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Written by Courtney
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 11

Rogue’s eyes blinked open in the pitch darkness of wherever she was. Timidly, she called out, “Remy? Are ya here?”

Remy’s eyes now opened as he heard her small voice. He didn’t realize that he’d fallen asleep. Peeking over her body, he saw the neon light of a wall clock shine that it was quarter after ten. “I’m here, p’tite,” he said to her back.

She twisted over and his eyes adjusted to her smiling face. She could only see his eyes, but it was all the comfort she needed. “Where am Ah now?”

“Y’ bedroom.” He paused as she nodded and squirmed into the bed some more, enjoying the fact that she now had a bed to call her own, that wasn’t scorned or tainted in anyway. “How y’ feelin’?”

“Good. Everythin’s back.”

“Dat’s cool...” The awkwardness was thick enough to cut through. “Y’ okay wit’ ev’ryt’in’ in dere?”

“It’s just like it was befoh. Ah know it won’t be as easy ta fohget again though,” she sighed. Remy didn’t know what to say so they sat in the darkness for a couple minutes, the silence the only company they needed.

Rogue’s stomach suddenly started grumbling. She giggled and Remy laughed with her. “Do ya know where the kitchen is in this place?”

He shook his head, and Rogue could tell the movement by the shake of his eyes back and forth. “Y’ wan’ t’ explore?” He suggested, the idea of adventure exciting him.

“Sure!” She sat up in the bed, noticing that she was still wearing the med-lab gown. “Do ya know where a light switch is?”

“Non, I’ll find one dough.” He got up as well and walked to the door, figuring there would be a switch present to activate the ceiling light. Sure enough, there was and he poised his hand to flick it. He placed a hand over his eyes to shield them from the sudden light and hit it. Light filled the room, chasing away all the shadows that Remy had become comfortable with.

“Do ya think Ah have any clothes to change inta?” She wondered aloud as she walked over to the dresser with its many stuffed animals among the top. She smiled and picked one up, hugging it to her body absently. She placed it back in its spot and opened the drawer at her level, finding her clothes from New Orleans in there. She pulled out the pair of shorts she’d worn the first night and a t-shirt, already washed and folded.

“Want me t’ go outside so y’ can change?” Rogue nodded, and Remy stepped out of the door, closing it behind him. A little over a minute later, Rogue stepped out, donned in simple black mesh shorts and white short-sleeved undershirt. She also had Kitty’s gloves on. She extended her left hand towards him, which he accepted without hesitation. He noted how comfortable she was with the limited contact of the gloves creating a barrier between them. Before she had been slightly iffy with even hugging him.

“You lead the way, Remy,” she smiled as she swung their arms back and forth. She had enough energy in her now to skip down the hall, but for Remy’s sake she didn’t. He was still older than she and she looked up to him, so she mustn’t act immature, right?

He smiled and started them down the hallway the direction opposite than Kurt had brought him. What fun was exploring if you backtracked? They turned at the corner at the end of the hall and found another long hallway of bedrooms. “How many people live in dis place?” He mused aloud.

Rogue just shrugged. “No idea. There’s a lot of students here, Ah think.” They walked by a few doors and found another turn, but stopped when they heard a door open behind them.

They turned to see a young man, possibly seventeen, with jet-black hair and a fair complexion. He peered at them curiously with cool blue eyes. “Who are you?” He asked them in an unrecognizable accent.

“Ah’m Rogue,” she answered tentatively.


The teen smiled. “Piotr Rasputin. You must be the new kids.”

Rogue smiled as well, now more comfortable with the introductions. “That would be us. Where ya from?”

“Russia. You are from the South, da?”

Remy nodded. “Bot’ o’ us.”

“Ah,” Piotr responded. He seemed to be in thought for a moment before asking where they were headed.

“De kitchen. We slept t’rough dinner, I guess.”

The Russian laughed. “You two were the big topic, too, amongst the students. It would have been nice to talk more formally.”

“Really?” Rogue asked, taking a step closer to Piotr, pulling Remy with her. “What were y’all sayin’?”

“Just the usual whenever someone new comes. This place is much like a high school from international mutants. That is why I’m here, Ororo, Sean… I could go on.” He laughed again.

“So where’s de kitchen?” Remy wished to talk longer, too, but his now growling stomach demanded otherwise.

“Da, of course, Tovarvisch.” He smiled and pointed in the direction they were originally headed. “Turn one more time and you will find the stairs – head right at the base. And follow the path of destruction. Bobby and the other older students are still down there for movie night. There will be a constant flow in and out of the kitchen so it shouldn’t be hard to find in the least.”

