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Written by Loup Garou
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 3

Later on that morning, Remy woke up. It was already past ten and he hd missed the practice sessions... again. But, that was a good thing. This way, he could practice on his own, without anyone interfering.

He wasn't changed into any uniform, when he entered the Danger Room. The street clothes he was wearing made him look sorely out of place.

"Computer, follow my instructions carefully. I need an opponent wit' blood in de right corner as a witness. I also need a sword. De sword, needs t'be double bladed, black handled, an' light weight. I need an oponent with a sword exactly like mine t'fight. Comply." said Remy.

"What type of opponent?" asked the computer.

Gambit swallowed carefully. "Lord Tzimisce. Gambit protocol, alpha/omega blue. Comply."

The Danger Room changed to the specific alterations that he had asked for.

"K, " mumbled Remy. He picked up his sword and held it clumsily in his hands. Carefully, he tried out the sword, testing it's balance. Without thinking twice to see if anyone was around, he changed, again.

The changing was more of a visible one this time. His body went chalky white; as if he were a corpse. Yet, his angry red eyes proved otherwise. He picked up the sword and a bolt of energy went down his arm and onto the sword and on the sword it stayed.

"Lord Tzimisce," Gambit bellowed at the top of his lungs facing the image of his foe. "I call y' out, as de blood brother o' your family for de title o' Lord."

"Fight and die." responded the image. He was holding his sword; it was in the same condition as his own.

With a swipe of the sword, they met and after ten minutes, the battle was over. Remy had lost.

"Computer end program," said Remy hoarsely. "Damn, DAMN,DAMN!!!"

He picked himself off the floor in pain.

His head swung around to the sound clapping.

"Good job cousin... but not good enough." Delos' smile went to a frown.

"Don't y' t'ink day I know dat." grumbled Remy getting off the floor.

"You have a weak right side." remarked Delos casually.

"I know. De last practice session, I was hit wit' a laser an' I didn't wan' t'go see Hank." said Remy groaning.

"You get into my med-lab right now Gambit!" came a voice over the intercom. Remy's head whirled upward to the observation room. There stood Scott and Logan peering down obviously impressed. And there was

Hank, his normal blue, hairy self, and peeved as hell.

His appearance changed back to his normal self in his startlement.

"No!" said Delos sharply. "Get back into that state!"

Gambit looked at him warily.

"Now Remy! I order you to go back into that state!" snarled Delos.

A dangerous glint arose in Remy's eyes. Everyone saw it. Yet, Delos paid no heed. Gambit changed back and collapsed onto his knees.

"Why you be doin' dis Delos?" asked Remy shaking head, getting his


"We saw the tapes of you and Mikhail in the kitchen." said Delos simply. "Both you and I both know what will happen if this thing happens if you are not in this state. It is my job to make sure you get through this and I'm damn well going to do this."

Remy grinned an evil grin, "Lord Tzimisce... attack Delos."

A grin spread across Delos' face. "Fun." he remarked. Their fight went on longer than Remy's. It had gone on for a half an hour. Delos had lost.

"Dat was good." Remy admitted.

"Yeah. And it was a good workout too." smiled Delos contentedly.

Hank came storming into the Danger Room. He picked up Remy, threw him over his shoulder and carried him off to the med-lab. Remy just sighed as Hank plowed his way through a the crowd that was snooping at the

Danger Room doors.

"Delos. That was some fancy fighting back there." remarked Scott. Delos, Jean, Logan, Xavier and Scott were all seated around the coffee table in Xavier's study.

"Thank you. We are trained from birth in Hell." smiled Delos. He loved how everyone in the room flinched when he talked about his home and especially the word, Hell.

"What does being a blood brother mean?" asked Jean. "Maybe then we can understand where Remy is coming from."

Delos looked away in thought and then turned back to everyone. "Well, it's kinda hard to explain, so I'll recount my time of being a ward. My foster family actually lived here on Earth. I needed food, so that was logical. I am not allowed to give out his name, let me tell you that now. When you live with another vampire or something of the sorts, they leave a scent. That scent will always be there, no matter how long, unless you kill the creature of whose sent it is. That makes us very territorial and some vamps can't foster or be around any others,

let alone foster a childe. It's that scent that would drive them insane to find the people that had 'taken over' it's territory. When you have a scent in a place, that means that you can challenge for the right of making it your territory. Anyone else who lives there would be under the mercy of the winner. What Remy was practicing in the Danger Room was our method of challenging otherwise known as 'The Sabbat'."

"You mean, that if he wins over this territory then, Lord Tzimisce would have to step down and all the people under him would have to follow Remy?" asked Logan.

