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Chapter 1

Two Ounces of Reality and a Pinch of Dreams - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Jenn and Vicki Lew
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 1

"Get'cha suits on; this ship can't take much more!!!!"

Rogue barely managed to secure her helmet through all the turbulence of the Shi'ar shuttle. Or what was left of it anyways. Everything was fine until a gigantic spacecraft crashed and totalled their only way home. A blinding vortex of light had started to form from where the Stargate had been crushed; sucking in everything that was within its vicinity, their ride home included.

"Oh dear oh dear oh dear..."

"Shuttup, Henri!"

"I should have stayed in the weather report segment!!!"

"You shuttup too, Trish!"

"YOU shut up, Remy!!" Rogue hollered above the cankerous noises. "Hank, try them controls again; rev up those engines as hard as they can go!"

The blue furball pulled himself up to the front of the ship, and tried his best to manupilate the controls without smashing his face into the hatch. He clutched his head and growled when they gave no response.

"Everything's down, Rogue. I don't think there's anything that we can do. Just as before. Perhaps another miracle might occur..."


Just as she uttered the curse, the whole ship jolted,throwing everyone off balance, and came to a halting stop. They just hovered there and bobbed gently; the sudden silence oddly comforting. The X-men picked themselves up, dazed but otherwise unscathed.

Joseph was the first to break the silence. "What happened?"

"We stopped, homme." Gambit replied dryly, with a hint of irritation. Then he looked towards Rogue and asked, "Now what, chere?"

"Stop lookin' at me for all the answers, Cajun." She turned towards the window; the vortex had halted its suction. "We gotta get outta here while that thing takes a break. A long one, I'm hopin'. Keep tryin' those engines, Beast. We can't give up!"

The engines roared to life on the third attempt as Beast flipped the switch .. All of them could swear that they'd never heard a more beautiful sound. That was until they heard a hair-raising screech of metal, and the ship began to fall apart.

The vortex had begun pulling again.

Rogue clung on to the wing, frantically trying to keep herself and Remy anchored to the ship. Trish had been the first to fall out from the wreckage, and Beast had gallantly gone after her. They were both lucky enough to have managed a hold on the other wing. One of their numbers was down and out. Bishop had knocked his cranium somewhere when they had turbulence and he was out cold. Right now, they were all enveloped in a magnetic bubble, courtesy of Joseph, AKA Magneto with amnesia. Trouble was, this man wasn't as powerful as he used to be. How long could he keep this up?

It was a matter of time.

"Talk 'bout deja vu, huh, chere?" Gambit grunted as he pulled himself closer to the wing. " Jus' like de M'kraan crystal wave, de ship when we jus' arrive here, den the Phlanx transmodin' ya. T'ink you're gonna die, ya say your last words, but den it don' happen."

The X-woman allowed herself a little smile at his sardonic comments.

"Oddly calm, ain'cha?"

"Only when I'm wit' you, petit..."

"Shut up, Remy. Ah -- Good Lord!!"

The last thing she did was close her eyes.

Fear enveloped her like a blanket as she realized that this indeed was probably the end There was no one to help her now, not even Remy.

"Oh God, Remy!' she thought. He was now suffering the same fate as she was.


She couldn't let this happen. She *wouldn't* let this happen.

Wherever in space they were, thanks to this crazy vortex, she would find Remy and save him, no matter what it took. Facing her fear with all the purest bravery she could manage, Rogue opened her eyes...and screamed.

"Chere?! Where are you??"

Only seconds ago, Remy Lebeau heard the woman he loved scream. And this just wasn't any woman. This was Rogue, an X-woman with superhuman strength and enough ambition to strike fear in the heart of any villain.

To hear her scream, well, that meant that she was scared. but of what? Gambit feared he just may not want to know, for it took much to scare Rogue. But the darkness surrounding him told him he just might not find out anyway. Where was he? Then, with a clenching pain in his chest, he thought, "Merde, am I...dead?!"

Pictures. Flashing scenes from the past. Her past. She saw it all. Kissing Cody that day by the waterfall, then Mystique and Destiny, then Ms. Marvel and going to Professor Xavier for help.

"Remy, is that you?!"

She saw Gambit, but he wasn't really there. It was as if she were watching her whole life on a TV screen. She saw when she and Gambit first met, and then Belladonna, and the fateful kiss. Then the dreaded look on Remy's face the day she said goodbye, and Joseph. And then going to Shi'ar, and then --

'Wait a minute!!'

She didn't remember this happening! The pictures stopped flashing from her mind, and they lingered on one particular scene. It was her and Remy, walking down an aisle?! She watched intently as she saw herself, dressed elaborately in a beautiful white satin wedding gown, a smile upon her face, carrying white roses and walking towards a gazebo where Remy stood near a priest, waiting for her. All the x-men and other friends sat on each side of the path she walked upon, and the sun shone brightly overhead. This looked like something out of a fairytale!

Oh, and how handsome Gambit looked, in a black tux and his hair fixed back so nicely. The two looked so happy, and Rogue knew that this had never happened to her, so what on earth was going on???

The scene changed. Their honeymoon. On a secluded island so they could be alone together. A little beachhouse with a hammock outside, flapping gently in the cool summer breeze. Rogue couldn't help but blush furiously when she saw the details of that night. They were *touching* each other???

But this wasn't possible!!!

She had to fight back a tear at the mere thought of ever being so happy, ever living such a beautiful life. Was this God's dirty trick of torturing her even more than she already had been? Or perhaps this was all a dream?

Then, just as quickly as it all had come, it all disappeared and she saw nothing but blackness.

Where the hell was she?

"Rogue?! Chere?? Is dat you, girl??"

Gambit heard her call his name just a moment ago, but still he received no answer. Was she in trouble??? Or maybe he was just hearing things. Wherever he was, he just plain didn't like it and wanted out as soon as possible. But how could he get out when he couldn't see a damned thing!!??

Suddenly, he saw a quick flash of light. Just a tiny glimmer, almost like a flashlight going on and turning itself off in just a second. There it was again. And again.

"Hello???" he screamed out, but no answer came back. Only a scent. A fragrant smell, like tropical flowers. He heard the sound of waves crashing softly on a shore, and he could feel an ocean breeze over his body. How was this possible?? He had on a spacesuit!! It felt as if there were tiny grains of sand crushing beneath his feet, yet only a moment ago he was floating through space.

That's when he saw it.......

Hank opened his eyes and groaned.

"I should opt out of these life-threatening joy-rides next time..." Rubbing the back of his head, he tried to think. As soon as his senses returned to normal, a wave of dread and panic caused bile to rise up in his throat. "Trish???"

Last he remembered, they were hanging on for dear life out in the middle of empty space; yet now he was warm and safe in a sickbed! Hank turned his head sharply at the hollow, bumping sounds that were coming from his left. He got ready to pounce on his intruder, but he relaxed when he realized that it was Joseph.

"Are you alright, Doctor?" The de-aged man leaned wearily against the steel wall.

Hank chose to ask, "How's Trish? Did she make it?" It was only after Joseph nodded, that the latter turned his mind to other things. "How did we get here? Where are the others?"

Joseph winced at the pain in his side; he'd pushed himself to the limits holding the ship together. They were fortunate to have been rescued by Shi'ar patrol ships, but they'd lost...

"Gambit and Rogue. We lost them..." He swallowed past the lump in his throat. Rogue had been so kind to him, and Gambit and he were beginning to reach an understanding. "I couldn't save them,"



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