“Thank ya,” Rogue smiled sweetly and looked at Remy.

“Merci, homme. Talk t’ y’ later.” They turned around again as Piotr went back into his room.

They followed his direction, down the stairs, passing the main foyer and living room, which was huge. “Kurt told me this place was big, but Ah wasn’t expectin’ this,” Rogue awes as she looked at all the extravagant furniture and décor.

“’Big’ is an understatement, cherie.” He stepped up to what he knew from his knowledge was a Ming vase perched on its own stand for display. A memory played through his mind that he had long forgotten.

When he was first on the streets, the first couple nights had been horrible. He was desperate for food and shelter, and he was regretting ever leaving the orphanage.

He had met up with another boy named Pierre who was slightly older, maybe fourteen or fifteen. He offered Remy a place to stay as well. While Remy did cheap lifting, much as he taught Rogue, Pierre was into burglary.

One night, Remy had been sleeping when Pierre came into their apartment, panting. He had several handfuls of jewelry shoved into his pockets and a bag slung over his shoulder. Grinning, he showed the bag’s contents to Remy. There was the vase.

Sirens drew closer to their safe house and Pierre panicked. “Y’ got caught, didn’ y’?” Remy had asked innocently.

Pierre had glared at him and then punched him in the gut. “Don’ y’ ever mock me like dat, y’ miserable li’l punk!” He grabbed his stuff and ran out the door, followed closely by the blinking lights of the cop car chasing him.

Remy fell to the floor, his frail body hacking up blood and gasping for air. Amidst the noise he was making, he heard the vase shatter on the cement ground outside and Pierre cursed, just as Remy passed out…

“Remy!” Rogue screamed as the vase fell to the floor with a loud crash.

Remy shook himself out of his trance and saw as the vase broke by his socked feet. “Oh, merde,” he mumbled.

They both heard footsteps coming at the same time. Rogue grabbed Remy and pulled him away from the mess. Emma and a person that neither of the Southerners had met came stomping in. “Oh, what have you little monsters done?” Emma squealed, pressing her hands to her hips, complete with perfectly manicured fingertips.

“Emma, calm yerself down.” The man, about the same age as Emma but taller with red hair, walked closer to Remy. “What happened, lad?”

Remy looked at his feet, where some of the vase had shattered among his socks. “I must’ leaned against de stand too hard. I was rememberin’ somet’in’.” He looked up to the red-headed man.

He smiled. “It’s all right. Ye an’ the young lass go sit in the rec room while I clean this up.”

“And just what are we going to tell Xavier when he finds out, Sean?” Emma huffed.

“He dinnae mean anything by it, Emma. Cool it. Show them to the rec room,” he said, making his last sentence sterner. Emma huffed again and walked ahead of Rogue and Remy. They glanced at each other for a second, and then followed her white platform slippers.

“Emma, what happened out there?” Bobby asked as she sauntered back into the room.

She hooked her thumb backwards. “The brats broke one of Xavier’s priceless vases.”

Remy had grabbed Rogue’s hand on their way in and cringed at the venom in Emma’s voice.

“Get off it, Frost. He’ll get a new one tomorrow.” An Asian girl chewed silently on popcorn. “Aww, are they them?” She got off the chair and ran to Rogue and Remy. “I’m Jubilee, resident firecracker at yer service.” Her silky black hair hung just below her shoulders, partially held back by a yellow headband. She turned back to the others. “Why do I always miss out on the newbies?”

“Jubes, you’ve been back from college for three hours. They’ve been here about eight,” Bobby laughed. “You guys want some popcorn?” He lifted the bowl in their direction. Rogue nodded and walked over to him and the bowl. He patted the empty seat beside him and she sat down. She looked at Remy in the doorway, and then glanced to the empty spot on the other side of her. He nodded and took the seat beside her, reaching across to get some popcorn. Bobby offered him the bowl.

Kitty glanced up from the floor. “You two hungry?”

“Very.” Rogue said through a mouthful of popcorn, a few crumbs flying from her mouth and onto her lap. She shrugged and giggled.

“I’ll go heat up some leftovers. How do hot roast beef sandwiches sound?” Both of the Southerners stomachs growled in response. Kitty grinned and stood up. “Back in a few.” She left out the door on the opposite side of the room.

