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Another Time, Another Place - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Keri Wilson
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 4

Another Time, Another Place


Carlise, England

The young woman slipped out in the dead of night with a small bag of provisions, one change of male clothing, and a small stash of coins. The last was her monthly allowance, the others provided by the servants loyal to her, not to her guardian.

Her guardian, she grimaced, her thoughts a mix of anger, contempt and fear. he was going to try to force her to marry him before she turned twenty-one. She would be twenty-one in a fortnight. She feared what methods he might use to force her. Once she was married her property belonged to her husband and with no near relatives she would have no recourse.

Truthfully she was less upset about him gaining control over the property- although that angered her, than him having absolute control over her. As a married woman, she would have no rights. She was immensely grateful to Lady Raven having informed her of this.

"I have power over my property because I am a widow. In marriage a woman becomes feme covert, property of her husband. You would be wise to let no man chose who you are to be married to. Find one who will not be your lord and master. Keep that strong will, let no one break you."

Lady Raven was a confusing woman. Laurie wondered why she continued to play part-time mistress to Lord Magnus. All Laurie could see was a mercenary aim.

Irene, Laurie's maid inherited from her mother, had found out the lord's plan and had warned her.

"Lord Magnus means you ill, child, you must flee from here before this week is over."

"Means me ill? In what way?"

"In the way he has done his lady wives. He means to force you to wed him."

Laurie shuddered in disgust remembering this discussion, but she knew Irene was telling the truth. Most of the staff and her guardian as well underestimated and ignored her, but Laurie didn't. Irene was old and blind. Laurie knew she "saw" a lot more than she let on. Also Irene and lady Raven seemed to get along quite well. That made Laurie trust Lady Raven more than she would have otherwise. Irene had been a very protective maid since Laurie could remember. She told Laurie just who was trustworthy and who was not.

Laurie regretted leaving her favorite horse behind, but she knew that would make her much easier to track, plus the danger of the added noise and going to the stable to get him.

Laurie used one of the least used pathways to the main road. Her plan was to go to her mother's relatives in Scotland. She knew the road to take to the border, but once over she would have to risk asking about the rest of the way.

Remy quietly slipped through the woods. He had tied his horse to a tree about a hundred yards behind him. Tonight he would begin his plans of revenge. He made sure his black mask was secure so his face could not be seen.

It was a small thing tonight. He would get back the jewels that his mother had worn. Remy knew they were still in Magnus' possession. Remy would steal them and leave a note behind, written by Logan, so Magnus would be thrown off, in case Magnus had seen his handwriting and remembered what it looked like. The note said- "I've taken back a bit of what is mine" He grinned, maybe Magnus would feel a little of the fear Remy had as a child, not knowing where the monster would strike next.

A stick snapped under Laurie's feet and she started in fright. She glanced back at the house and was dismayed that her escape must have been already discovered. Lights were appearing all around the house and Laurie could hear voices outdoors as well.

They know! Someone told him, I have to run now! She thought in fear. Laurie turned to run, but an arm grabbed her around the waist, the other arm around her head with a hand clamped over her mouth. She struggled kicking and biting.

"Calm down, cherie. I'm not your guardian trying to keep you from a midnight meeting with your lover." Remy thought with a smirk, she is a wild one.

Laurie managed to get his hand away from her mouth. "I don't have a lover!" She said with a quiet venom. lady Raven told Laurie about the lies her guardian had told to keep any other suitors away. "If you aren't working for him then let me go." she said to the stranger still holding her immobile.

"You don't like your guardian?"

"No!" Laurie said in a fierce whisper

Remy grinned, this was even better than his original plan for tonight. All he had to do would be to convince the chit to come with him. Then send Magnus a ransom note- written by someone else, of course. It shouldn't be too difficult to persuade her. She was obviously intent on getting away from Magnus for tonight. "They'll catch you on foot, girl. if you come with me, you'll get away."

Laurie could hear them getting closer, she didn't trust this man, but she had to get away now. She whispered, "Just till we get away from here."

Remy took Laurie's hand and they made their way back to his horse. He got on first then pulled her up in front of him. As soon as Remy had her held securely he sent the horse into a gallop, leaning his body low over the horse, forcing Laurie tight against him.

She angrily said, "You're squashing me, you big oaf!"

"Have to stay low, with all these trees and people after us."

It wasn't truly uncomfortable, but being so close to a man was giving Laurie strange feelings. The speed they were traveling and the higher chance of escaping now was giving her a thrill of excitement. This was mixed with some fear, not knowing what her "rescuer's" intentions were. She wasn't entirely naive of what went on between men and women. She had overheard servants talk, and had once seen the stableboy and the milkmaid being intimate in the stable. She should have turned around immediately but had just continued to stare instead. They didn't notice her.

Lord Magnus had walked in on the scene. He had roared in rage and she had fled. Laurie didn't know what had happened to the servants immediately afterwards, but the stableboy, Cody Robins was turned out with no references the next day. The milkmaid, Tabitha Smith, stayed on another few weeks, then was sent on her way, with references.

