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Chapter 1

Of Frogs and Men - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by KazeRogue
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 1

A fictional response to Roguestar's 'Hops of a frog'

Rogue stared at the sheet in front of her in disbelief. It was true. The frog would really never ever reach the wall. Strangely taken by this, she crumpled the paper and threw it in the litter. She had learned from Mystique that there was no 'never' and she would find a solution to this problem. Even if it meant defying the laws of mathematics.

She had been surprised when she had found this calculation in Gambit's room. She had felt that he was hiding something from her and decided to look for evidence herself. The reasoning behind her codename would always prove to transcend simple beauty or charm, for there was something to be said in the result of Mystique's training of the young mutant; and thus, in picking his lock, it was the simple, required demonstration of this title. In a secret hiding place in the cupboard, she had found no information about a sinister agenda, but an amount of calculations, all written in Remy's elegant handwriting. On the top of it had lain a text about the hops of a frog. Intrigued, she had tried to negate the statement of the text, that the frog could hop till the end of time without ever reaching his destination.

She could understand why Gambit had been intrigued by this story. She could see him hopping all day and still not feeling good enough. And the only thing she knew was that she had to help him. And somehow it was as if finding a solution to the calculation could show her how to help the man she loved. Sighing she took another clean sheet and started calculating again.

Remy had a nightmare, like he had had every night lately. His head was spinning with the unlogical images he saw in his dream and unconsciously his sleeping body tossed around in bed. He felt a slight touch, but it wasn't enough to pull him out of the embrace of his ghosts. The touch was persistent though, pulling harder, until he could feel a hand shaking his shoulders. He slowly opened his eyes to see the face of an angel floating inches over his own. Then, his vision cleared and the face became Rogues. The face of a very tired but smiling Rogue. Remy could tell from the dark circles under her eyes that she hadn't slept all night.

"Mornin', sugah. Just wanted to give ya this before I went ta bed."

She handed him a sheet full of calculations. On top of it she had scribbled a grinning frog sitting on a wall. He looked up at her, confused. Rogue only smiled.

"Jus' aim at something beyond yoah goal."

With that she kissed him on top of his head, his hair preventing any skin to skin contact. Then she left his room, suppressing a yawn. Gambit could feel a tear slip down his cheek as he remembered something Henry had once said to him: Try to be the best you can be and nobody can say you're not good enough.


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