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Written by Courtney
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 9

Kitty stealthily phased through the four floors leading down to the main lobby. Surprising and fortunately, she didn’t slide in on any people or in front of any one when she landed on the lobby’s carpeted floor. Gazing around, she found the gift shop to be tucked away in a corner by the dining area.

She stepped inside, and it was bigger than from the appearance of it outside. She glanced around, trying to find the doll section. Seeing pink puffy tutu’s on stuffed animals ahead of her, Kitty figured that was it. She strolled lightly, technically not sneaking up on Rogue, but it seemed an awful lot like it.

She glanced around the aisle of toys and found Rogue sitting against the shelves, huddling a toy to her. Rogue seemed to be completely staring out into nowhere, so Kitty looked closer. It was a bear with angel wings. Taking an initiative, Kitty stepped from behind her hiding place and crouched down in front of Rogue. “Hey, sweetie,” she said softly, smiling.

Rogue looked up, tears welling in her round emerald eyes. “What did Ah do?”

Kitty’s smile faded and she bit her lip, searching for the right words. “We’re not sure yet… but we’re more than positive you’re a mutant.” She said it as gently as she could, and apparently, Rogue understood.

She held the bear out to Kitty. “Ah used ta have one just like this. Ah left her at home… on mah bed where she belongs…” She sniffled. A lone tear slid down her cheek, leaving a wet, salty path behind it.

Kitty was frozen. She wanted to hug the girl, but what if what happened to Remy and Kurt happened to her? A twinge angry with herself for being selfish, she took the doll and then gathered Rogue in her arms carefully. Rogue fought against her a bit, but let Kitty hold her. She needed it. “Do you want the bear?” Rogue only nodded sadly, looking up at her with doe eyes. Kitty smiled warmly, trying to break Rogue’s unintentional icy expression. She let Rogue out of her arms and extended her gloved one to Rogue.

Rogue peered at it curiously. “Why are ya wearin’ gloves indoors?”

Kitty glanced down and noted that she hadn’t taken them off. “I wear them all the time. When I phase through things, it sends a tingle through my body, making everything really numb for a split second. I just took up wearing gloves because I thought it would help.” She shrugged nonchalantly.

Rogue’s eyes widened. “Phase?”

A smirk appeared on Kitty’s face, brightening her eyes. “Wanna see?” Rogue nodded curiously. Kitty handed the bear back to her and stepped over to the wall. “Come over and look at it from this angle.” She had Rogue lean her side against the wall so she could see it at a 90-degree angle. “Watch.” Kitty closed her eyes and a second later, she moved her hand closer to the wall. She inched it forward bit by bit, until she heard Rogue gasp. She opened her eyes to see her arm was all the way in up to her elbow.

“Where does it go? On the other side?” Rogue was amazed.

Kitty nodded. “Do you wanna try?”

“Ah can?”

“Here,” she reached for Rogue’s hand with her free one. Rogue cautiously took it. “Now just reach in the wall.” Rogue pointed at the wall and leaned into it, eyes wide. Soon her fingertip was gone, then her hand, and then she was in up to her shoulder. She stepped back out, cheerfulness playing at her eyes.

“That was so cool!” Kitty withdrew from the wall herself before anyone could see. Rogue poked at the wall again, seeing it was once again tangible. She looked up at Kitty, admiration in her eyes.

“Are you ready to go now?”

“Ah think Ah am… this is just too freaky, ya know? Ah didn’t think Ah would be like this…” She was holding Kitty’s hand once again, and they walked to the front of the store so Kitty could pay for the bear.

“It is a really early age for someone to find something out like this. I wasn’t too much older though.”

“You weren’t?”

“Nope. I was only eleven for a couple weeks when I fell through my chair one night at dinner. Mom was bickering at me for not cleaning my room, of the dumbest things. I was throwing a tantrum and I banged myself against the back of the chair… or so I thought. I hit the floor and stared up at the ceiling, wondering what the hell – heck – had just happened.”

“Ah’ll be eleven next week,” Rogue whispered.