That incident was what her guardian lied about to ruin her reputation. He claimed it had been Laurie with Cody, not the milkmaid. Laurie was furious about this , especially since it was a total lie. She thought about it more and feared what his goal might be. A fear she found out was justified. She had to flee tonight. She would not lose her virtue to such a man. She would give herself a man she chose when she chose to.

Shouts and galloping horses could be heard following them now that they had to be on the road.

"Stay low, cherie. They may start shooting when they realize we are going to get away." Remy had some compassion for the girl- what sane person wouldn't try to get away from a monster like Magnus. Especially such a nice handful like her. Remy grinned, this was no delicate flower here. She was feisty and had a shape, while not stylish by modern standards, it was his preference in womanly charms. Generous breasts and hips with a tiny waist and a nice rounded bottom. a bottom that was pressed against a particular part of his anatomy. He knew she had to feel his arousal. He wondered if she was as passionate as the rumors gave her out to be.

They cleared the trees and the end of the estate but Remy didn't stop, only cutting across the road and right back into the wooded area on the other side of the road.

"Just what are you doing? Do you think I escaped from my guardian just so I could be abducted by you?" Laurie said indignantly.

"Not safe to drop you off here. They'd find you in no time. I know somewhere you can hide until they think you've left the area." Remy sat back up in the saddle as he spoke to her. It hadn't been his original intention, but it sounded like an even better plan than before. Besides, she despised the man he loathed. He felt not only a touch of sympathy, but empathy as well. Maybe a bit of guilt as well. Maybe the girl was just trying snatch a little happiness in what had to be a nasty life.

Laurie gave him a suspicious look, but agreed with a nod. It wasn't so uncomfortable now that she wasn't squashed against him. Actually it was rather pleasant. She had never rode a horse this way before, and was quite relaxing, especially after she had shifted a bit from something pressing hard against her behind.

They rode onward through several more small patches of forest alongside the road, criss crossing a few streams, and at one point doubling back and going another direction. Finally Laurie saw lights in the distance. Lights that they steadily drew nearer.

Remy jumped down from the horse with Laurie in his arms. He grinned at her. "At your service mademoiselle." He set her feet gently on the ground and kissed her hand.

Laurie was surprised at the sensual feelings his lips on her bare hand gave. Soft and warm brushing against sensitive skin.

For the first time in her life she felt the pleasure of flirtation. She couldn't help but smile at the scoundrel. Words left her mouth with nary a thought. "Why sir, your charming manner surely has led many a lady astray."

"Perhaps you'd like to find out?"

Laurie blushed at this exchange. While she had certainly overheard comments much blunter than this, she had never been on the receiving end of such, much less been a full participant in it. But yet... somehow it seemed empowering. Perhaps she should learn these ways. After all Lady Raven had used this, and she was her own woman.

Remy was surprised at the young woman's blush, wasn't she experienced with men? Perhaps she wasn't as wild as rumors told. Perhaps she had only had the one lover, and he had been a fumbling boy, with no skills of seduction.

"Perhaps after a repast, kind sir." Laurie groaned inwardly at her stuttering attempt at repartee. This man was by carriage and manner an expert in the ways of love. He was likely laughing at her in his thoughts.

A short rough looking man came out of the main building and began to talk to her rescuer.

"Did you get the jewels?"

"No, but I rescued a damsel." Remy winked at Laurie.

Logan groaned. Another mouth to feed, and damsel was right, this was obviously a lady of quality. Likely on the run from a husband or some such. She would be of no use to them. Remy would insist on sheltering the runaway though. Probably arrange her safe passage somewhere as well. Boy was too softhearted for his own good.

"Suppose you got chased?"

"I threw them off after a couple of miles." Remy grinned cockily.

"Want us to check no one noses around here? We better, since she's quality. Someone's bound to want her back."

Remy nodded and and then turned to Laurie, "Mademoiselle perhaps you should stay the night, your trackers will likely be out of the area by morning."

Laurie thought. Lord Magnus would surely have everyone on the estate out searching, if she continued onward in the dark she certainly risked stumbling across them. She was wary, but so far this situation seemed far safer than what she had fled from.

"I will take you up on your offer, sir."

"Which one? Or perhaps both, cherie?"

Laurie felt a strange thrill, could she be so reckless? Could she chose this man for her first? It would mean very little to him, but perhaps that would be for the better? No strings, and she would no longer be a virgin, thus being as free as her tarnished beyond repair reputation was. She doubted this champion seducer would care that she was virginal, he would feel no obligation to marry her at the least. She would speak to him beforehand, make a deal with him. A night of lovemaking, in exchange for the horse she would borrow to reach her relatives in Scotland. The horse would be returned to him unharmed. It was a fair deal in her mind.

She looked at him coyly, "I shall think on that, sir."

Remy grinned, now that was more like the girl of rumor she was. Flirtatious, perhaps she was as passionate as well. We shall see.


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