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Written by Courtney
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 17

A week flew by in a matter of minutes to Remy. Somewhere in the short time, he had told Rogue about the party in honor of her birthday. She was skeptical about it. “What if they don’t like me an’ they’re just bein’ nice since it’s mah birthday?”

He had smiled warmly, then said, “Y’ still have a few days t’ get settled. People will know who y’ are an’ won’t jus’ randomly wish y’ a happy birthday.”

“Ah hate when people do that… they did that in school an’ Ah hated those people.” Her eyes clouded over with hatred, stinging Remy in the heart. She noticed the slightly pained look in his eyes and her face turned somber. “Sorry,” she whispered. About a day after the shielding process, Remy told Rogue exactly what happened to him when she closed off herself. Upon hearing that, she promised to be happy just for him.

“Don’ be actin’ happy if y’ know y’ ain’, p’tite,” he said, knowing full well she couldn’t be happy every single moment of every day.

“Ah don’t want ya ta be sad though! Ah would feel even worse knowin’ ya feel the same way Ah do!” Then she promptly broke out into tears, completely going against what she just promised moments before. Remy felt her anguish, and took it upon himself to hold her and sooth her back to normal. They both felt better and continued their day.

“Ah don’t wanna go down there,” Rogue whispered, smoothing down the long lavender skirt Betsy had bought for her as an early present. Surprisingly, it fit her perfectly. Rogue was sure that it would’ve been too big. It complimented her nicely, making her appear a bit older than her now eleven years. From the shopping trip a week before, Jean thought it would be cute to get Rogue a couple more pairs of gloves, all different colors. Ororo seconded the idea, and now Rogue was wearing white evening gloves that rose just above her elbows. It left just an inch of skin from the tip of the glove to the white short-sleeved blouse that she wore. Rogue looked in the mirror and liked what she saw… New beginnin’s, she whispered to herself.

“Y’ told me before dat y’ were fine wit’ it,” he smirked, knowing she had just gotten sudden butterflies in her stomach. He was nervous too. The polo shirt that Scott insisted on buying for him felt weird on him. He longed for one of the simple solid colored t-shirts that had been supplied for him, but he knew he had to look nice. Never again, though, would he wear corduroys.

“Ah’m scared though… Ah’m gonna be the center of attention. Ah’m not used ta that sorta thing.” She turned away from the mirror and looked at him. “You look funny,” she giggled.

He pouted. “Dat’s not nice, chere. No need t’ brag ‘bout how much y’ made out in dis one.”

She grinned. “Take those silly pants off. How are ya supposed ta sneak around with the noise they make?” She reached into the dresser and pulled out a pair of his jeans. “Change in ta these. It’s mah party, an’ Ah’ll decide whatcha get ta wear.”

“Dat’s what I wan’ hear. Be back in a second.” He grabbed the pants and went into the bathroom. The second he shut that door, someone knocked on the bedroom door.

“Come in,” Rogue called.

“Hey,” Kitty greeted, stepping into the room. “You look so cute!” She gushed. “And your hair is still staying in the curls I styled for you.”

Rogue poked at her hair. “Ya put enough hairspray in it,” she joked.

“I did not!” Kitty denied with a grin. “Anyway, everyone’s waiting for you! When are you coming down?”

Rogue hooked her thumb towards the bathroom door. “Remy’s changin’ pants.”

“I take it the cords didn’t go over too well, hm?”

“The noise was killin’ me an’ he was only walkin’ around the room.”

“Killin’ you?” He exclaimed, stepping out of the bathroom. “I had t’ feel dose t’ings! Dat rubbin’ is irritatin’.”

Kitty laughed. “Are you ready now, at least?” They both expressed they were with a ‘yeah’ and a ‘oui’. “Come on, then. You two are the guy and girl of the hour!” Kitty grabbed Rogue’s hand and tugged her out the door. Rogue threw a wary glance back at Remy before he got hold of her hand as well. The three kept the chain of people going until they made it to the main living area, where literally everyone was. The students that stayed at the institute were present, including many others that neither Rogue nor Remy had met before.

Betsy approached them first. “Rogue, you look so adorable tonight,” she complimented, smiling warmly. The Asian born Brit was looking quite stylish herself in a deep violet – almost black – crush velvet blouse that belled at the sleeves and scooped down a little too low at the chest. Black pants and stilettos finished off the outfit. Her hair was piled up on her head to look glamorous in that messy way.

Rogue grinned. “You look pretty, too.” Her eyes joined Remy’s in gawking at Betsy’s companion. A man with seemingly normal shiny blonde hair… but blue skin and wings folded into his back.