“What’re y’ watchin’?” Remy asked after he swallowed a mouthful of popcorn. He reached for another handful almost immediately.

Lethal Weapon 2,” Jubilee answered, sitting down next to Remy, filling the final seat on the couch. She looked to Bobby. “Do ya think it’s okay if we let the squirts watch it with us?”

He shrugged. “Beats me. Can you kids handle fighting and bad language?”

“I think we should send them back upstairs,” Emma spat from her ‘throne’.

“No one asked you,” Jubilee snorted. “You didn’t even want to watch this movie.”

“It’s not my fault you don’t have the right mind to watch American Beauty,” she pouted.

“Ugh, lass, we watched that three weeks ‘go anyway,” moaned Sean as he came back into the room.

Remy noticed the bag in Sean’s hands, figuring it was full of the vase. “Am I gon’ get in trouble f’r dat?”

“Xavier may be a tad upset, but he of all people should know the consequences of having expensive items around kids with new powers they aren’t in control of.”

Remy remembered that he hadn’t even used his power. Just a memory caused him to unconsciously tip it over. But he simply answered “okay.”

Kitty called back in “Dinner time!” She came into the rec room, wielding a tray of hot roast beef sandwiches, chips on the side and a cup each of lemonade. She set the tray on the coffee table. “Here ya go,” she smiled warmly.

Rogue slid down from the couch and in front of her setting. She picked up the heaping sandwich and took a big bite. An “mmm” rose from her throat. “This is so yummy.”

“It’s not polite to eat with gloves on,” Emma chided, her nose turned in disgust from the meat. Kitty was a vegetarian as well, but she wasn’t as snooty about it as Emma.

Rogue glanced to the gloves and the beef juice dripping on them. “Ya’re raht.” She placed her sandwich back on the plate and slipped off the gloves. She smiled meekly before returning her attention fully to her dinner.

Remy cast a quick glare at the blonde and slid down next to Rogue. He smiled and stole one of her chips, even though he had his own. She looked at him, hurt present in her green orbs from the minutes before. But he saw his smile and mirrored it with her own.

Emma watched Remy play with her, a sneer finding its way onto her pursed face. She wouldn’t let this girl steal her status at the mansion. She didn’t even understand how the attention of some prepubescent boy to Rogue was annoying her to the extreme. She concentrated and sent out a slight probe for the hell of it, just to see what their story was.

The crystalline tinkling reached across the room unseen by the regular eye and poked at Rogue and Remy’s minds. Unfortunately for Emma, Rogue screamed out as the feeling hit her still tender mind. Emma recoiled as if she’d been physically struck. It had reached Rogue before Remy had been able to sense it, so he was confused as to why she was suddenly upset.

“Rogue?” Kitty asked, kneeling beside her. “What happened?”

Rogue jumped away from her into Remy, his long pants shielding him from her skin. “Don’t touch me! Someone… wanted in mah head.”

The three older students collectively glared at Emma as Kitty tried to calm Rogue down. She had curled herself in a ball in Remy’s lap.

“Just what did ya think you were doin’, Frost?” Jubilee growled in a way that sounded similar to that Logan guy in Remy’s mind. “She’s just a kid an’ yer searchin’ her mind?”

“God, Emma, I thought you were supposed to be all morals, too,” Bobby scoffed.

“How can she with those clothes,” Kitty muttered under her breath.

“P’tite? It’s okay, calm down.” Rogue’s chest heaved up and down fast, her eyes clenched shut.

“It hurt so much…” she whimpered.

“What happened t’ her?” Remy asked to no one in particular.

Emma spoke up despite being the least favorable person in the room. “Her mental shields are incredible. They’re a bit unstable, but there is a lot of potential to build them up. By that strength and her inexperience though it’s hard to say if she put them there herself or someone put them up for her.” She lost herself in thought for a moment.

“Should we take her to Xavier?” Bobby asked, kneeling next to Kitty.

“No more psychos…” Rogue said harshly, and incorrectly at that. Emma fought off a smile.

“Rogue… shh, y’ need t’ stop breat’in’ like dat.” He began to murmur a lullaby in her ear that he sang to himself whenever he was distraught. It was in French, though, so he didn’t know if it would have the same effect on her.

Come down by the river bay

Swim all the ghosts away

Till morning we’ll be lost in dreams

You’re safe in my arms

No one can cause you harm

Chasing away the demons

Rogue actually responded by humming along. Remy was genuinely surprised. When the song was over, he cradled her to him again. “You taught me that, Remy,” she whispered.


