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Written by Keri Wilson
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 1

Logan pulled up on his Harley at the Massachussetts Academy. He had hardly seen Jubilee since she started at this school, especially in the last year. The last time they had any kind of conversation was at Tara and Remy's wedding, and that was over a year ago. Now Jubilee was eighteen. Today was her birthday. He had heard she was planning to return to the X-men soon. He decided to get the jump on the other X-men in welcomming her back, and also help her celebrate her birthday, and entrance into adulthood.

Before he could get to the door it flew open and Jubilee came running out to him and shrieked, "Wolvie!" throwing herself into his arms. Logan laughed and hugged her. He then became aware of the changes in her body; she was a woman now, and pretty good looking too. Logan felt uncomfortable at his physical response to the closeness of Jubilee's body.

Jubilee grinned. She was right! He was really attracted to her! She thought she had sensed it Tara and Remy's wedding last year, but her weak telepathic power was still developing then, and she wasn't sure. She was now, her power, although only a beta level telepathy was nearly fully developed now.

She knew if she planned it right she could get what she wanted: Logan. She had picked up a few things from Emma, like: how to telepathically persuade a man, in that direction. Emma had nearly driven Sean to distraction more than once. Emma though hadn't succeded because Sean wasn't really attracted to her. He loved Moira. But if you used it on someone who was already attracted to you...

"So Jube, where you interested in going for your birthday?"

"Oh no place special, Harry's or something like that."

Logan took off on the Harley with Jubilee hanging onto him. After they'd been riding for about thirty minutes Jubilee asked to drive it for a while. Logan stopped the bike and they switched places.

It was great! Jubilee thought, it reminded her of all their adventuring when she was younger. That reminded her of her plans. I've got to get him drunk first and act fast. I know he can get drunk. If he's drunk he'll be easier to persuade, but I've got to do it quick before his healing factor kicks in.

Logan had been surprised in the changes in Jubilee, not just the phsyical, but in he personality too. She used to be constantly talking. Tonight he had heard only a few sentences. Logan wondered what caused the change. Maybe she was depressed about something. Well the party should cheer her up tomorrow.

After a few beers he really looked at Jubilee. She's almost a combination of the other women I've cared for. She looks a bit like Mariko, she's tough like Silver Fox, spontaneous like Yukio, still some awkwardness with her powers like Heather, she's afraid she won't measure up, I can tell. There's something about her that reminds me of Jean too. Then there's the part that's uniquely Jubilee: that smart mouth, and true joy of life, stronger than anyone else I've ever met, even the Cajun when he's with Rogue. Jubilee's really a beautiful woman now. Logan felt uncomfortable again. I know she's old enough now that a relationship with her would be possible, but I don't feel right about it. She's just eighteen, and how old are you, you old Canuklehead! I can feel my reactions to being around her, her scent is screaming her attraction to me. I can tell she's not naive. She's plenty aware of her feelings and what it means. He breathes in her scent deeper. She ain't no virgin neither. I don't know who she did it with, but he'd better used protection! She should have too! She ain't on any contraceptive. She should be! Logan shook his head, why am I even thinking about that, it's her own business now she's an adult...

Jubilee could tell her subtle telepathic prods were working, a few more drinks and she should be able to really drive him wild.

She thought about the first time she had done this to a guy. It was several months ago, right after Tara had her baby. Jubilee really want to see the baby, but she also wanted to try out this telepathic seduction on Everett.

Everett was just a bud to her, but he had a thing for her. She asked him if he'd drive her to Tara and Remy's house to see the baby. As Everett drove the car, and Jubilee gave him the directions, she also used body language and double entendres to entince him, while proding him telepathically on a subconcious level. It was probably even easier because of his synch power.

When they got to the house they visited with Tara and Remy as well as looking at the baby. Tara was too preoccupied by the baby to notice Jubilee's and Everett's interactions, but Remy smirked at Jubilee. He could tell what sort of game she was playing with Everett.