Kitty glanced down to her. “Well, then it isn’t that much of a difference after all.” They had reached the checkout and Rogue put the doll on the counter. Kitty reached into her pocket and pulled out some cash. After all exchanges were made, Rogue was once again clutching the bear to her chest and Kitty led her to the elevator. As the doors slid open, the others were on their way out, Remy in tow. Rogue saw him and lowered her eyes.

“Ah’m sorry Ah hurt ya, Remy… Ah didn’t mean ta…”

“Rogue, it’s okay. Really.” He extended his hand trustingly but Rogue didn’t even try. In fact, she shrank more into Kitty’s side. Remy dejectedly dropped his hand, but still looked at her, not bothering to hide the hurt in his eyes.

Kitty watched the interaction and pulled her hand out of Rogue’s grasp. She tugged her gloves off her slender hands and stopped to put them on Rogue’s hands. She joined hands with her again and they started to walk again. Rogue glanced warily between her hand in Kitty’s hand and her free hand, and back up at Kitty. She smiled brightly, her warm blue-green eyes shining. She nodded towards Remy.

Rogue turned to him, still looking sad. Slowly, she reached her hand over and clasped it with his own. She linked her fingers inside his. He wiggled his fingers a bit to tickle her hand and she giggled. Kitty looked up to Scott. “I think we’re ready to go.”

He smiled warmly at the younger two and began to lead the team of now eight out of the hotel; he had an arm around Jean while Kitty, Rogue and Remy followed behind them. Betsy trailed slightly behind them. while Logan walked with Kurt. Rogue glanced back to him and smiled, noticing he looked human. He motioned to Betsy who had a slight aura of purple in the middle of her head. Rogue nodded, understanding that Betsy was creating the illusion of him being normal.

Scott opened the front door, holding it open for the group. Completely forgetting in the confusion about Rogue, Remy had forgotten to replace his glasses. The noon sun hit him in the face and he cried out, dropping down to his knees. He snatched his hand away from Rogue and covered his eyes. “What’s wrong with him?” Scott demanded with concern. He couldn’t help but think that these two were going to be trouble when they got back to the institute.

Rogue watched him, and in a split second’s decision, she went for the bag slung over his shoulder. “It’s okay,” she murmured to him as she plunged into the bag. She scowled as she found them buried at the bottom. Who put ‘em there? She retrieved them and stood in front of Remy, shadowing his face. “Ah got ‘em, Remy.”

He peeked through his eyes and only saw Rogue silhouetted against the sun. He lowered his hands and allowed her to put the glasses on. Rogue watched as his red eyes dimmed drastically as the dark lenses covered them. “You okay?”

“Jus’ fine, p’tite. Merci.”

She smiled faintly. Surprisingly to her, and hell, to Remy too, he wrapped himself in a hug around her. Rogue stiffened at the sudden movement, but relaxed. She realized how much she meant to him now. Somehow, thoughts that could only be described to her as his were swimming around in her head, a majority of them memories from the past few days. She was his light at the end of the tunnel. His goal for a better life. Kurt was in her head now, too, his happiness swelled at finally being able to be with his sister. It, overall, put her in a better mood when she recollected these thoughts, but it dimmed a bit when she thought if she had them permanently. But when Remy hugged her, he was telling her that she was the only one in the world right now who knew what he was like, so the last thought of her was canceled out.

Jean sighed slightly and whispered to Scott, “Now that is just too cute. I hope our daughter is like that.”

“You mean, our son.”

“Whatever, Slim,” she laughed.

Betsy spoke up. “I’m not sure how long I can keep Kurt covered here. I lost him in the moment with Remy.” She glanced to him, and he shrugged.

“Should I ‘port back to the jet?”

Scott nodded and glimpsed around for anyone that might see. “You can go ahead. Where did you and Bobby park it?”

“Some warehouse parking lot about a mile and a half away. You might need to brush someone’s mind about it though…” he added sheepishly. Scott frowned, but Jean just smiled.