“Ah’m not sure. Ah have that in mah head now, like a lot of other things from when Ah touched you.”

“How much y’ know?”

“Hard ta say. Ah didn’t even know Ah knew that song befoh ya sang it.”

“So y’ don’ know if y’ ‘member how I know it?”

She shook her head.

“What I want to know is why no one told me her powers were on a psionic level, let alone what her powers are,” Emma mused aloud.

Rogue’s eyes clouded over with a mix of mischievousness and anger. She didn’t like this prissy princess one bit. “Want a demonstration?”

Emma eyes her suspiciously. “Sure…”

Rogue pulled herself from Remy’s lap and walked over to Emma. “I don’t think this is a good idea…” Bobby whispered to Kitty, though Remy heard him as well.

“Let me see yoah hand.”

“What? Are you going to read my life lines?” She barked out a laugh as she lifted her dainty hand from the arm of the chair.

“Somethin’ like that.” Without hesitation, Rogue grabbed Emma’s hand, hoping she wasn’t making a mistake. Nothing happened for about two seconds and Rogue felt slightly embarrassed. Suddenly the transfer started and with a gasp, Emma snatched her hand from Rogue’s tiny one.

Rogue smiled, but then cringed as her body was completely enveloped in a thin sheet of diamond. “Ow.”

Bobby stared, mouth gaping. Kitty giggled. “Are you okay, Rogue?”

“Ah’m good. Ah feel like a stick though.”

Emma held her head in her hands, a headache teasing her brain. “It takes some getting used to. Congrats, you’re now indestructible.”

Rogue laughed. “Cool.”

“How long does this last?” Sean asked as he gaped along with Bobby. Jubilee found herself laughing with Kitty.

“Ah don’t know.”

“I suggest you leave the diamond shield up if in fact you have all my powers.”

“Ah don’t know how ta let it down. Ah never had any control with Remy’s power-“

“-But y’ did wit’ Kurt’s.” He smiled faintly. No way he was going to let Emma show her up. And Rogue caught on as well.

She looked at Emma. “Why shouldn’t Ah let the shield down?”

“Because my telepathy is inactive when I’m in diamond form. You haven’t had a psychic’s power yet, have you?” Rogue shook her head. “Then there’s no way your mind is ready for it.”

Rogue glared at her. She told herself to act mature, but Emma pushed her ‘childish tantrum’ button real hard. “Ah can handle anythin’ you can dish out.”

“Emma, don’t bait her,” Sean warned.

Rogue ignored the comment and closed her eyes and clenched her fist. If Ah can control Kurt’s power, Ah can control hers. She concentrated, feeling all her anger towards Emma center in her mind. She felt her limbs loosen despite that she’d been able to move all along.

“What’s goin’ on in here?” A voice growled.

Rogue’s eyes snapped open and she gazed around hazily. Everything was brighter, like each person had his or her own color.

Logan stood in the doorway, deep blue surrounding him in Rogue’s mind. “Ya look angry, Mr. Logan. You should sit down.” She smiled warmly as her sleepy thoughts stretched out to him, but he stepped out of the doorway, as if he could physically avoid the green crystalline aura headed toward him.

“What is she doin’?” He looked to the older students in the room just standing there.

Emma rubbed her temples. “She took my powers. She’s treading on thin ice now.”

Remy glared at her harshly. “What d’ya mean by dat?”

“No telepath has it all under control when they first have their powers. Thoughts of everyone within a certain radius vibrate in the mind like bats screeching in a cave.”

Remy looked back at Rogue. She was smiling, the power feeling good inside her, like a game that only she could play. “Chere?”

“Yes, Remy?”

“Does it hurt anymore?”

“Nope. Ah can feel all those walls she poked at… Ah’m tryin’ ta build it back up with her powers. All on mah own,” she added proudly.

He stepped closer. “How does dat work?”

“Like Legos. Exactly like Legos.”

He grinned and played along. “With different colored pieces?”

“Yeah… Ah’m buildin’ a gate with the red blocks, too… with two guards that look like you an’ Kurt.” She smirked. “Ah wanna show you mah castle.”

“How can you?”

“Ah’m not sure… Emma?”

“So now you want my help?” She felt her power leak slowly back into her control, a sure sign that Rogue was losing her power. At least the transfer didn’t last too long.

“Can you show Remy what’s in mah head?” She glanced around and saw everyone’s psychic auras fading. She glanced to her own hand and saw it was no longer glowing green in her mind’s eye.