Betsy gasped. “How rude of me! Rogue, Remy, this is Warren, my fiancé.”

He smiled warmly. “Nice to meet you two. I’ve heard bunches from everyone here about ‘the new kids’.”

Rogue blinked a couple times. “You’re like an angel,” she whispered idly.

His smile didn’t falter. “I’ve gotten that a couple times.”

“We’ll catch up with you two later on. I’ve got another gift for you, Rogue,” Betsy winked as she tugged on Warren’s arm that she had looped in her own. “And I didn’t forget about you, Remy,” she called over her shoulder as they walked away.

“Whoa,” Rogue breathed. “He was so… Ah can’t think of a word ta describe him.”

“Sure, chere,” he smirked. “C’mon,” he pulled on her hand. “I see Ororo an’ de ot’ers over dere.”

“Do ya think he could take me flyin’ later on?” She mused, glancing back to him over her shoulder.

“Y’ll never know if y’ don’ ask.” He felt true amazement from her. Kind of like she never imagined something that looked so odd to the regular person could be so impressive to someone else.

“Remy! Rogue!” Ororo greeted as they walked to the group of students. Ororo was sitting with Piotr, Lorna, Alex, Kurt, and Paige. Everyone else exchanged their greetings, also fitting in a ‘happy birthday’ to Rogue.

She blushed at the attention. “Thanks,” she said quietly while taking a seat next to Remy. He made a point to sit next to Ororo, just to see how Rogue would react. She seemed fine with it, too. She grinned at him, as if she knew he was testing her.

“I know we’re supposed to wait until later,” Ororo began. “But I really wanted to give you your gift now.”

“That would be great, Ororo,” Rogue said, smiling from ear to ear. What could she have gotten me? Ororo presented her with a small box. Rogue shook it, trying to guess what it was. She could tell from the size of the box it was some sort of jewelry, which had to be awesome if it came from Ororo.

She opened the box and her mouth fell open. “Oh mah gosh, it’s so pretty!” She squealed. She lifted out a delicate silver chain that drooped down to form silver leaves. Inside the leaves held an orb, swirled with emerald green and onyx. “Can someone put it on me?” Remy offered, knowing that even though touching her skin was an issue, he could easily avoid it. After he clasped it on, it fell just below her collarbone. “How does it look?”

Everyone expressed positive comments. Piotr mentioned that it matched her eyes perfectly. “That’s what I thought when I picked it out. I’m happy you like it,” Ororo said.

“Like it? Ah love it! Thank you.” She gave Ororo a big hug. Remy was relieved to see that she didn’t lock herself up in a shell. Just the first ten minutes downstairs had been a success. Everyone broke out into conversation after that and the group sat in the circle of couches and chairs for almost another half hour.

Dinner was a buffet, as usual. Charles wished he could have had everyone sit down for dinner, but there were just too many people. He found Rogue sometime during dinner to wish her a happy birthday. In the week she’d spent there, she’d had a few talks with him and he didn’t seem as creepy anymore. O’ course, he’s still creepy since he’s a psycho, but Ah’ve got nothin’ ta worry ‘bout, she beamed to herself.

“Are you excited about training next week?”

Rogue nodded eagerly. “Very. Are me an’ Remy gonna work in that big room he told me about?” Remy was just about to elbow her to shush her, but Xavier smiled warmly.

“That you are. Of course, we won’t start with anything to difficult, just enough to test the waters, so to speak.”

“We’re startin’ school next week too, aren’t we?” Remy asked, downheartedly.

Xavier nodded. “I believe you two need to get into the style of living we have here right away. You can attend courses here, but it will pretty much be one-on-one with your ages.”

“There’s no way Ah’m goin’ ta a regular school,” Rogue determined immediately. “Ah never got along with kids when Ah did go.”

“An’ I don’ t’ink dat I’ll fit in too much, eit’er,” Remy replied, a bit sullenly.

Xavier smiled despite their negativity. “Then it’s decided. You two will attend courses here and be back up to where you should be academic wise in no time.”

Jean came up from behind them and placed a hand on Rogue’s shoulder. “Rogue? Someone just delivered a package for you.”

Rogue turned, curious. Jean held in her hands a decent sized box, wrapped with bright paper. “It wasn't delivered through the mail?” Jean shook her head. Rogue accepted the present from her, eyeing the package intensely. “Who delivered it?”

“It was a man in I guess his late twenties. Bobby answered the door and didn’t catch a name or anything. He only said that it should go to the special girl. I’m assuming that’s you,” she smiled. Rogue did not look overjoyed. She held the package carefully, away from her body slightly, as if afraid it would explode. It was pretty light considering the size of the package. “There’s a nametag, too,” Jean mentioned.

