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Written by Loup Garou
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 2

Remy spent the next two hours making up a room for him. It was Jubilee's old room, so it needed a lot of repairs. "How had he decorated it before?" muttered Remy to himself after he had cleared all of Jubilee's pictures of guys off the walls. "Oh yeah, human skulls. Now, where am I goin' t' get dat? Not much I'm goin' t' do 'bout dat. Mebbe Stormy could paint some on."

Satisfied that he had done as much as he could for the room he left it and started down the hallway when he bumped into Logan. "Sorry mon ami.... Logan.... can I talk t' you f' second?"

"Sure bub, make it quick though." said Logan as he kept on going down the stairs. Remy followed after him.

"Will you be a food supply?" asked Remy. Logan stopped in his tracks.


"A food supply." repeated Remy.

"What's that supposed to mean?" growled Logan. Remy could see the answer in his eyes. It was clearly a no.

"I mean, will you go get groceries." asked Remy.

Logan's features softened, "Sure bub, I'm going out anyways. What d' ya want?"

"Get a lot of juice an' water stuff dat has nutrients. I t'ink dat I'll be needing dem soon." said Remy with a forced smile. He turned on his heel and left Logan standing there puzzled. With a shrug, Logan left.

Remy went to the den and with a quick look around he rushed over to the telephone. "Kitty please." He waited a moment.

"Kitty Pryde here."

"Kitty, it's Remy."

"Long time no see. But you wouldn't be calling me if you didn't want something. What do you want Remy?"

"I need y' to ward de whole house." winced Remy.

"You want me to WHAT???"

"Ward de whole house."

"Do you realize how long that will take, not to mention energy!"

"Oui, I realize dis. But you owe me! An' if it's better f' you, just everyone's bedrooms."

Kitty sighed, "Yes, I do owe you. Fine. I'll be there in two days."

"Non, dat's not good enough. I need ya 'ere today."

"You're pushing it Remy." warned Kitty.

"Kitty, you know I wouldn't be asking dis if it wasn't important."

"So what's so big that you have to call on the Maiden of Witches for?"

"I 'ave family coming." he said with a grimace.

"So? Oh no, the dreaded family is coming!!??!! Relatives.. in-laws.. oh the horror!" laughed Kitty.

Remy kept in suppressed rage, "You gonna do it?"

"Yeah, I'll be there in an hour. Tell Bishop to back off and expect me this time... please."

"Yeah, I'll be doin' dat."

"Bye then."


Remy, satisfied that they would be sleeping safely at night, he went to the war room, where Bishop was keeping watch.

"Eh pup, just t' tell ya, Kitty Pryde be comin' t' day from Excalibur."

"Thanks Gambit." he said absent mindedly. Remy went over and wrote it on a little sheet of paper just to make sure that he wouldn't forget. He stuck it on Bishop's forehead.

"You need not do that. I heard you."

Gambit smiled as he left the room. The next the on his agenda was crosses for everyone. After rummaging through boxes of Hank's scrap materials, he found popsicle sticks sharpened like toothpicks. Taking ones of all different sizes he made enough crosses for everyone. He hadn't realized that he had spent the whole night in the basement!

"Damn!" Remy cursed. He just hoped that Kitty had come and did as he had asked.

He ran upstairs and looked at the clock. It was 6:30 a.m. and Scott had let them sleep in today. With a big grin, he went to the war room, where Bishop was still keeping watch and flipped the switched that said, 'Do not turn on unless there is an emergency.' Bishop regarded him with an eyebrow lifted and gave an evil smile. Remy sat down at the table and waited for everyone to come pilling in. It would only take a couple of minutes.

Scott was the first one in the room and he was dressed in full battle gear. "What's going on?" he demanded.

"Just take a seat Scott. I'll explain everything!" said Remy quickly. As the seconds trickled by, everyone poured into the war room. Xavier was the last one in the room.