She sighed, annoyed. “Sure, why not.” She closed her eyes and plucked the image from Rogue’s mind with ease. She wasn’t breaking down any walls so it was simple to do. She sent the image quickly over to Remy. He saw a carefully constructed wall made of a kaleidoscope of colors, mainly red. And of course, the little Lego man that was clearly him, trenchcoat and all.

“It’s perfect, p’tite.” The image faded as Emma broke the connection.

“I think it’s time fer the kids ta head up, doncha think?” Logan said, leaning against the doorjamb again.

Kitty nodded. “Come on, you can take your plates upstairs.”

“Ah’m not tired though,” Rogue whined as Kitty handed her the plate.

“I know, but if Xavier finds out you guys were out of your rooms at this hour he won’t be happy. He has a ten o’clock curfew for the students under 17.”

“C’n I stay in Rogue’s room jus’ a li’l bit?” Remy asked with pleading eyes. Rogue nodded eagerly and showed the same doe green eyes.

Kitty’s lips twitched as she looked to the others. Bobby and Jubilee shrugged. “I don’t see a problem with it. It’s not like you kids are gonna do anything.”

“What would we do?” Rogue asked, completely oblivious to what they were implying.

Jubilee smiled. “Exactly. Gotta love the youths.”

Kitty held their glasses in each hand as she ushered them out of the room. “Don’t bother pausing the movie. I’ve seen it twenty times.”

“And that has nothing to do with your Mel Gibson obsession?” Bobby asked back.

“Shuttup, Drake,” she hissed.

“So how do you like it here so far?” Rogue asked Remy after Kitty phased though the ground. Both of them figured it was quicker than going down the steps.

“Not sure.”

“Ah don’t like Emma. Ah don’t trust her like Ah do you an’ Kurt an’ Kitty.”

“Ev’ryone is cool here, ‘cept her, but I’m still feelin’ weird… I guess I can’ believe dat I’m gon’ be livin’ here.”

Rogue nodded. “This place is so great. It’s a thousand times better than mah house in Mississippi.” She sat on the bed, her plate on her lap. “It makes me not miss it even more.”

Remy sat next to her, plate balanced in the same fashion. He bit into his sandwich, thoughtfulness sparking into his fire-like eyes. When he swallowed, he asked, “Y’ don’ miss it?”

“Nope,” she said immediately. “Why do ya ask?”

“I dunno how t’ explain it… I guess I’m just jealous dat y’ actually had some place t’ call home t’ be wit’ family an’ all.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Remy, Ah used ta love mah house an’ mah family.” A wistful smile appeared on her face. “Ah remember comin’ home from kindergarten… Momma would pick me up an take me ta the playground. An’ on Fridays we’d get ice cream foh the three of us… we’d hafta bring Kurt’s home ta him. He’d always want mint chocolate chip in a pretzel cone.”

“What kind would you get?”

She looked at him, hunger in her eyes. Then she leaned closer to him and whispered as if it were a huge secret, “Cookies an’ cream in a cup with caramel sauce with a waffle cone on top.” Her eyes turned downcast after her reminisce. “Ah haven’t had one of those foh so long.”

“Maybe Kitty can take us t’morrow,” he suggested, trying to lift her spirits again.

“Maybe.” Before she took another bite, she asked, “What’s yoah favorite kind?”

“Jus’ plain chocolate.”

Rogue smiled. “Ah love chocolate.” She looked at the sandwich in her hands and pouted. “Ah want ice cream now,” she laughed.

“Y’ wan’ sneak down an’ get some?”

“They just sent us up here though. Won’t they get mad?”

“If they catch me.” He smirked. “Rogue, dis is me we’re talkin’ ‘bout here,” he said proudly.

“Well then, Mr. Ah-can-sneak-anywhere-Ah-want-because-Ah’m-Remy,” she took a deep breath; what a mouthful. “When ya do get caught, Ah mean,” she giggled. “When ya do get the ice cream, don’t fohget the spoons.”

“Y’ mean y’ not gon’ come?”

“Ah only had one lesson of thievin’. Ah’ll leave this ta you.”

“Aww, alright den. I’ll be back.” He slid off the bed and left his plate on the floor by her nightstand.

“Ah’ll be waitin’.” She waved to him as he left. She actually did have every faith in him, but she did realize that this place was a lot different than the streets that Remy was used to. She said a quick prayer in hopes that he wouldn’t be on Xavier’s bad side the first night of living here.


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