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Chapter 1
Chapter 2

A Christmas Story - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Keri Wilson
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 2

The gifts had all been given and the Christmas dinner eaten. The X-men were drifting off with whomever they wished to spend the rest of the evening.

"Chere, got somet'ing I wanted to give to you now."

Out of his black suit jacket, Gambit pulled out a small red box and handed it to Rogue.

Rogue gasped as she opened the box, it was a heart shaped ruby with small diamonds around it on a delicate gold necklace. A card was attached. "Mon coeur `a toi" (1) it said.

She put the necklace on and hugged him tight. "Mah heart is yours too."

Remy touched his lips to her hair, breathing in the light cinnamon scent of her cologne brushed into her hair. (2)

Then she said, "Ah got somethin' special for yah as well." She gently slipped out of their embrace and quickly flew up to Ororo's room.

Remy thought, "Dat femme is de best t'ing ever to come into dis Cajun's heart." He smiled, his heart full of love.

Jean and Scott passed Remy on their way back out the front door. Jean thought, "any woman seeing Remy's face right now would believe he was the most handsome man that ever walked this earth."

Scott, only slightly jealous, said through their psychic link, "Jean I think that merchandise is already spoken for."

Jean laughed, winking at him, "Just looking Scott."

Scott wasn't really jealous about Jean looking at Remy, he knew it was only that. He was surprised that this little twinge of negative feeling made him happy to be back with the X-men. It was his real home.

"Hi `Ro came for Remy's gift."

Ororo noticed the necklace and smiled. " A beautiful gift."

"Oh it is! Ah hope this is just as special tah him as his gift is tah me."

"I am sure it will be, child."

Rogue picked up the big, gold vase full of multicolored roses she had hidden in Ororo's room. Ororo had obligingly made sure the scent of the roses stayed out of the rest of the house, both when Rogue brought them in, while Remy was out shopping for yet more Christmas gifts, and afterwards.

Ororo was still slightly amazed at how Remy always seemed to get whatever the person for whom he was getting the gift for wanted most, but never what anyone else had given them. It was a special talent he had.

Remy's eyes widened in surprise when Rogue handed him the vase.

"Yah aways givin' me roses, so ah thought ah give yah some. Ah want yah tah know what all these colors mean. The white is foh the sweet little boy who wanted someone tah love him and be a family tah him. The yellow is for the joy yah gave me when yah came intah my life. The blue is foh yah loyalty and respect foh me, even when ah didn't deserve it. The pink is for your courtin' being so sweet, and the the red is foh yah beautiful eyes and your passion that stirs mah heart. And the gold vase is for how yah are more precious than gold tah me, and all together it says ah believe in yah, Remy LeBeau."(3)

This time it was Remy's turn to hug Rogue tightly.

(1) French - my heart to you (initimate or informal form)

(2) Cinnamon has a known mild aphrodisiac effect

(3) this was a response to the stupidly written reaction Rogue had to Remy giving her the one white rose. Rogue should know the meaning of flowers, and I rightly wrote her this way here.


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