"What is this for Gambit?" asked Xavier curiously. Gambit was not the early riser. "You know that button is strictly for emergencies."

"That's it, I'm going back to bed." mumbled Bobby.

"Sit down!" Remy bit out. He gave himself a sigh. "I'm goin' t' prepare f' what's comin'. Everyone take one and pass it along."

"Crosses? What do we need these for? You pulled us out of our beds on our day off to give us crosses made out of my old popsicle sticks!" said Hank aghast because he had been working too hard lately.

"Oui, dat's what I did." snapped Remy. He pressed a button that made a holographic projection of Delos in the middle of the table. "Dis is Delos. He may not look much, but be stronger dan Rogue. Not t' mention dat, he has de same agility as me, mebbe more, but I doubt dat. Telepathy, telekinetic..." he gulped. "And... necromancy."

Scott paled slightly.

"What's that?" asked Bobby.

"It means that he can talk with the dead." said Betsy fascinated.

"Not only dat, he can torture de dead, make dem give information an' dat makes all de dead fear 'im." said Remy grimly. "His telepathy is as strong as mine."

Jean's head shot up, "You have telepathy?"

"Oui." he said quietly. "How d' you t'ink I can escape your detection on de psychic plane?"

"So, you woke us up on our day off to tell us of this guy's powers!" said Bobby slowly becoming mad.

"Non! I brought y'people down 'ere so dat I could tell you 'bout my cousin, de Son of Satan!!!" screamed Remy, his face was going red and beads of sweat were coming down from his forehead.

"That's not a nice thing to say about your cousin." said Jean scolding.

Remy looked at her with amazement, "You really don' understand, d'you?"

"If you would be more clear Remy... you could get to the point so that we can all go back to bed." growled Scott.

"Dat was de point! I'm not kidding! Delos is de son of de one an' only, Angelus... otherwise known as Satan." shouted Remy.

"Yeah right and Ororo is the Easter Bunny." frowned Bobby. "That's it. I'm going to bed!"

"Fine! Don' believe me. But, I'll prove it. Everyone be here when he comes t' day. An' take a cross!" he screamed as he stomped out of the room. Ororo grabbed a cross, looked at everyone and then followed Remy out of the room.

"Someone's having a bad morning." remarked Logan as he got out of his chair to go back to bed.

"You know, I've never known Remy to bash a family member." yawned Bobby as he left the room to go back to his bed.

Remy was pleased to see that everyone had taken a cross, when they all came to greet the new student later on that afternoon.

"Where is your cousin Remy. I thought that he was already here." said Scott puzzled.

"I have t' get him an' dat won' take long." muttered Remy. He stretched out his hand and a ball of fire erupted in the air. From the fire came a black door. A hand reached through the door. Remy walked into the fire and grabbed the hand and pulled him through. They both walked from the fire unharmed. The figure was a tall man in his early 20s, he looked like Remy in figure, but he had jet black hair and piercing blue eyes.

"Delos, it's been a long time." said Remy.

"Too long cousin." smiled Delos giving him a cold hug.

"Dese are de X-men: Scott, Jean, Ororo, Logan, Bobby, Hank, Warren, Betsy, Jubilee, Bishop, Joseph, Rogue and dis is de head of de school, Professor Charles Xavier." said Remy curtly, motioning to each of them.

"Pleased to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay here." smiled Xavier.

"I'm sure I will." smiled Delos looking at all the people. Remy couldn't help but notice that Delos was looking at their necks.

"Non!" shouted Remy startling everyone, but Delos. "You not be doin' dat 'ere."

"Then how am I going to survive cousin?" grinned Delos.

Remy looked at him for a moment. He could feel all the X-men's gazes on him. "Me. Every night, before I go t' bed. Dat's de deal, or you go home t' oncle Angelus."

"Agreed." smiled Delos. "I have to wonder why you are going to let me feed off of you. You hate being bit."

"Excuse me?" asked Scott.

"Delos, go t' your room." said Remy tiredly.