As soon as they left to go back home Jubilee really went for it, and it worked! When she suggusted they pulled off into the woods, Everett practically ran off the road right then and there! Jubilee was glad she brought the condoms along and knew how to put them on. Everett was nervous and fumbling around, and he went too fast. She had barely started to feel good when Everett came. Oh well, at least it gave her experience. It prepared her for what she and Logan were going to do tonight.

She had come on too strong for poor Everett. Everett had followed her around for the next two months, telling her how much her loved her and everything. It still made Jubilee feel gulity when she looked at Everett. She shouldn't have done it to him. Now Everett avoided her as much as possible. Jubilee felt horrible that she had ruined a good friendship just for the sake of experimentation. Logan was different.

She loved him, had fallen in love with him not long after she saved his life when she was 12 1/2 years old. She had to get Logan to see her as a woman now. She wanted to be with him, go wherever he went from now on. She felt the only way to make him do that would be to not only make love with him, but to get pregnant by him. She smiled, imagining adventuring with him and their kids, she'd like to have two eventually, a girl and a boy in that order, Jubilee daydreamed.Jubilee was glad Logan wanted to celebrate her birthday alone with her.

Tomorrow she would have a big party at the X-mansion, and that would also mark her official return to the X-men. Basically she was returning because of Logan. She wanted to be around him and go on adventures with him. And most importantly, have a real grown up relationship with him! That brought her back to her plans. They had finished eating now, and Jubilee said to Logan, "I want to go back to the mansion tonight, okay Wolvie?" In her best pleading tone.

"Okay darlin', whatever you want, it's your birthday."

Jubilee grinned broadly- her plan was working out perfect!

Jubilee begged to drive the Harley back to the mansion and Logan smiled indulgently said "okay darlin'". Jubilee noticed a slight slurring and knew she act fast before his healing factor kicked in. She'd have to stimulate him sexually, now. She used a trick that she had even seen Rogue use: swaying her hips just that little extra enough to excite a guy. Jubilee had nowhere near the hips Rogue had, but she knew her shape was womanly enough now to excite men, if she wanted to. While they rode the Harley back to the mansion she made sure her butt kept brushing against him. She could tell he was hard and grinned into the night. She felt like she wanted to let off some "fireworks" she was so excited.

When they got to the mansion she said she wanted to go out to the lake and watch the lightning bugs over the water. She ran in and got Logan a case of beer, carefully erecting the telepathic shield she had learned to do from Emma. No sense one of the telepathspicking up on her thoughts and ruining her plans! She hopped back on the bike and held tight to Logan with one arm and the case of beer with the other, while he drove the bike. They bumped over the ground to the lake.

When they got to the lake Logan left the light on the bike, so they could see better. Jubilee handed Logan a beer and picked up one herself. She figured may as well see why about everyone around here drinks thisstinky stuff- must taste a lot better than it smells! As soon as she took a swig she spit it out, "Yuck! This stuff's digusting!"

Logan laughed and took the can from her, drinking the rest in a few gulps."It's an acquired taste, darlin'. People drink it for what it does to them, not the taste."

"I'd take plain old water before that garbage!"

"Glad to hear it Jube, my body can take this, your's can't."

His body could, but temporarly, he was getting drunk again. She knew she'd really have to start doing it now. She strangely felt herself getting nervous, this hadn't happened when she'd done it to Everett.

Maybe it was Emma's warning- she knew what Jubilee had done with Everett. "You better be careful how you use that power, it might have consequences you didn't count on." Jubilee had waited until Emma had walked out of the room, then stuck her tongue out and did a rasberry.Emma knew it and said in Jubilee's mind, "Remember what I said!"

Jubilee pushed those thoughts away, and watched Logan drink another beer. He looked at her almost like he knew what she was doing, then in a flash his expression changed, and he grinned at her. "Sure you don't want one?" He said with a strong slurring of his words, as he picked up another beer.