Rogue pulled away from Remy and was almost giddy suddenly. “Can Ah go with ya? It’s been so long since ya bamfed me!” She handed the bear to Kitty because she knew Kurt couldn’t say no.

He grinned and extended his hand, which Rogue took without question since she had a new confidence from the glove. Remy just watched her go, but she caught him in the corner of her eye. “Ya’re comin’ too!” Then she turned to Kurt. “He can, cain’t he?”

He nodded slowly. “Yeah, but we may have to stop about a mile in. I’m still wasted from whatever you did.” Her smile faded and was replaced by a frown of guilt. “Bet – Rogue I didn’t mean it like that.” He gulped at both slips he had made. It’s amazing how much this girl had changed since he’d last seen her. The major thing being that she was now a mutant, though that obviously just happened and not while she was on her own. Somehow, he just wished for his innocent little sister back, without the marred soul that she had because of her experiences. He wished that she were coming up to stay because their mother had recommended that she spend time with her brother, and that she had run away. She was tainted now, with a new name and look. Just more things he’d have to get used to.

Rogue nodded in understanding. Kurt would teleport her around when she was younger and after awhile he would be so tired. She helped Remy up and held onto his hand. “Let’s go!”

Kurt smiled and looked to the others. “See ya in a few.” He closed his eyes and in a flash, a cloud of pink smoke replaced him, Rogue and Remy.

“I’ll go pull up the van,” Logan grunted, referring mostly to Jean, since she was in her 7th month of pregnancy.

The trio reappeared and Remy took a step back from Rogue and Kurt, realizing what had just occurred. They were in the middle of what appeared to be a shopping area. Remy glanced wildly around, catching the eyes of a few people. His eyes widened behind his glasses as people finally saw Kurt. “Chere,” Remy started. Kurt looked rather faint and Rogue was supporting him. She looked at Remy, her eyes open with fear.

“What do we do?” She mouthed. She shook Kurt. “C’mon, Elf,” she whispered. “We’re not in the most elf friendly place raht now.”

“Just a minute…” he murmured, passing out.

“No! Kurt!” She whipped her head back up to Remy, tears brimming in her endless emerald eyes. “This is mah fault!” She placed Kurt gently on the ground and was ready to run, but Remy found enough time to grab her arm.

“P’tite, don’ freak out.” He finally heard a scream in the tiny audience that had gathered. He ignored the pattering feet of running and concentrated on Rogue. “C’n y’ do t’ him what y’ did earlier an’ get us out of here?”

“What do ya mean? Ya’re not makin’ any sense!” She struggled against his arm, but he held on.

“Rogue, dat Betsy femme said y’ had powers like me an’ dat y’ got ‘em from touchin’ my hand. An’ dat y’ did dat disappearin’ t’ing like y’ brot’er, too. Just touch him an’ see if it works, ‘cuz he don’ have anyt’in’ left t’ get us outta here.”

“Remy… Ah don’t wanna hurt him again. Look what happened already!” She cried out, tears now running freely down her face. He hated demanding such a thing of her since this was just technically an assumption at how her power actually worked.

He knelt down in front of her and held her shoulders. “I’ll be right here wit’ y’. I’ll make sure y’ don’ hurt him an’ dat y’ c’n get us outta here.” He heard several shouts of ‘demon’ and ‘mutie freaks’ among the crowd and several whistles. Rogue heard them, too, and with a sniffle, she bravely stripped off one of Kitty’s gloves. She held Remy’s hand with her still gloved one, while he grasped onto Kurt’s shoulder.

Rogue lowered her index finger down to Kurt’s forehead. She gulped and made the contact. She felt the sliver of power connect between her tiny finger and his furry skin and suddenly she was cascaded with new images and power. “How do Ah do it?”

Remy froze. “Umm… jus’ t’ink of somewhere y’ rat’er be den dis, I guess.”

She nodded shakily. “All raht.” She closed her eyes and her forehead scrunched in thought. Remy glanced around warily at the officers coming their way. One had broke through the crowd and was reaching towards them, but Remy shielded Rogue and the unconscious Kurt. The officer’s hand was mere inches away when they finally disappeared, leaving the crowd awed and confused.