"I can't. I'm hungry." said Delos stubborn.

"Excuse me!" yelled Scott.

"Fine! Go ahead. But den, you don' get any t'night!" warned Remy.

"Yeah, yeah." grinned Delos. Like a streak of lightning, Delos was on Remy and they had tumbled to the floor.

"What the...." shouted Logan. He saw Delos' teeth sink into Remy. On instinct, he began to advance towards them.

"Non, Logan. Laisse-le." gritted out Remy. Logan stopped in his tracks.

A couple minutes later, Delos was off him and smiling. "Thanks coz... you could do well with a blood meal now and again." Before Remy could say anything, Delos was bounding up the stairs.

Remy dragged himself off the floor and passed by Scott on his way to the kitchen, "I told y' so." Scott's jaw was clenched, but Remy left to go drink a lot of water.

Remy found Delos in his room later on that night.

"Delos, I have t' talk to you." said Remy.

"Me too coz." said Delos putting down a book that he was reading on his nightstand beside his bed.

"You can' bite de people here." said Remy flatly.

"Oh? Why not?" asked Delos amused.

" 'Cause dey are my friends an' you have me." said Remy simply.

"It true that your blood is richer than any humans and more sustaining." conceded Delos. He thought about that for a moment. "Alright. But if circumstances get in the way and I can't feed on you, then this agreement is put on hold."

"Dey don' know 'bout me." said Remy twiddling his fingers.

"You haven't told them?" said Delos bemused, more as a rhetorical question.

"Non, I haven't. I told dem some of it dis morning before dey came."

"Yeah, I know. They were all wearing crosses." he said with a snort.

"Scott will help you wit' whatever you need help wit' an' so will I. Why d' Angelus send you here?" asked Remy.

"Now, that is why I'm here." grinned Delos. "Angelus thinks that you are going to be hitting the period of power. It's where someone in the family gets such a power boost that if they are not prepared, then they could go insane. To have an insane demon and vampire on the loose would not do well for him or this little

planet, so I'm here to look after you!"

"Quoi? Why haven't I heard of dis?" asked Remy.

"Oh come on! People are already challenging you for it! I know that three beings have already tried. You are like... a source of power for everyone to see!" said Delos getting up off the bed. "It's all around you."

"Merde. Mebbe I should just let someone win it den, eh?" smirked Remy.

"Oh don't be a putz!" shouted Delos. "Angelus doesn't want you to have this power. Why do you think he sent someone to challenge? But also, he wants me to learn more about humans from you and he wants me to be able to control you. It's all rigged and there's not a damn thing you or I can do about it!"

"What's oncle Angelus up to now?" sighed Remy. He didn't need this.

"I don't know. When I left, he was talking to some other dimension, I think it was Lord Tzimisce's dimension. I can't be sure."

Remy groaned, "Okay, t'anks Delos. Get some sleep. We got a long day tomorrow."

"Hey! But it's night time!" protested Delos.

"You wan' t' be here, you gotta follow de rules." smiled Remy.

"Okay, okay." grumbled Delos. "You may be older than me, but that's not reason to boss me around."

"I'm not bossing you around!" laughed Remy as he exited the room and shut the door. Going down the hallway, he headed for his own bedroom. He had turned off his kinesthetic sense until he built up more blood. So, when the people ambushed him, he was unprepared.

"Man he went down easily." remarked Bobby.

"Almost too easy." frowned Scott.

"Get off o'me!" yelled Remy in frustration.

"It's for your own good pup." Bishop mimicked in Remy's tone of voice.

"What do y' want?" asked Remy as they picked him off the floor.

"We want answers and the whole team is going to drill you!" smirked Hank. All of them taking a limb, they carried him down into the Danger Room where all the other X-men waited for the scout team to bring in


Remy saw stern faces, grins and smiles from the team, as they strapped him down in a chair in the middle of the room.

"We got him now!" said Jubilee and Bobby, grinning at the same time.

