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Seals of Power - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Michi-chan and KazeRogue
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 6

Remy sat on a rock a few yards away from the camp. His hands were clenched into fists and his usually handsome features were distorted to an ugly grimace of rage. Ho dare she insult him like that? What did this little spoiled girl know anyway? Nothing! She knew nothing about the world outside her small protected world, nothing about the cruelty which ruled it. But she just came here and judged him self righteously. He punched his fist so hard on the stone it hurt and he swore under his breath.

After his argument with the countess he had stormed out of the camp into the woods. The fire in his eyes had told his companions it would be healthier not to walk in his way right now. Just like the woman they didn't know the real reason her words had infuriated him so much. In fact they knew little more about him than she did. But what they did know for sure was that he was a proud man. Proud and honorable, well as honorable as it gets for a man of his profession.

And now he sat here for he didn't know how long. He should've killed her, let Chatton kill her the moment she had thrown herself at him to avenge her father. But the same second that thought crossed his mind, he knew he would've - could've - never done that. He may be a thief at the moment but he was not a murderer. He had never killed anyone and he had no intention of doing so now.

And despite his anger and frustration at her contempt, wasn't she right? Yes, she was he admitted bitterly to himself. At least from her point of view she was right. To her he was nothing more than the leader of a band of criminals who murdered her father and now held her captive. As his anger cooled down he realized more and more that he could understand her. He felt the strange desire to tell her everything. To make her understand why he did what he did. But he also knew that he couldn't. Not if he wanted to complete his mission successfully. Nonetheless he could at least try to talk to her again to grant his soul a little peace.

Determined he stood up and strode back to the hut. Suddenly Sarah stepped in his way.

"Can we talk?"

Remy frowned and glanced at the hut again. He wanted to get over with this now that he had made up his mind.

"It's important" she nudged him.

Sighing, Remy followed her into the woods again, turning his back to the hut, completely unaware of what was about to happen in there.

Remy let Sarah drag him into the forest, where she turned and started her tirade. Sarah took a deep breath and looked her boss firmly in the eyes.

"Remy, I captured the lady; I guess I've earned myself some respect with that. I want to finally be acknowledged as a full member of the gang. I'm sick of not being taken seriously. Sick of being pushed around, of being laughed at. I'm not a child anymore, I am a thief..."

Remy's glance strayed to his hut and his eyes narrowed. Suddenly he was consumed by a strange gut feeling. A knowledge that something was going to happen. Something bad. JACQUELINE!!

Without a second thought he pushed Sarah out of the way and ran towards the hut, leaving a stunned girl behind.

Chatton looked down at the woman lying beneath him. Her green eyes were wide with fear, all the haughtiness gone from them. She still tried to free herself from him, but it was useless, he was too strong for her and they both knew it. She knew what he was going to do to her. Her fear and the feeling of her slim body being pressed against his turned him on even more. He took both of her wrists in one of his hands while he grabbed one of her breasts with his other hand.

Jacqueline screamed, whether out of pain or out of fear he couldn't tell, and frankly, he didn't care. He smiled evilly.

"Screamin' won't help ya, m'dear. Nobody will come to help ya. They all know, what's goin' on in here. And ya know what? They don' care. Maybe they're even making fun of it."

She clenched her teeth as her whole body tensed. A single tear found its way through squeezed eyes, expressing the shame and embarrassment she felt she was bringing on her family. But then she suddenly felt something else deep inside herself. A pride, that had nothing to do with her noble birth, rising. The love that her father and Irene had given to her, showing her that she was special to them. She wouldn't let that man treat her like anything less.

She opened her eyes again, to meet his cruel smile, the desire for inflicting pain upon others, weaker than him. She realized that her fear was only fuel to his arousal. She knew, of course, that she couldn't simply stop her fear, but she could at least stop showing it to him. She put on the expression she had seen so many others of her class wear, that she herself had always despised, but that would now maybe prove to be her last hope. One eyebrow raised, she forced her pretty features into an expression of utmost contempt.

"Look at yourself," she snarled, "need your women in bonds, because they don't stay voluntarily?

You're so pathetic!"

