just as comfortable. He turned to the others, but spoke pointedly to Ororo. “So what’re y’ here for?”

She took a seat across the room by the window. “I can control the weather.”

Remy’s eyes widened with awe. “Really?”

“Yes. Would you like a demonstration?”


Bobby whispered to Kitty, “She’s such a showoff sometimes.”

“I heard that,” Ororo laughed as she pulled the curtains aside so Remy could see outdoors. Ororo kept her hands down at her sides and closed her eyes, some of her hair sitting up due to static electricity that Remy could only assume that she had created. Lightning flashed and brought his attention back to the window. Thunder sounded loudly as rain began to pour down. A loud screech was heard from outside. “Dammit to bloody hell!”

“Uhoh,” Kitty giggled.

“Who dat?” Remy asked.

Bobby placed his hand on his chest and breathed in to make himself more dignified. “That would be Miss Emma returning from her shopping trip. It appears that she has been caught in the unexpected rainfall.” Kitty cracked up in hysterics as Ororo calmed down the storm.

“She’s going to have my head, isn’t she?” She didn’t sound afraid; more like stating the obvious for the hell of it.

“Not if she can’t find you,” Kitty dared. “C’mon.” She ran across the room and grabbed Ororo’s hand. “Back in a bit!” They fell through the floor smoothly like flowing water. That’s when stomps were heard coming up the steps. A tall blonde girl that Remy guess was twenty years old ran by the door, but back tracked when she realized the door was open.

“Where is the little wench?”

“Emma, calm down!” Kurt said, placing his hand on her arm. She cringed under his touch, but it wasn’t because it was of his appearance. She felt like she was too great for the rest of them so no one was allowed to touch her uninvited. He did remove his hand though.

Bobby walked over to her and placed an arm around her shoulder, not caring about her ‘no touchy’ rule. “Let’s just go downstairs and make some cappuccinos while you dry off, alright?”

She snorted under her breath, but allowed him to lead her out. Remy hooked his thumb towards the door. “What’s her problem?”

“Like I know.” Kurt rolled his eyes. “That was the only person who can get away with that sort of attitude.”

“How come?”

“Her dad and Xavier go a ways back. Were in the army together or something. Bobby is the only one of us that can get through to her pretty much though. Guess the Iceman’s the only one that can melt the Ice Queen.”

“What c’n she do?”

Kurt rolled his eyes again, though it really didn’t look like much without the pupils. “Another telepath. She’s like Betsy, too, who has no problem with going into your mind without consent. So just be careful. She can turn into diamond, too. Big surprise there.”

“An’ Bobby can make ice…?”

“Turn himself into it. Produce ice, make things cold, whatever. Sorry to sound bored but it’s nothing too spectacular after living with them after awhile.”

“I get y’. How long y’ been here anyway?”

Kurt looked away for a minute. “When I was nine, Mom heard about this place. She had kept me home for the time before that, home schooling me. There was only so much she could do. I was sick of the isolation and I needed to be around people that understood what it was like to be me. So I left. My actual powers didn’t manifest till I was twelve” He turned his head to face Rogue. “Now I’m sorry I ever left. I didn’t meet Victor before I did leave.” He brushed a lock of white hair away from Rogue’s eyes. She stirred into his hand, which he recoiled right away.


She only turned over and tucked her hands under the pillow, unconsciously adjusting to the new bed. She sighed happily and returned back to a still state.

“C’n y’ help me get her under de covers?” Remy asked standing up. Kurt nodded. They each took a side of the quilt and slid it carefully under Rogue’s body. She was too deep into her slumber to even notice. They draped it over her once again. She cooed softly with one of her breaths.

“Are you up for staying here and watching her?”

“’Course. You?”

“You bet.” They took a seat by the window, where the sun was beaming proudly down on them.

“Weather changes ‘lot ‘round here, don’ it?”

“Depending on ‘Ro’s mood. Right now I’m guessing she’s extra giggly after that last storm because she got Emma good. That’s why she’s always so calm to everyone. When she came she had a killer temper.”

“Till de prof worked wit’ her?”

“You got it.”

“How did he help you?”

Kurt thought about it for a moment. “I don’t know if he ever did. I mean, there’s the control of the teleporting… but my real problem has always been my appearance. Obviously.”

“Do y’ ev’r leave de mansion?”

“Of course. I have an image inducer that covers all this up.” He tapped a watch on his left wrist. Suddenly the blue elf was replaced with a normal looking teenager. “Comes in real handy for Sunday mass. Religious people don’t take too kindly to people who look like they’re straight out of the place they’re trying to avoid.” He tapped it again and he was back to normal, tail and all.

“Why don’ y’ jus’ keep it on?”

“I don’t like to hide. What’s the point when you’re among people like yourself?”

“Y’ got a point,” he said quietly. He glanced up to Rogue’s bed. “So how long does one of dese psychic sleep t’ings last?”

“She’ll probably be out until the middle of the night. Hopefully she’ll make it to the morning so she doesn’t wake up in a strange area in the dark.”

