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Written by Courtney
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 3

Remy finally fell into a restless sleep after watching Rogue sleep for some time. He was leaned up against the wall, head lulled back uncomfortably. But sleep conquered him.

He was running through a haze of red, shadows everywhere. Everyone he ran by had a sadistic grin to his or her features, watching him run in terror. He stopped running when he came up to a building. He involuntarily walked inside, like an invisible force was pulling him in. When he got inside, the room he was in was pitch black. So dark that his light sensitive eyes could barely pick up a trace of anything surrounding him. Suddenly, the room flashed with light, searing his eyes. He recoiled in pain, and held an arm over his eyes as they adjusted.

When he was able to look again, he lowered his arm. Squinting his eyes against the painful light, all he saw was fire and explosions. The wall he had unconsciously leaned against began to glow as well. He reflexively jumped away before it, too, exploded. He surveyed wide-eyed what he had done. He pulled himself into a ball, careful not to touch anything else. The room once darkened again and he was alone. He glanced around nervously, small, short breaths escaping his mouth. One moment he shut his eyes, and when he opened them, he was enveloped with a green aura.

"Remy?" Rogue gently roused him by prodding his shoulder.

His eyes snapped open, now realizing that the green he saw were Rogue's piercing eyes. His head whipped around the room, trying to recognize his surroundings. He was home. There were no fires, no explosions. He was leaning against a full wall without pieces of debris falling on him.

"You sounded like you were havin' a nightmare. Ah wanted ta wake ya up befoh ya got too scared." She smiled softly.

Once controlling his breathing, he looked her straight in the eyes, but remained relaxed. "T'ank you, cherie."

"Cherie?" She repeated, confused.

"Did I say dat? Umm, it's kinda like de ot'er name I've been callin' y', 'p'tite', but diff'rent." He shrugged.

She mirrored his shrug. "Okay. Just curious. Ah like it." Her smile returned.

"I'll remember dat." His eyes shifted to the window where it was still presently dark. "What time d'ya t'ink it is?"

"Ah dunno. Ah'm hungry though." She rubbed her stomach.

He reached over to his left a bit and found her sandwich from the night before. "Here y' go."

"Thanks." She unwrapped it and ate it slowly. "Hey, Remy?" He looked to her in acknowledgement. "What did ya dream about?"

"I dunno. It was all too confusin' t' put in t' words."

She nodded in understanding. "Ah get those all the time. Mainly flashes of things." She shivered and pulled her blanket closer, nibbling again on her sandwich.

Remy glanced to the wall once again, afraid if he fully leaned against it, it would explode like in his dream. Once convinced it would do nothing, he relaxed against it again, ready to fall back asleep.


He sighed. "Oui, Rogue?"

She heard the exasperation in his voice. "Nevahmind. Go ta sleep. Sorry."

He opened his eyes and tilted his head so he could look at her directly. "Non, go 'head."

"Ah was just wonderin' what Victor's goin' through now. If he's even noticed Ah'm gone or if he went home happy because he finally got rid o' me."

"Maybe it's better dat y' didn' know. Eit'er way could hurt y' in de end."

"Ah guess." She silently chewed on her sandwich again. Remy closed his eyes and relaxed again, on the verge of sleep.

Two minutes later, "Remy?"

Remy snapped his head up. "Yes?"

"Do you want the floor? It'll be more comfy foh ya." She scooted over to the wall to make room for him to move.

"Y' don' mind?"

"'Course not. This is yoah home. Ah'm not takin' yoah bed." She stated in a matter-of-fact way.

"T'ank you."

"Welcome. G'night, sugah." She watched as Remy snuggled back into what could only be his normal sleeping position on the floor. Her munching on the sandwich was soon droned out by Remy's deep breathing as he had finally fallen back to a peaceful sleep. Rogue finished her sandwich and then curled up against the wall, unable to sleep sitting up. She longed for her angel teddy bear, wishing for something to cuddle against. She grabbed the corner of her blanket and bunched it together to hug as a substitution, but it didn't even come close.

She lifted her head up to look at Remy once again. She thought for a split second about making him her angel teddy bear for the night, but couldn't trust herself to do it. So she laid back down, her small body racking with shivers until she fell into a dreamless sleep.


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