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Written by Courtney
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 4

Remy woke up that morning with a smile on his face. He hadn’t had any more nightmares and he was comfortable as well. He sat up and stretched, groaning very loudly to get the sleepiness out of his tired bones. He glanced over to Rogue, who had her eyes open but she was still lying down. "Mornin’, p’tite."

Her eyes looked up to his smiling face. "Hi."

"Y’ sleep okay?" She only shrugged. "Rogue, c’mere." He slid over to her and pulled her up into his lap. She didn’t struggle, but she didn’t look comfortable either. "What’s wrong?"

"Ah dunno. Just one of those mornin’s, Ah guess," she sighed. She pulled out of his lap and curled up in her blanket again. "What’re we doin’ today?"

"First, I’m goin’ t’ clean up. Den… it’s up t’ you."

"What do ya mean?"

"Well… I c’n start teachin’ y’ how t’ rip people off…" That brought a smile to her face. "We mainly have t’ do dat since we used up all our money yesterday."

She nodded. "Sounds great. Are we gonna get somethin’ ta eat too?"

"Oui. I have a couple dollars t’ spare, but y’ gon’ need t’ do dis on a full stomach." He stood up. "I’ll be back in a few." He left the room, shutting the door behind him. Rogue watched him leave, and then gathered her things so she could change. She caught a glimpse of the street outside and thought she saw a familiar red pick-up truck. Her eyes widened with fear and she ducked down beside the window so she couldn’t be seen by anyone outside. She counted silently to herself to ten and peeked outside again. It was gone. You’re imaginin’ things now. You’re free. No worries. She tried convincing herself, but it didn’t fully work. She finished changing into her now semi-clean clothes and waited for Remy.

He walked her down to the Quarter again, right by the alley that he had found her. "Okay, cherie. Dis is what we’re gon’ do. I’m gon’ go out, do my usual run. Jus’ watch if y’ c’n from dis angle." She nodded, munching on a doughnut they had bought from a bakery along the way. She insisted on chocolate milk for both of them too. Remy gave in, since he hadn’t had any in forever. He’d finished his breakfast before they had gotten to the Quarter.

He double checked his sunglasses on his nose and slid out, merging in with the building crowd. Rogue watched as best she could. He quickly slipped into coat pockets and dipped into purses. No more than five minutes later, he was back, pockets overflowing with wallets and loose change. "I love Sundays," he grinned.

They walked near the back of the alley, where he emptied his pockets. He had done pretty well for the day. After counting it out, he had about $150. He gathered up the wallets and dumped them into a nearby trashcan. "Why didn't you save anythin’ else?" Rogue asked curiously.

"A thirteen year old kid ain’ gon’ get anythin’ wit’ credit cards. So I figure I’ll leave dem dere for someone else t’ use." He rolled the money up and stuffed it into his duster pocket. "Dat is… if dey aren’ canceled by de time someone gets t’ dem."

"Ohh." Rogue walked beside him as they emerged from the alley. "What’re we gonna do now?"

"Shoppin’ sound good? Y’ still need anot’er outfit an’ I need some stuff m’self."

"That’s great. We should still have some left over foh dinner raht?"

"Oui. Did y’ see how I did ev’ryt’in’?"

"Yeah… ya did everythin’ like a snake. Loved it." She smiled in admiration. "When do Ah get a chance?"

"Maybe later t’night when it’s even more crowded. Last night would’ve been best since dis place was filled with de Saturday night partiers, but feedin’ y’ was more important."

"Aww, okay. Ah can wait." She mock-pouted but then it faded. "Have you ever gotten caught?"

He shrugged as they walked outside of the dark alley once again. "Not’in’ too serious. Some guy caught me goin’ in t’ his pocket once an’ threatened t’ beat me bad. Anot’er guy dough, came outta nowhere an’ told de guy t’ lay off."

"Whoa. That was nice of him."

"Umm, not really. Turns out I had stole from dat guy too. Took me t’ an alley an’ beat de hell outta me. Knocked my glasses off, saw de eyes an’ ran like mad. T’ought I was possessed or somet’in’."

Rogue just walked silent for a moment, eyes wide but blank. Then she looked up to him. "How long ago was that?"

"Couple months after I ran away. Jus’ startin’ out so o’ course I made a mistake." He shrugged it off.

"What happened after that?"

"I t’ink I just stayed dere f’r de night. I can’ remember. He knocked me down wit’ a nice hit t’ de head and kicked me a lot. Pro’bly had a concussion."

"Did ya go to a hospital or anythin’?" He only shook his head. "Wow… Ah’m sorry foh bringin’ up."

"Don’ worry about it. Jus’ shows dat y’ not invincible out here."

"Ah see that now." She sighed. "You don’t wanna be out here fohever, do you?"