When they appeared again and the pink smoke had dissipated, Remy checked their surroundings. They were inside something, of which he could only assume was the jet that the others had been referring to. He looked at Rogue, who had slumped down next to Kurt. “How did y’ know t’ come here?”

She shrugged tiredly. “Ah woulda rather been here, Ah guess.” She smiled slightly, though her eyes showed her weariness.

“What the hell…” came from the cockpit and Remy turned to see a male teenager a tiny bit older than Kurt, possibly eighteen from Remy’s perspective. He was tall with eyes crystal blue like ice and light brown hair. “What happened to Kurt?” He ran over and glanced at both Remy and Rogue twice before attending to Kurt.

“Ah happened ta him,” Rogue whispered as she slipped the glove back on. Remy walked over to her and sat down beside her.

“C’mere, p’tite.” He hoisted her into his lap and she curled up reflexively. “Get some sleep,” he murmured into her unique hair. She nodded sleepily and yawned. Remy returned his attention to the other teenager present. “I be Remy an’ dis is Rogue.”

“Bobby,” he said simply as he extended his hand. Remy shook it. “What happened to Kurt?” he repeated. “He usually doesn’t pass out after teleporting unless he’s done it more than necessary.”

Remy glanced down at Rogue, whom had also passed out from exhaustion. “She did somet’in’ t’ him, t’ de bot’ of us. Somehow she took our powers t’rough touchin’ us… she did it t’ him twice, once by accident, anot’er t’ get us out of who knows where.” He told Bobby the entire story of what happened since the people from the institute came to the hotel to that moment.

Bobby just listened, awestruck. His own powers had manifested when he was fourteen, so hearing that this girl was days away from turning eleven seemed so young. When Remy was finished explaining, he was tired himself of the whole story and wanted nothing more to curl up next to Rogue and sleep. It obviously showed. “Hey, Remy, wait,” Bobby said, kneeling down beside him. “Do you think you can just stay awake till the others get back? I think the story would sound better coming from you since this is all so new to me.”

“Dey don’ know anyt’in’ ‘bout her power eit’er,” he all but moaned. With a tiny stretch, he gathered Rogue closer to him and rested his chin on her head. Bobby didn’t bother to keep him up this time.

Rogue blinked her eyes hazily and found herself in darkness. “Remy?” She called out, hearing her small voice echo into the emptiness. “Am Ah all alone now? Where did everyone go?” She thought aloud, though the words never came directly from her lips.


“Remy?” She heard him call to her, though his voice sounded empty and weak. “Where are ya?”

“don’t know…”

She started pacing towards the voice. “C’mon, Remy, one more time.”


She finally saw him, huddled in a corner, with a pale spotlight over him. She didn’t know where the light was coming from nor did she care. “Remy, what’s wrong with ya?”

He looked up at her and Rogue was shocked to see that every part of him was gray, even his normally blazing eyes were dull. “don’t know, p’tite…”

She knelt down beside him and started to reach out to him, but saw that her gloves were missing so stopped mid-movement. She glanced around, seeing darkness stretch out until there was another spotlight with a huddled figured. “Ah’ll be back,” she called over her shoulder as she ran to the other light. She knelt down beside this one and saw Kurt, his fur still blue, but gray was a prominent color for him as well. He didn’t look at her at all, just laid on the cold surface of… wherever they were. She stood up and checked back to see the spotlight with Remy gone. He had just vanished. “Remy?” Her voice was echoing again. “Remy, come back!” She yelled louder, the echo smacking into her frail form. She fell over next to Kurt and saw he was fading grayer with every second passing. Regardless of whether she had gloves or not, she reached out to touch him. He was fading white now, and her hand fell through him with a ripple and he dissolved into the light, leaving her in pitch-blackness again.

She pulled her legs up to her chest and buried her head in her knees. Sobs caught in her throat and she released them with a long, hollow wail.


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