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This Exquisite Dance - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by CrystalWren
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Gambit hires a private detective to find his real parents.

Chapter 1 Excerpt from the files of Private Investigator Rowan Bassenger...

Chapter 2 It had been incredibly difficult to find them, but he had...

Chapter 3 Precisely one week after New Years’ day, in the Londe family home an electrical wire blew...

Chapter 4 It was Cats’ habit to stop by his parents’ house every day in the afternoon, when he just finished work...

Chapter 5 In an utter disregard for some of the basic fundamentals of professional thievery...

Chapter 6 At the Londe family home a full-scale war was in progress...

Chapter 7 It was a beautiful winter's day, the kind where the weather couldn't be more perfect...


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