"You know," started Remy tiredly. "I t'ink you're all insane."

Everyone looked at him. "You think we're insane? You think we're insane!!!" shouted Bobby incredulously. "Your cousin bit you and you let it happen and you think we're insane?!?"

"Yup. He's definitely ready for the funny farm!" laughed Jubilee referring to Bobby.

Scott stepped to the front, "What did he do to you?"

"Why you be taking all dese security measures Scott?"

"Where does he really come from?"

"Why you being such an asshole?" retorted Remy.

"Why haven't you told us about your powers?"

"I t'ink I can answer my question f' you!"

"Where do you come from?"

"Because you don' know anyt'ing an' dat scares you!"

Scott punched Remy in the stomach. "Answer our questions!" he demanded angrily, his temper getting the best of him.

"Oooh, now you got me mad...." whispered Remy loud enough for everyone to hear. In the chair, he changed. Not much mind you, but subtly. His face grew paler and his hair more vibrant, his eyes glowed a more violent shade of red and his jaw was clenched.

"Scott!" shouted Ororo frantically. "Get away from him! Now!" Scott didn't heed Ororo's warnings. He could only stare into the mesmerizing eyes of Remy. Remy broke free of the restraints in the chair and stood up.

"T' hell wit' all o' you. I warned you. I warned y' all." whispered Remy. "Now you pay de price of your ignorance. You have de devil's own son in our home, a vampire on de loose in de mansion. Your problem, you

deal wit' it. Don' come t' me wit' your whining problems now, human."

Scott just stood there and looked at him. Because of Remy's charm powers, he was hanging onto every word. It was Ororo that shook Scott out of his trance. With Scott out of that state, everyone else followed. Again, they were all looking at this mysterious person, they once called a rat, a traitor or a pathetic excuse for a thief. This

time, they were seeing the real side of him. The pissed off side.

"Delos, come here." demanded Remy telepathically. He said it out loud as well.

"Yeah coz?" grinned Delos appearing out of nowhere behind the group.

"Show our Fearless Leader what 'appens when he don' listen to his betters." growled Remy.

"Remy, NO!!!" screamed Ororo frantically.

"No problem coz." smiled Delos, striding up to Scott.

Jean tried to run towards Scott but was met by interference by Ororo.

"Do not my friend, if you yourself want to be in the same position."

Delos dragged himself and Scott through a portal that Remy had erected.

"Give him a taste Delos. Enough t' scare him, but not enough t' kill him."

Delos didn't answer, because they were both through the portal. Then the portal disappeared.

"Where did he take him!!!" screamed Jean, tears running down her face.

Remy sat down in the chair and waited. Jean came rushing up to him as Ororo's grip slipped.

"Don' worry petite, he'll be back shortly." murmured Remy. Everyone else in the room just stood there. What else could they do until Delos brought Scott back? Remy had no inclination to do anything about it. In fact, it looked almost as if he had instigated it all.

Two minutes passed and Scott and Delos arrived back in the Danger Room.

"Well Scott?" asked Remy softly.

Scott just looked at him blankly, "Everyone to the War Room... now."

Remy was taken aback.

Everyone started to walk over to the War Room. Delos and Remy strayed behind as they walked with everyone else.

"What 'appened in dere?" asked Remy curiously. "I must admit, my anger got de best o' me."

"Scott will explain it all cousin." said Delos grimly. Remy's curiosity got stronger.

As they entered the War Room, Remy had turned back to normal. They all sat down. Scott attached Cerebro to his brain to pick out the mental images to display them on the monitor.

"This is what I saw." said Scott grimly. A picture of the worst devastation anyone had ever seen has appeared in the air.

"Oh my God." breathed Jean.

Delos smiled and sighed, "Ahh, home sweet home. There's no place like it."

Everyone turned and looked at Delos. "Hey? What are you looking at?" asked Delos innocently. Everyone just stared.