"’Course not. I’m gon’ get outta dis. Jus’ don’ know when." He pushed open the door to the clothing store they had walked too. He held the door open for Rogue and followed her in. "I’m savin’ f’it. Jus’ don’ know how I’m gon’ keep it up, y’ know? I’ve got de school education of a 10 year old-"

"But you’ve learned so much just from livin’ on yoah own. Who needs the school stuff ta survive?" She said, trying to make him feel better.

"Dat doesn’t get y’ hired f’ jobs, p’tite."

"Ah can teach ya then."

He looked at her quizzically. "What?"

"Ah have a brother who goes to this fancy institute up north. He’s, umm, special, but sometimes he would come down ta check in on me because he knew the situation just from guessin’. But, he used ta read ta me an’ teach me more than school would. So, Ah can teach you!" She grinned, happy she thought of another way to help.

Remy missed half of the sentence. "How is he special?"

Rogue gulped. "He’s… well, he's blue and furry… like a demon. But he’s the sweetest guy you could evah meet!"

"He’s blue?"

She nodded. "Like Momma is when she isn’t actin’."


"Yeah… she can change in t’ anythin’. Befoh she married Victor, she would play princess with me. An’ she liked ta turn into this beautiful woman, not that she wasn't beautiful all the time, with long blonde hair an’ puffy white dress. An’ she would grant me wishes…" She trailed off, on the brink of tears. "She never played it with me after Victor." She sniffled.

"I’m sorry, Rogue." He whispered, though secretly he was jealous. He never had a mom that tucked him in at night and most definitely he didn't have a mother that would change into anything to play with him. He still was in awe about the mention of blue. "I’m still tryin’ t’ understand… she’s blue?"

"Yeah," she answered as if it was the most normal thing in the world. "Her skin is blue."

"So she’s a mutant?"

"If that’s what you wanna call her, yeah, Ah guess she is," she replied almost defensively. "You’re probably one too with yoah eyes, but who knows if that’ll be it."

"If dat’ll be it?" He really hadn’t heard of anyone with a ‘problem’ like his.

She nodded. "You might be able ta fly or somethin’. Maybe you’ll be able to make yoahself invisible! That would be so cool!"

"Are y’ one?"

She shrugged. "Too early ta tell. An’ mah daddy was human from what Momma told me so Ah don’t know how much mah chances are."

He just stared at her for a moment. "How do y’ know so much about this?"

"Kurt told me all of this stuff when he would visit. Ah haven’t seen him in a year though." She said sadly. "Ah really wish Ah could see him."

He smiled. "Maybe dat’s what we’ll work for; a trip up north. He might be able t’ help us out when we figure out what we’re gon’ do wit’ ourselves."

Her mouth dropped open and she almost jumped. "That would be so great!" She drew the attention of a couple shoppers so Remy calmed her down. "Let’s focus on now dough, eh?"

She nodded. "Sure. Anythin’." He walked her over to the children’s section so she could pick out a pair of jeans. She grabbed a couple to try on after Remy okayed them for their durability. While she ran to the dressing room, Remy wandered over to the boy's section and grabbed a couple solid colored t-shirts and a new pair of jeans. They were thick so they would last, but he knew he would be able to move in them. Grinning to himself, he hung them over his arm and went to check on Rogue.

"P'tite? How y' doin' in dere?"

"Ah'm good. These are a li'l big."

"Dat's okay. Y' c'n grow in t' dem."

He heard slight shuffling and then she was in front of him, jeans hanging quite low on her hips and overlapping her feet by a couple inches. "Oh, Ah'll grow inta these?" She laughed.

He held back his laughter, seeing as how she had most likely lost weight since the last time she went shopping. Next on the agenda for them, he thought to himself, more food. Gotta bulk her back up. "I'll go get y' de next size down." He walked off.

"Maybe the next two sizes," she whispered sullenly as she treaded her way back into the dressing room.

"We should go to a library," Rogue suggested as they walked down the street, done with their clothes shopping. "Ah wanna get some books ta read. Better than buyin' anyway."

"Maybe. Y' wan' get somet'in' t' eat, dough? Somet'in' small, but y' need t' eat more since y' already smaller dan y' should be."

She glance down to her small frame. "Ah guess. Like some fruit or somethin'?"

"Yeah, dat's perfect." He watched as she shifted her bags between her two arms. "Here, I'll carry it. Y' can hold on t' de produce when we get it."

She nodded as she handed over the bags. "Ah should be good foh awhile now, raht? Two pairs a' jeans, three sweatshirts, t-shirts…"

"Dat'll last y' at least t'rough winter an' spring if y' don' grow."

"Ah don't think Ah will. Ah'm so tiny."

"I'll build y' back up. Don' worry." He grinned towards her, but it faded as something came to mind. "I have a question, but y' don' have t' tell me if it's too personal dough."

"Go ahead. It's pro'bly 'bout Victor, raht?"

"Oui. Did y' ever tell anyone 'bout him b'fore me? Like when y' went t' school… people ask 'bout de bruises?"

