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Taking Prisoners - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by K-Nice
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

When three members of the Sisterhood wish to break out of the Agee Center for the Criminally Insane, they call on the services of a thief. The Bridge Arc

Chapter 1 The early morning gloom left a cold feeling in Remy's spine...

Chapter 2 Raven walked calmly down the blank hallways, her hands at her sides like a good little prisoner...

Chapter 3 Sentinels. Eight of them, just standing there and constantly spouting their digitized rhetoric...

Chapter 4 Mystique pulled the military truck up to rear of the station...

Chapter 5 From Nevada to Oregon to Washington, they avoided the interstate and hugged minor highways...

Chapter 6 Rogue woke up, her eyes snapping open...


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