Rogue found the nametag and almost growled at what was written. Bethany Darkholme. She looked up over Jean’s stomach and met her blue eyes. “You read this?”

Jean kept her stare neutral, knowing full well that Rogue never wanted anyone to learn her real name. ‘I won’t tell a soul,’ she promised psychically.

With that, Rogue slammed down her shields, and took a few steps away from everyone. Remy looked as if he was going to suffocate with the sudden lock away of her. Her eyes trembled with unshed tears and she ran away from them, away from everyone. She sped up the stairs, stumbling a bit on the skirt, but nonetheless made it upstairs.

Rogue locked her bedroom door behind her and slumped against it. She didn't know what she was feeling. Was she angry because Jean knew her real name, or was she upset because someone had sent her a package? She looked at it, sitting idly five feet away from her. She'd thrown it when she'd entered her room, not caring if whatever was inside was fragile. She glared at the cursed thing with its happy blue paper and mocking birthday balloons and cakes images. The pink bow on top made her nauseous. She would hate that color from that moment on.

Once Remy had regained control of himself and his breathing, he realized the professor and Jean were staring at him with awe, as if they knew about the connection. Dey can' know… an' dey won' know. With a sneer, he slammed down his own shields, with a self-made Rogue fairy to keep watch for nosy spooks.

He walked away and found the group he had been previously hanging with. Kurt had been teasing Kitty about Bobby as she had joined that group herself shortly after embarrassing herself in front of him.

"Kurt?" The blue elf turned to acknowledge Remy and was startled by what he saw.

"Remy? What's wrong?"

Remy's ever were devoid of vibrancy. With himself all locked tight within his shields, his eyes dimmer considerably. "Somet'in' up wit' Rogue," he answered simply without an ounce of emotion.

Kurt stood up and excused himself from everyone else. He grabbed Remy's arm. "What happened to her?" Concern rose in his golden eyes like a flood.

"She got a package from someone t'day. Jus' a few minutes ago."

"Oh, crap. Ten dollars it was my mom," he muttered. Without warning Remy, they disappeared in a fog of pink smoke and reappeared before Rogue's room. "When I talked to her this week, she said she had something for Rogue." Kurt was finally used to his sister's preferred name after a week of using it. He even corrected Raven when she would refer to Rogue as 'Beth'.

"Y' talked t' her?" Remy asked, astonished.

"I do not have bad blood with her as Rogue does. Though, I do no condone the thing that have happened to my sister that Mom's responsible for. I call her once a week if I can. If not, definitely once a month."

Remy was speechless, but he supposed it made sense. Not thinking of anything to answer with, he turned to the door. He poised his hand to knock and Kurt nodded. While Remy tapped on the door, Kurt called, "Rogue?"

"Kurt?" came the small, trembling voice. As Rogue's whimper wafted through the door, Remy's body was racked with her distraught and confusion. Tears came to his eyes as her emotions taunted his psyche.

"It's me. Remy's here, too. Can we come in?"

"Ah guess," she mumbled. Remy noticed his fingers tingling.


"What? What is it?" Kurt asked worriedly.

"M'power," he groaned in reply. He realized that he was way too emotional for his own good. "I left m'cards in de room."

"Then we're going in." Quickly, Kurt placed his alien-looking hand on Remy's shoulder and teleported to the other side of the door. When they materialized, Rogue saw Remy's face contorted with pain.

"Remy? Control it!" She demanded when fresh tears sprung to her eyes as Remy crumpled to the floor, clutching his hands to his body. "Ya did it befoh!"

"Too much dis time," he strained. "M' head's a mess wit' y' feelin's. I can' sort it out."

"This is mah fault then!" She sobbed.

Kurt wasn't standing around doing nothing. He was rummaging through Rogue's dresser, looking for a deck of Remy's playing cards. He has to have at least twenty-five packs! Why can't I find one of them?!

Rogue finally registered what had to be done. "Second drawer on the nightstand," she whispered, crawling over to Remy. "Ah'm sorry Ah yelled at ya," she murmured when she was close enough. Kurt found a pack and all but launched it at Remy. Rogue happened to snatch it midair before it smacked Remy in the face. She spilled the box onto the ground and scooped up a handful. "Here," she said, handing them over to him. The cards instantly absorbed the power, a few of them exploding with tiny pops much as popcorn cooking in the microwave when it starts really heating up.

"Dere's too many of dem," he said. The power was completely drained from his hands, causing the remaining ten or so cards to just sit burning on his hands.

