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Futures Remembered - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Leigh
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 2

Rogue landed at the base of the tree, their tree, the tree under which they held all those picnics. Well, tried to, at least.

Remy leaned against his motorcycle, staring into the dark. She silently approached him. His back tensed. She stopped just behind him and opened her mouth to speak, but no word would be formed.

Storm made this seem so easy. “Talk to him.” But we never seem to be able to talk – just do damage control. Rogue though to herself.

But isn’t that what you doing now? Another voice scornfully intoned in her mind.

No! I’m going to be honest with Remy, tell him what is bugging me, try and figure this out with him. If I could talk to Logan, I can talk to Remy… Why can’t I talk to Remy?

Because you’re afraid you’ll lose him again. That he’ll realise what a freak you are, and leave you for a real woman. Rogue gulped and tried to push the voice deeper into the background noise that was always present in her mind.

She opened her mouth to speak.

“ How did you know dat Remy was ’ere, chere?” Remy quietly asked, cutting her off before she could figure out what the say.

“I…I didn’t, exactly” Rogue tentatively answered. “I looked on the roof, down by the lake, your usual places, but you weren’t there, so I took a chance…”

Remy nodded and continued to stare ahead. His gloved hands rested unmoving on smooth metal of the moor cycle beneath him. He had spoken first, given her an opening, now it was up to her.

He felt her lift her hand and reach out to him. It stopped just short of his left shoulder. Slowly it travelled up to the base of his neck, but never touching. A small shiver ran down his. With his spatial awareness the slight movement had be almost like a caress

Her hand hovered just centimetres from the soft waves of his auburn hair. She wished she could reach forward and run her fingers through its thick mass. Something in her mind told her it was as silky as it looked – her memory, Belle’s memory…his…. She dropped her hand quickly, almost hitting him on the path down. Remy sighed. His shoulders slumped slightly. The spell had been broken.

Rogue stepped back and drew her thumb up to he mouth as if to chew on the nail, the ghost of a habit she had had before the gloves. She shifted her weight onto her left leg, her eyes falling to the ground.

“I’m sorry,” she softly murmured.

Why do I feel like I’m ALWAYS saying that?

Because you always are. The answer came back.

Gambit sat still, waiting.

Rogue took a deep breath, “I’m sorry I was such a bitch earlier. You didn’t deserve it”

“Remy just wanted to spend de night with de woman he loved, mon coeur”

“I know” Rogue replied guiltily, the thumb returning to her mouth.

“Do you want to maybe tell me what’s going on?” Remy’s voice had softened.

Rogue moved forward and perched on the seat, her back to his. Her head rolled back slightly until it came to rest on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and inhaled. He smelt of spices and a faint lingering of cigarette smoke.

Magnolias. She smelt of magnolias. The warmth that radiate off of her crept through his trench coat, through the tight black tank top he had on underneath, through his skin and into his soul. He longed to turn and enfold her in his arm, but didn’t dare. She would bolt if he did that, move out of his reach, both in body and soul.

“It’s about your past.”

Remy shot to his feet and took angry strides away from the Harley. He abruptly turned back, coat snapping around his legs.

“Merde. I t’ought dat we’d been through dis. Dat we where finally passed it. You know Gambit dirty secret Rogue. “ He paused and quietly continued, “Gambit don’t like to talk about da past, chere”

Rogue turned so that she was facing him, but couldn’t lift her head to meet his eyes.

“I know, Remy. I’m not trying to pry.” The words started to tumble from her mouth. “It’s just the memories, your memories, they’ve been haunting me of late, all the time, and I don’t know if I can handle them. I don’t want to interrogate you.” A rueful chuckle escaped her lips, “God knows I’ve done that enough already. I just want to talk. I need to talk. I need someone to listen. I need that person to be you.” Rogue froze. My god, I didn’t just say that. If Momma were here…” I mean…I …ah…”

His moved back to stand in front of her.

“Remy’ll listen chere. If you need me to, Remy’ll listen”.

Remy placed a gloved hand beneath her chin and forced her eyes up to meet his. He gasped, shocked, his face drained of blood.



- Remy's spatial awareness does not belong to me or Marvel. In fact it belongs to the Fanfiction Goddess Valerie Jones. It first appeared in her fanfic series "The Betrayal Arc" many years ago, and has since become staple in Remy fanfiction. This series and her other fanfiction can be found at I do recommend reading her series, they are classics.


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