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Another Time, Another Place - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Keri Wilson
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 1

Another Time, Another Place

Carlise, England. Early December 1800

The boy ran through the woods tears half blinding him. He killed mymaman! He killed my pere! The boy ran from the house that had been hishome for all his six years. His always unruly chestnut colored hairbriefly catching in the branches and brush that were at height to strike or snag him. He didn't notice the momentary pain, just ran on,until he exhausted himself near the road. Afraid of the man he saw as the murderer of his parents; he used the last bit of his energy toclimb up a tree, curled up in a large bough and slept.

Lucky for the boy it was an unusally warm and dry night, so when he awoke in the morning he was not much worse for the wear. Noises below on the road woke him.

Fighting! The boy's eyes widened in a mixture of fear and excitement.Still keeping himself hidden, he peeked out. He saw a young man and woman fighting off about 7 or 8 attackers. The couple both had black hair and the guy was short for a grown up. The man who seemed to be leading the attackers was a good foot taller than the black haired guy. the black haired woman was fighting as well as the guys. Remy was immediately attracted to her. He decided to act. He lept from the tree, plowing into one of the men fighting the lady, knocking the breath out of him.

Several of the attackers were startled by the boy dropping in on the fight. Logan and his sister weren't though, and used this to their advantage. They both noted the boy's swiftness. Despite his youth he acquitted himself well in the fight. With his help their attackers were soon either dead, unconcious or on the run.

The big blonde man was of the last catagory. But he shouted as he galloped away on horseback, "Ill kill you yet Logan".

Logan laughed and shouted back, "Not in a million years Victor! I'll kill you first, because I'm better than you." Then he turned to Remy, "Alright kid, what lord's are you?" Despite the current state of his clothes, he could tell they recently of very fine making.

The boy stared back at him and said nothing.

The lady bent down so that Remy could look at her face to face and said, "My name is Silver and this is my older brother Logan and we thank you for your help."

Remy performed a gentlemanly bow then said, "My name is Remy, mademoiselle Silver."

Silver smiled. What was now an adorable boy would be sure to become a skilled lady charming scoundrel. Silver, the more astute of the siblings, guessed the boy had run away for some reason. They could always make some money by returning the boy safe and sound to his family, if it was just a case of a spoiled rich boy running off because he didn't get his way in some petty matter. If it was something more serious, well the boy was already a fair fighter, she had no problem adding to their number.

Logan gruffly said, "Better get on home kid, your parents have probably sent out your whole estate looking for you."

Remy looked behind him with fear, then turned back to Logan with a fierce anger in his eyes. "Don't got no parents no more- he killed them."

"Who?" Silver looked concerned. If there was someone killing nobles in their homes, he had to be seriously derranged, this boy was a witness and in extreme danger.

"Tell us later kid, right now with you tagging along we better not stand around here in the open." Logan said

Silver took Remy's hand and said, "Now is the time to plan, later wecan fight again."


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