She thought for a moment, then answered. "Ah used ta tell them Ah was accident prone. Ah would even pick fights with the other kids ta have even more bruises an' cuts ta go home with."

"Y' maman didn' wonder why y' would come home all battered up?"

"She knew. She'd get calls all the time. Ah actually think one time she told me 'good cover'." She sighed openly. Luckily, in her eyes, they had reached the fruit market. "Strawberries are mah favorite," she smiled, trying to change the subject.

Remy caught on right away, sorry that he had even brought it up. "Den we'll have t' get lots of dem." They stepped inside, people buzzing about. "Hey, y' wan' do some liftin'?" She nodded eagerly. "K, den first make sure y' pockets are wide open, like dis." He demonstrated on his own duster, showing that his hand could slide in and out with ease. She mirrored him, doing the same to her own purple jacket.

"They're smaller than yoahs."

"Jus' try gettin' a couple of small t'ings."


"Stay behind me an' do what I do." He grabbed a provided basket and started near the peaches. He deftly slipped a peach into his pocket as he dropped one in the basket. Rogue kept a careful watch around as no one took notice and did the same. Happy that she got it in her pocket without being caught, she beamed and almost told Remy, but then remembered the whole 'inconspicuous' deal, so she kept quiet and followed around with Remy.

They went up to the checkout, a considerable difference in the amount of items in their pockets than in their basket. The clerk paid no attention to them though. He just took the basket and counted up the price, bored with his job. Rogue smiled sweetly to look innocent while Remy kept a poker face. 'Not'er t'ing t' teach her.

Remy took the bag after handing over the money and quickly turned away. Rogue matched his pace and they walked out. After a few buildings away, they slowed down. Remy pulled a pear from his pocket and handed it to Rogue. She happily munched on it. "Good job, p'tite," he commented as he pulled out an apple for himself. She took the bag from him as she said she would before. She struggled with it for a moment before finding a comfortable holding position for it.

She grinned in his direction. "This was fun. Ah thought that would be a lot harder."

"Nope, dat's how easy it is. Don' get a high confidence about it dough. Y'll have it tough sometimes."

In a sick twist of irony, a shout came from behind them. Remy and Rogue cranked their heads around to see a blond man running towards them, not happy at all. Remy figured it was an angry manager of the fruit marker and was ready to run, but Rogue froze with terror in her eyes.

"Chere, c'mon!" He tugged on her arm, pulling her out of her trance.

"Remy, that's Victor!" She shrieked. Once realizing that her legs were no longer weak from fear, she started running along with Remy. With all their bagging though, it was hard to keep up a fast pace. Remy jerked her arm towards one of the alleys, knowing there was a shortcut.

"Get back here ya li'l bitch!" Victor roared. He followed them into the alley, only to have lost sight of them. Remy had ducked himself and Rogue in a deep door well near the middle of the alley. He dropped the bags as the blood pumped through his hands like no other pain he had ever felt.

"Remy, are you okay?" Rogue whispered, almost inaudibly.

He nodded. "Jus' no circulation." He shook them in attempt to make the pain go away and make them numb, but it didn't work. Rogue silently put her bag down and took her hands into his, rubbing the individual fingers to get the blood working again.

"That helpin'?" He shook his head furiously, causing his sunglasses to fall off. Rogue looked up at him to see two things she had never seen before from him. One, he had tears running down his face because of the pain, but not only that, his red eyes were blazing with such awesome power she was scared. "Remy, somethin's not raht…"

He held his hand up to her lips. "Shh…" He said with only his mouth moving. He pushed her back against the wall, despite the pain in his hands. He reached into his pocket and armed himself with whatever he could get a firm hold on… which happened to be an orange. Rogue shut her eyes and trembled against Remy's arm. They could both hear footsteps coming closer.

Remy held the orange tight in his right hand, while he left arm held Rogue back. He pulled his hand back, ready to launch it into Victor at first sight. The burning pain came back though, and then it suddenly was gone.

Rogue had opened her eyes when she heard a tiny gasp from Remy, thinking he was feeling pain again. She glanced up to him, only to see a glowing ball in his hand. He didn't seem to have noticed, he was only happy to have the pain gone.


"Shh, p'tite."

"But, Rem…" He glared at her, just as Victor found their spot.

"Gotcha!" He proclaimed, but his eyes too fell on the glowing orange in Remy's hand. Instinctively as he planned, Remy threw it directly at Victor's head. Finally he took note of how it was not exactly an orange anymore, and how it blew up in the man's face. He and Rogue were splattered with embers of burnt orange rine and juice. He didn't care to figure it out now. He grabbed what he could of his and Rogue's things and grabbed her hand again. She pulled away from it, afraid that she, too, would start to glow. She grabbed the fruit bag though and followed him anyway.

It wasn't until they were around the corner that Victor had recovered from the blast. He sneered in the direction they had fled, silently swearing to himself to not only get Rogue back, but to get her friend too.


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