"While we were here, Delos and I heard a conversation. It was a conversation that concerns us." said Scott grimly. "It seems that he is planning to make Hell on Earth. But he has help and therefore has more than a chance of succeeding."

"Remy," said Delos grimly. "Dad has talked to Lord Tzimisce. They have an alliance now.... Remy?" His face went pure white and before he knew it, the world was spinning and then going black.

Remy woke up on the floor in the War Room. "Hostile, hostile, hostile." chanted Remy as he slowly made his way to consciousness. By the looks of it, he hadn't been out for very long, because everyone was standing

around the top of him. It was a rare occurrence when Remy fainted.

"Coz, you okay?" demanded Delos, his wrist dripping with blood. Then Remy realized that his face was covered with it as well and his mouth tastes of it.

"Yeah. I be fine now." muttered Remy as he got off the floor.

Scott just stood and looked at them. He knew everything, because of a telepathic discourse in Hell. But, it didn't apply to everyone in the room.

"Remy! Do you realize what he just did to you?!" shouted Bobby in shock.

"Yeah. He saved my life, Bobby. He gave me blood, 'cause I accidentally used my powers. I woulda died otherwise." retorted Remy now standing and taking a seat at the table. Bobby had more to say... but he had no desire to visit Hell.

Everyone proceeded to take their seats.

"Now what do you know of Lord Tzimisce, Delos?" asked Scott.

"I know that he is the head of the vampire clan, Tzimisce. They feel that they are superior to all humans and of course they are. Most importantly, they are considered the most cruel and vicious. They have a variety of abilities because of deliberate breeding between clans. That's the most I can tell you. Remy was the one who was fostered there." said Delos with an amused smile. Everyone's head turned to Remy... once again.

"I be goin' t'bed now." muttered Remy.


"I be goni' t'bed now!" said Remy a little more forcefully.


"I'M GOIN' T'BLOODY BED!!!" screamed Remy at the top of his lungs. Then he left the room to go get some sleep.

Remy fell down on his bed and hit the pillows.

His repose was short lived. "Wha..." mumbled Remy as something woke him up unexpectedly. He looked over at his alarm clock; it was 4:30 a.m. They couldn't be having a training session now!?! But then, with Scott, you never knew. Sitting up in bed, he took a look at his surroundings. His bed, dressers, clock, and clothes were still there, but something was different. Was it the way the furniture was placed? Even though he was still groggy, the answer came to him easily; it was a shift in the air, almost as if something else were occupying it.

"Come out Mikhail." whispered Remy.

A man appeared. "Mikhail, why you be doin' dis?" asked Remy.

The man didn't respond. "Leave my planet alone." demanded Remy.

Still the man didn't answer.

"Mikhail, what's de matter?" asked Remy softly.

The man took out a piece of paper and began to write: "Lord Tzimisce has bonded me and I cannot speak about certain things. Beware, the period of power had tripled, whoever receives it will be quite powerful. A domineering force in the universe."

"Damn. Why me?" moaned Remy flopping back onto his pillow. He looked up and he was no longer in the room. He quickly got out of bed and rushed down the steps. Looking around frantically, he didn't see Mikhail anywhere.

"Come out y'damn bastard an' talk!" yelled Remy. "I'm not letting you out o'dis house, until y'talk t'me!" Running into the kitchen, his temper coming to a head.

Mikhail appeared. He took a piece of paper and wrote: What do you want?

"I wan' t'know why you came 'ere t'tell me this an' den y' just leave!" said Remy, his arms crossing over his chest.

//(sigh) I needed to give you SOME warning about what was going to happen.\\

"So you say, I'm hitting a period of power; quite a large period of power. So?"

//You have to draw upon your powers here on in, or else when it does hit, you will become insane.\\

"You mean, that if I don't start doing.... dat... again. I'll go insane when dis hits?"


"Oh God, de shit 'as hit de propeller." mumbled Remy as he dredged himself back up to his room to go back to sleep.


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