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Written by Missy Red
Written by Kaleidopy http://www.fanfictionwriters.com
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

The child, who Jean-Luc has adopted, has his share of mystery, like who is Rougebarbe and why does he give Remy nightmares?

Chapter 1 No matter how hot it gets today, the little boy knows he has to find a target and quick...

Chapter 2 Opening the door to the large house, Jean-Luc steps inside...

Chapter 3 Early the next morning...

Chapter 4 As the boy sat nervously on the couch waiting for someone to come...

Chapter 5 The boy spent most of the next hour helping Therese clean the house...

Chapter 6 Dusk, the three teenagers arrive at a large warehouse near the docks...

Chapter 7 Later that afternoon with the house empty, the boy began his second run of exploring the large house...

Chapter 8 Three days later, Tante walks quietly in the upstairs hallway...


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