The lust in Chatton's eyes flickered to anger for a second, the anger that every man felt when his masculinity was in question. But her words also affected the situation Jacqueline was in, since she was now not only in danger of being raped, but also of being beaten up beforehand. All she had gained was a split second, the time Chatton had needed to realize her change of behavior, her harsh words, and to react to them with a fury the young lady would soon be sorry she had unleashed. But this split second was enough time for Remy LeBeau to burst into the little hut and stop the elder thief yet again, short of slapping the girl's face. A muscle in Remy's cheek started to twitch as he clenched his teeth when taking in the scene.

"You bastard!" he spat out, barely controlling himself. His trembling hands were clenched into tight fists, his knuckles protruding whitely. Chatton turned around, while not releasing her from his brutal grasp, grinning evilly.

"What's the problem, boss. Ya tol' me I could have her. Want the little bitch for yerself, now?"

Jacqueline's expression turned from relief to shock in an instant, shivers running down her spine. Despite everything the young thief had done to her, she had still believed that he was a somewhat decent man. But obviously she had been wrong. He was not only her father's murderer, but also a cruel man without any honor who wasn't above ordering a woman's rape without a split second of remorse. The cold in her guts gave way to hot anger boiling through her veins, blinding her so that she didn't see LeBeau's expression that very much resembled her own.

"Shut your bloody mouth, Chatton," he snarled through clenched teeth, "before I do it for you!"

Under a fit of laughter, Chatton finally let go of Jacqueline and rose to his feet. "What's wrong with you, LeBeau? Still trying to keep the facade up in front of the little wench?"

LeBeau's fist hit the other man's broad, pitted nose, before he could stop him. Chatton only laughed.

"Get out!" Remy's anger was almost tangible.

The huge bulky man beast strolled out of the hut, still laughing. Remy closed his eyes and silently counted to ten, trying to control his anger. When he opened them again, his gaze fell on the still tied up girl, lying on the floor. When he had seen her eyes after her father had been shot, he had thought she couldn't possibly feel any more hatred for him than in that moment. Now he realized that he had been wrong.

He knelt down besides her, removing the ropes that held her hands, not looking her in the eyes.

"He's lyin', ya know?" Still, he did not dare to look up into her eyes that were shooting emerald arrows at him. She inhaled deeply, trying to control the anger burning inside her, until she could trust her voice and speak, knowing she would now neither scream nor cry.

"How dare you!" she uttered through gritted teeth. Not knowing what to say he kept his eyes on her hands and finished removing her bonds. Jacqueline rubbed the angry red marks on the smooth white skin of her delicate wrists.

He noticed her movement and realized the discomfort his bonds must have caused her. "Sorry" he mumbled. Her head flew up... as did her fist. Right into his face. For an instance he was too stunned to react, then he slowly raised his hand to his cheek, incredulously. He touched the spot where her slender hand had hit him.

Still boiling with anger she yelled at him "How dare you?! How dare you even touch me, after everything you've cost me! Hell, you even tried to take away the last thing left to me: My pride!" Tears formed behind her eyes but while she fought them back with all the strength she had left, he still saw them.

To give her back some of her dignity he reached out to close her shredded blouse over her breast again. But he stopped dead in his movement when his eyes caught a shimmer of gold on her upper arm.

"What the..."

His hand closed hard around her arm and he pulled her nearer to him trying to get a closer look on the object. Jacqueline let out a small cry, whether of pain or of fear he didn't know. Not wanting to hurt her any more he quickly let go of her arm again, but not before pulling off the bracelet. He stared at it, an unreadable expression on his handsome face.

"Give that back!" she snapped, though, for the first time since they met, he could see insecurity and fear in her eyes.

"I'm sorry" he said as he cupped her cheek in his hands, feeling her tremble, "but I have to take this." He quickly bent down and planted a light kiss on her lips, like a payment... or a promise.

Before she even realized what had just happened he had already stood up and almost fled out of the hut, taking her mother's bracelet along with him.

The young woman closed her eyes, blending out her surroundings to concentrate on the world inside her mind. A world with no boundaries, no prisons, no chains, no evil haunting her. It wasn't a world of shining heroes and pretty princesses, but it was beautiful in its simplicity.

A slight smile played on her lips as she spread her mental wings and rose above hunger and pain, fear and despair. Soft winds carried her to the man with whom her heart, thoughts and hopes stayed the whole day. The man she loved more than anything in the world. The man who was her last hope of salvation.

Distressed she opened her eyes, only to find herself staring into the face of evil itself. Her personal devil had come to smile at his handiwork... in anticipation.


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