Remy was about to respond, but giggling came from the wall to the left of him. A hand peeked in and turned into the two laughing girls. “How did Her Majesty look?” Ororo asked.

Kurt smiled a fang-filled grin. “Like a drowned rat in a Versace dress. The white silk clinged quite nicely to her as well.” That gained an eye roll from both of the girls.

“She with Bobby?”


Kitty sighed with relief. “I still don’t understand why he’s the only one that can cure her out of her funks. And I’m assuming he’s taking advantage of her wet state.”

“For looks anyway. You know Emma. Bobby’s two years younger than her. Emma’s standards are guys over twenty-five with at least three million to their name. Too bad Warren is taken by Betsy.” Ororo explained, mostly to Remy, who watched the three with wide dark eyes.

Kurt snapped his fingers in mock-disappointment. “Poor him. Leaves him all for you, then, doesn’t it Kit-Kat?”

Her face blushed furiously and she turned to Ororo. “You told him?!”

The young weather witch placed her hands on her chest. “I’m never one to tell secrets, you know that!”

“How did you know then?” Kitty demanded.

Kurt broke out into laughter. “I just guessed and you just completely screwed yourself over!” He doubled over and fell on his side, still laughing. Remy just watched them all.

“Ooh! I’ll get you for this, Elf!” She pounced down to tackle him but he ‘ported out of the way and to the other side of the room by the door.

“This is when I call it a night. Keep an eye on her, Remy!” He ran down the hall, Kitty close on his heels. She could be heard shouting obscene things to him all along the way.

“She’ll catch him eventually,” Ororo said, sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of Remy. “They’ve been having fights like this ever since I came here.”

“What’s y’ story?”

She smiled. “Are you interrogating all the students?”

He shrugged. “Best way t’ find out ‘bout people: de blunt approach.”

“Well, long story short, I came from a tribe in Africa two years ago because of some accident,” she paused. “Xavier found me, brought me here. He and Emma taught me English. Emma wanted me to be as prim and proper as her, but I wanted nothing to do with that. Too bad for her that I wasn’t going to be her clone.” She sighed. “How about you?”

Remy’s turn to sigh. “I’ll tell y’ what I tol’ Rogue. My maman didn’ want no demon child so I was put up for adoption for ten years. I ran away an’ I’ve been on de streets since den.”

Ororo bit her lip and Remy swore he saw it tremble. “I apologize. I just haven’t thought about Africa in awhile I suppose.”

“Do y’ mind if I asked what happened?”

She stood up. “Not today, Remy.” She turned her back on him, shadows creeping into the room with a sudden oncoming of clouds. “I’ll see you at dinner.” She walked out of the room without another word.

Remy decided that everyone intrigued him here at this place, whether he liked everyone or not. Ororo was just as mysterious as him, Kitty and Bobby were just plain cool, and Kurt was a definite friend. Emma could be interesting for laughs, and it looked like he’d have to talk to Kurt about those sort of things later on.

He stood up and walked over to Rogue’s bed. She still hadn’t moved a bit, but he knew she was alive. He felt her power on the tips of his nerves and shuddered. He hadn’t really told the others about that other gift, curse, whatever. In thought, he shrugged to himself and figured he could take it one step at a time.

He still didn’t like the thought of being separated with her, even though he had his room only a bit away. He still didn’t know where it was though. And considering that Kurt was probably still being chased by Kitty, he wouldn’t get a tour any time soon.

“Rat’er wait de time out wit’ y’, Rogue,” he whispered as he crawled in next to her. The bed was large enough for him to slide comfortably next to her without hanging off, or being completely spooned against her. With a sigh, she turned over again, but didn’t take any notice of him as she was still asleep. She faced him, her lips parted as she breathed through her mouth softly.

Remy just simply stared at her. “Y’ been t’rough too much, p’tite,” he whispered. He rolled onto his back and hit a lump down by the middle of his back. He reached down and pulled up the angel bear. Smiling, he placed it under Rogue’s arm, which she reflexively curled into. He wondered if the professor was actually telling the truth and she wasn’t seeing any of her memories from before. She seemed peaceful enough.

Rogue was back in the office room in New Orleans, watching Remy sleep. He had finished his grapes and lazily sprawled out in her lap. She didn’t worry about touching him. This was her dream.

She remembered everything; from the last time Victor hit her, to Kurt’s first visit from the institute, to Remy’s face when she’d reacted to his eyes for the first time. She decided that her time with Remy had been her favorite, hence her reliving their second night as friends.

She absently stroked his hair, playing with the skin on his scalp. She could feel everything amazingly enough. Somehow she knew she was going to miss the feeling of skin, of everything. Her face fell. Even Remy wouldn’t be able to help her through this. He could help her get away from her past life, help her move on, but how was he going to help her deal with this? Her mind flashed to Xavier. He was her only hope. He’d helped everyone else at the institute, what made her different?

With a smile with this realization, she gently prodded at Remy. “Wha?” He mumbled.

“Ah’m ready ta wake up.”

“Den go f’r it, chere. I’ll be dere.”

She knew he wouldn’t lie to her. She closed her eyes and with a rush of wind, she was awake.


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