"Drop them!" Kurt cried. He ran over to them and teleported them to the other side of the room so they would be far away enough to not be damaged by the cards. Once they were over there, the cards burst, causing a burnt mark into the carpet about a foot and a half in diameter.

Rogue peeked over the bed to the floor. "Do ya think they'll be too mad about replacin’ the carpet again?" She whispered. He’d had a couple morning accidents. He was on carpet number three.

Remy shrugged. "Dey would've had t' done it eventually anyway," he joked, feeling more like his normal self besides the tiny shiver of guilt from Rogue. "Don' feel bad," he said, rubbing a hand along her back.

"Ah didn't mean foh ya ta get hurt."

He held his hands up and inspected himself. "I'm not hurt. Are you hurt, Kurt?"

Kurt smiled gently. "Not in the least."

Remy looked at Rogue again. "See? We're not hurt. All good."

She managed a watery smile. "Thanks."

"Don' mention it. Now let's see what's in dis package, eh? I'm sure it's not'in' t' get all upset about," he insisted.

Her eyes met the package. "You open it then, if it's 'not'in'," she mocked.

“Fine, I will.” He grabbed the package off the floor. He mirrored what she did earlier with Ororo’s gift by shaking it. “Dere’s somet’in’ in dere bumpin’ int’ de sides.”

“Is it somethin’ hard?” She asked.

Remy shook his head. He started taking off the paper from the top, pulling off just enough to get to the lid of the box. “Y’ sure y’ don’ wanna pull it off?”

“Positive,” she muttered, crawling closer to Kurt.

Remy shrugged and pulled off the lid. He peered inside. “I dunno how y’ gon’ feel ‘bout dis one, p’tite.”

“What is it?” She asked, her voice dark but slightly tinted with curiosity.

He pulled out something very familiar to Rogue. “Remember dis?”

Her angry façade melted away. “Mah angel bear! The first one!” She lunged and snatched it from Remy, cuddling it to her small body. “Ah thought Ah would never see this again!”

“Dere’s somet’in’ else,” Remy said, looking into the box. “It’s a letter. Do y’ wan’ read it?”

Rogue bit her lip. “Ah guess Ah should… should Ah read it out loud?”

“Read it f’r y’self, chere. Decide if we should know.” He handed the envelope to her.

“Okay…” Slowly, she opened the envelope and pulled out the piece of royal blue stationary paper. The message was scrawled with a golden pen. It made her look at Kurt. It was like he was put into the paper… but so was her mother.

Dear Bethany, it read. Rogue instantly cringed. I know that you made it up to the Institute since Kurt told me earlier this week. Rogue knew that Kurt talked to their mother all the time, so she wasn’t angry with him for disclosing her location. While I’m sad that you find that you can’t live with me anymore, I’m happy that you’re with your brother. You two truly belong together and it was unfortunate that you couldn’t grow up together fully.

I also know the reason why you left was Victor… He came home hours after you called me and wanted to know where you were. I told him I didn’t know. He’ll never find you, darling. I won’t let him touch you again. I know that if I were to say sorry, it would mean nothing to you because your life hasn’t been great thanks to me. I just want you to know that I am going to get better. I even filed for divorce against Victor. You running away has really affected me, believe it or not. He’s angry of course, but I’ve got a restraining order in the mix as well. I’m going to be moving in with your aunt Irene for the time being in California.

Kurt also told me that you discovered your powers as well. I’m so happy for you! I never expected you to manifest them this early but it’s wonderful that you are really one of us now. Your power sounds like a confusing one, but I’m all but positive with Xavier’s help, you’ll figure everything out. You were always a smart girl… a stubborn girl, but nonetheless a smart one. You’ll know what to do in no time.

I wish I could see you today… On your birthday. But I know the wounds are still too fresh. It may take awhile before you want to see me, but I wish you would consider. I miss you, Beth. Another cringe. It may not have seemed like it, but you were the light of my life. You are the light of my life. You and Kurt. The fact that I cannot see my children every day is like a stab in the heart, but it’s the punishment I have to face and I deserve it. Now that you’re both gone, I just have to deal with every day without you.

I love you, Beth, and I hope one day you can find it in your heart to say the same of me, despite it all. Send Kurt my love as well. ~Mom

Rogue stared at the paper, shaking in her hands. Her eyes watered and her lips trembled. Quietly, she handed the paper to Kurt. While he read it through, Remy crawled over to her and held her while she cried silently. “Ah miss her,” she admitted in a voice so small Remy had to guess what she’d said.

“I know, p’tite,” he murmured into her hair, rocking her back and forth. “I know.”

“She didn’t tell me about the divorce,” Kurt said. “Isn’t that awesome?” He grinned.