"No!" Jubilee said emphatically. Then she bit her lip, she hoped she hadn't ruined her chance with Logan. But Logan laughed and looked at her appreciatively when she stood up and stretched her arms above her head. She knew that it made her breasts push forward. Logan looked at her breasts then he let his gaze drift down. Jubilee felt herself get excited. She made sure he felt that excitement telepathically. Then she sat back down and cuddled up to Logan making sure her breasts were against him. It made her sexual excitement flare too. She kissed him on the mouth and rubbed her breasts and hips against him. He almost growledthen stuck his tongue in her mouth while practically ripping her clothes off, thank godness her shirt closed with velcro and her pants could just be pulled down, Jubilee thought distractedly. She excitedly took his shirt off, then excitedly sroked her hands over his chest. He broke off the kiss and brought his mouth to one of her nipples. She unzipped his jeans and got them and his underwear off. Then she pushed him back to the ground and got on top of him, rubbing her pelvic area against his. Oh god, was he hard! He wanted to shove it in right now! Jubilee positioned herself and felt him ram up into her. Then all coherent thought ended for both- it was all sensation. They rolled on the grass wildly making love. Jubilee bit back her scream of orgasm and let herself convulse in pleasure as Logan orgasmed, making incoherent noises below her. Then she relaxed on top of him. soon they were both asleep.

Logan awoke first. When he saw a naked Jubilee asleep on top of him, and that he was naked too, he was horrified. He had let the animal take over again and had taken advantage of Jubilee. He couldn't stand to see her look at him in horror when she woke up. He couldn't face the other X-men right now either. He covered Jubilee with her clothes, and quickly dressed himself. Then he took off on his bike. This woke up Jubilee. She shouted after him, but he didn't even look back.

She hadn't expected this! She angerly popped a few small plasmoids into the air as she dressed. Then she walked back to the mansion. By the time she got thereshe was laughing to herself about what has face probably looked like when he woke up! He'll come around. He'll realize I'm an adult woman now and we can really have fun now.

She got to the door and remembered to blank those thoughts out of her mind, and walked back in.

Jean greeeted her with, "Happy birthday, and welcome back!" Then when she saw Wolverine wasn't there, "Where's Wolverine?"

Oh, he dropped me off, then took off." Jubilee lied.

Jean sighed, "Well that's Logan. Come on, your cake and presents are in the dinning room. We even managed to drag Tara and Remy away from their home for the day- with the baby in tow of course. Hard to believe, less than a year ago, Tara was trying so hard not to stay there. Since she had the baby though, neither Tara or Remy have said a word about rejoining the X-men. In fact, this is first time since the baby was born that they've been here!"

Jubilee had been surprised too, when she visited Tara and Remy at their house, that they seemed so "domestic". Tara especially. She was either cuddling the baby or stroking it's hair. Remy had held the baby an awful lot too. It was sort of weird seeing them that way. During the time she lived in the mansion with them, they were always going out, it seemed like. Especially Gambit. Then there he was holding a baby, and never looking happier. Could I get Logan to be that way with me? I don't know if I'd want to be that homebound though!

When Jubilee came in the dinning room everyone yelled "Happy bithday!" except the babies, of course. While she was opening her presents someone commented on Logan's absence. Jean repeated that Jubilee told her. Everyone except Remy seemed to take the story at face value.

At one point Remy came up to Jubilee and said in a low teasing voice, "You scare him away, petite?" then walked off.

Several times she noticed the professor looking at the five small children in the room with a thoughtful look. She wondered what he wasthinking about them. There was Matthias, Kurt and Amanda'a son. Then Ian, Moira and Sean's son. Then Scott and Jean's twins, John and Scotia.And of course Tara and Remy's daughter, Renee. I guess maybe it's hitting him that we're grown up and having kids of our own. Or maybe he'swondering if they wil have mutant powers. Or maybe he's wondering what sort of world these kids will live in when they're grown. I'm not about to try and look in his mind and find out. He might look in mine then. I definitely don't want that!

A couple of weeks later Jubilee missed her period. She smirked in the mirror, and giggled about Logan would think when he found out. I can just see the expression on his face when he finds out I'm pregnant!

A month later Professor Xavier telepathically called Jubilee to his office. Jubilee felt a bit nervous, because he didn't sound very happy.He must have sensed the baby. Wonder why he'd be mad?"

"Jubilation, I'm very dissapointed in you. You told me you wanted to come back and be a member of the X-men. That was not the complete truth, was it?"