Rogue managed a weak smile. “Spectacular,” she muttered sarcastically.

“Why aren’t you happy about this? By the looks of it she did it for you.”

“It took her long enough. Ah mean, Ah had ta run away befoh she realized how bad Victor is? Ah really like that she sent me up mah bear an’ the letter… but Ah dunno… Ah don’t wanna fohgive her so soon. Like she said, ‘the wounds are still too fresh.’”

“It’ll come with time, Rogue,” he said, standing up. “Do you think you’re ready to go back downstairs to the party?”

She shrugged. “Ah think Ah need a minute up here or somethin’. Can ya go down an’ apologize ta the others foh me? Ah did kinda run out on mah own party.”

Kurt smiled. “Of course. I’ll see ya down there.” Then he teleported away.

“Y’ okay, Rogue?” Remy asked, leaning his chin on the top of her head.

“Ah don’t know… do ya mind if Ah have a second ta mahself?”

He smiled warmly. “O’ course not. I have t’ go t’ de bathroom anyway. I’ll meet y’ downstairs.” He gave her a tight hug and stood up to walk out of the room.

“Hey, Remy?”

“Oui, p’tite?”

“Thank you… foh comin’ up here with Kurt. Ah wouldn’t have been able ta do this mahself.”

“Don’ mention it.” He smirked and walked out of their bedroom, walking towards the bathroom along the hallway. Holding her in there was one of the hardest things he’d done since he’d met her, or since his powers had manifested. It took every bit of him to stay strong with her but her emotions pummeled against him. He wanted to shut down his shields for a second just to take a break, but he wasn’t sure what it would do to their connection. She never said anything about feeling a thing off of him… but maybe she would feel her emotions bang against his shields, like a wall came down in front of the sponge that was absorbing them all.

He glanced back to the room over his shoulder, wishing he could read Rogue’s thoughts more than her emotions. He couldn’t even imagine what all this was doing to her. All he knew was that she was angry, confused, but actually happy, all wrapped into one.

Rogue had tiptoed to the door, waiting to make sure Remy was actually in the bathroom. When she heard the door swing shut, she walked over to the other side of the room behind the cover of her bed and collapsed on the floor, crying. She clutched to the bear as if it were a lifeline. She missed her mother, no matter how much she had ruined her life.

She pulled the bear away from her chest and looked at it, tears still in her eyes, making her vision blurry. Her mother had attempted to clean the angel bear – it looked much cleaner than Rogue remembered. She twirled it all around, examining its cleanliness. Her heart stopped at one spot though. At the base of the left wing, and then again on its right foot… and then the arm, were tiny red dots. Rogue’s face wrinkled as she realized what exactly she was looking at. Of course the bear had been on her bed so many times when Victor would come to her drunk. Of course it would be splattered by various things… including her blood. “No,” Rogue muttered. “Mah mind is just messin’ with me.” Suddenly more dots began to show, engulfing the bear in her blood.

“NO!” She screamed as she hurled it at her floor length mirror. It bounced against it, though one of the bead eyes caused a crack. The bear fell to the floor on top of the box, knocking it over. Another piece of paper slid out. Weary, she leaned over and picked up the piece of paper. It was Raven in her enchanted princess form. Rogue, no older than four years old, was sitting next to her, clapping giddily. Kurt must’ve taken the picture since the corner was blurred with blue, most likely his finger.

She choked on a sob and examined the picture intensely. She didn’t know whether to treasure that moment or tear the picture up because that moment would never happen again. She sniffled loudly and decided to tuck it under her pillow.

After she put it away safely, she walked over to the mirror. She ran her gloved hand over the tiny crack she’d created. The she looked down to the cursed bear. It was normal again. Not a single bit of it was red. It had pink though. She growled at it, but picked it up nonetheless. She turned to her bed and placed it next to the newer bear, with its golden wings out shining the pink ones any day of the week. New an’ old, she told herself. With another glance at the mirror, she made sure her eyes weren’t too puffy, fluffed her hair and skirt, and exited the room.

A few moments later, Remy stepped back in, looking over his shoulder cautiously. He’d gone to the bathroom quickly and was standing next to the bedroom door through all of Rogue’s toil. He walked over to the bed where the old bear stuck out predominately. He picked it up and examined it. Sure enough, there was still a single drop of red at the base of the left wing. But that was all. His eyes narrowed at the thought of his Rogue – wait… his Rogue? Where did dat come from? He thought. Regardless, he pushed that notion of slight possessiveness out of his mind and put the bear back down.

Quickly he walked by the mirror, pretending not to notice the small crack that wasn’t there when he’d left only minutes before. With one more glance to the room, he shut the door and went downstairs.


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