"No." Jubilee's reply was unusually terse.

"What was your intention then?"

"I wanted to be with Logan, and by rejoining the X-men, I thought I could do that."

"Is that all that you intended?" His voice was tinged with anger.

Jubilee couldn't hold the secret inside herself any longer. She confessed what she had done.

"I suspected as much, but I hoped I would be proved wrong. You have truly disappointed me, Jubilation. Just what do you intend to tell Logan,now that you are going to have children?"

"Children?" Jubilee repeated, not quite sure what he meant.

"Yes, I sense two."

"Oh." Jubilee hadn't even thought about twins. She had only sensed one confusing thought form there, and just in the past couple of days. This reminded her again how much more a powerful telepath Professor Xavier was.

"Tell me, Jubilation, what do you think Logan's reaction is going to be?"

Jubilee seriously thought about this for the first time, and realized, "I don't know."

"What are your plans now?"

Jubilee felt that old panicky feeling rise up. What if Logan got mad? He might hate her from now on. She couldn't bear that. She knew she could have an abortion. Maybe if she did the professor wouldn't tell Wolvie what she had done. She did want to have these kids though, even though she was scared of Logan's reaction now. She liked kids, always wanted to have a couple. The fact that Logan was the father made the kids all the more special to her. Twins though, what if I have to raise them myself, could I manage it? I know I'll have the funds, but do I have the ability. Maybe I need someone to help me, at least till I know for sure. Out loud she said, "Professor can I go now?"

"Yes. When you've decided on your plans, please inform me."

The next few days were hell for Jubilee. Logan still hadn't returned, and everyone at the mansion looked at her with disappointment in their eyes.

Then she remembered how Remy had looked at her when she came into the birthday party alone. Maybe I could stay with them, at least for a while. She called the number.

"What is it, petite?" Remy answered, looking a little distracted.

"Uh, could I talk to Rogue first? It's sorta personal."

"Sure." Remy looked at her as if he was dying to ask her what it was she wanting to tell Tara, but went off to find her.

She came to the screen holding the baby, and asked, "What is it shugah?"

"I'm pregnant, Logan's the father, and everyone here is giving me all these, I'm disappointed in you looks. I can't stand it anymore. Can I stay at your place a while?" Jubilee blurted out.

"Sure shugah, I'm going to have another baby myself, found out five weeks ago, when I first woke up with mornin' sickness. But you've probablyalready heard the news from Bobby, when he called three weeks ago. Ah could barely get out of bed ah was so exhausted. Ah'm sure Bobby blabbed it to everyone. Ah'm feelin' fine now though. Ah feel wonderful, in fact. It's much better than the first time! Are you okay?"

"Yeah, no morning sickness or nothing. I bet Remy was watching you like a hawk when you had that morning sickness and were so tired."

"Oh this past month, even if I had the energy, I know he would have tried to do everything for me anyways! Isn't that right Remy?" Tara knew he had been standing in the doorway listening to the conversation, and she turned around and looked at him.

"Dat right, cherie, you were in no shape do nothin' till 'bout a week ago." Remy said, coming up to the screen. "Now you can't stop her none!"He says exasperated.

Tara laughed and gave him a suggestive look and said, "There's some things shugah, that yah wouldn't want me tah stop!" Then she said, "Jubilee wants tah stay here a while, she's goin' tah have a baby-"

"Babies." Jubilee broke in.

"How many?" Rogue asked surprised.

"Two. That's how many the professor sensed."

Remy said, "You want t' stay here, petite, sure, long as you want, we got plenty of room."

"When can we expect yah?" Rogue asked

"Could I come tomorrow?"

"Sure, we do have a couple of the third floor bedrooms fixed up, besides our own. Yah could pick the one yah want."

"Okay. I'll throw my junk into the car and head up in the afternoon."

Tara, not being able to resist doing a little teasing said, "What not first thing in the mornin'?"

"Yeah, right, sure." Jubilee says back smirking.

As she walked back to the professor's office she realized how right old Emma had been, about those consequences. Not all bad ones though, lots of surprising ones, definitely, with more to come, she was sure!


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