"Exactly." nodded Delos.

"What about the part where you said that he couldn't change. Would it really make him insane?" asked Xavier.

"Yes. I'm positive it would. In fact, right about now. He needs to eat; no not food -- blood. If he is going to stay in the state he is in, then he needs to eat." said Delos looking intently at Logan.

"How come you can order him around?" asked Scott bemused.

"I am of a higher ranking than him. Therefore, he is subject to my orders when I impose them. I am the Son of Angelus, the Son of Satan. He is my cousin. My only cousin. I do not like imposing my will on him. We are very near the same age and he has been my only friend." said Delos, still staring at Logan.

"Fine, fine!" growled Logan. "I'll go feed him. Be right back."

"Works every time." said Delos giving Xavier a smile. It made a chill run down Jean's back. "So, that's one way of preventing all this. Having Remy go and fight his foster father."

"What would be some of the other ways?" asked Xavier.

"Hmmmmmm, he could challenge Angelus." mused Delos.

"Could he do that?" asked Jean.

"Not now."

"Then why'd you suggest it?" asked Scott.

"You people asked for other ways. I'm giving you the options." said Delos keeping his cool.

"You know, Delos, you are looking a little pasty. Well, a different color than what you usually are." amended Jean.

"I'm hungry." Delos said shortly. "And I won't feed until I absolutely have to, because of a promise I gave Remy. Now, back onto topic. You could wait until he hits his period of power and then go after one or the other. Even yet, he could perhaps just take over it all."

"What exactly is this period of power?" asked Scott curiously.

"Remy is not a normal human, you must realize this now. He may be one physically, emotionally, but really, he's not. He has a demon born within him. One that he controls. It gives him the powers of our clan. Now, this period of power can hit anyone with a demon within them. Therefore, that includes my family and any other vampire, or beings that use magic. The power that the demon or the magical beings have, can be doubled with a period of power. From what his 'friend' told him, it's going to go beyond that. It goes to a worthy individual

and it keeps the balance of power in the Universe." said Delos becoming weak. He started to use the reserve energy he had to keep going as he leaned on the table. "Excuse me, but I think that I need to sit down."

"Are you okay?" asked Jean again. "If it's blood you need...."

"Would you?" he asked with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

"Yes, I would." said Jean firmly, ignoring the look from Scott, holding out her wrist.

"Thank you." he said gently, taking her wrist. He brought it close to his mouth, feeling the blood pounding through her veins. Taking a bite, he began to drink deeply. There were three pathways he could go into

her mind with. Some vampires got a kick out of the pain they could inflict by going the difficult pathway. While the middle path, he had never explored. He had asked other vamps that had, but he'd never been

given an answer. But most like to use the more easier pathway, the one of ecstasy. Slowly, he climbed easily up the pathway and everyone in the room could see an unusual shift in her mood. A wave of pleasure swept through her and a moan escaped her lips. He slowly bit his tongue to allow it to bleed. He smeared the blood on the wound and it healed it. Jean was coming out slowly from her ecstasy as he wiped his mouth clean.

"Thanks." he said gently. "I don't know very many people that would of risked that."

"The pleasure was ALL mine... literally!!!" gasped Jean quickly getting a hold of herself.

"What was all that about?" demanded Scott.

"It was either extreme pleasure, or extreme pain. If it had been you, what would of you picked?" asked Delos dryly.

Scott didn't say anything. He just sat quietly.

"So we all have to encourage Remy to keep and control and claim his power that is to be granted to him." ended Delos calmly, now more healthy looking.

"What can we do to help?" asked Xavier.

"We have to keep him in that state for as long as we can. Also, keep him practicing fighting. He is going to need all the help he can get." said Delos.

"Alright," said Xavier. "Until we know exactly what were facing, I say we adjourn."

Everyone nodded and left the room.

"Remy..." whispered Logan softly looking into Hanks lab. "Where are you Remy... come out, come out where ever you are..."

Logan proceeded to enter the lab and take a look around. Remy lay on the table underneath some Sh'iar doohickey.

"There.. NOW you can get up Remy." sighed Hank with a grumble. "You know, it wouldn't of taken this long had you came to me when you were first hit."

"Oui, je sais... but den I'd miss de look on y' face!" grinned Remy.

"Remy," said Logan coming up to him. "Delos asked me t' feed y'."

"Will y'?" he asked softly looking down.

"Yes, I will... but answer me one question." said Logan taking a seat beside him. Remy pulled himself up to a seating position.


"When you had asked me about being a food supply before, you meant t' feed Delos. Right?" asked Logan.

Remy gave a sigh, "Oui. I told everyone dat he was comin' an' no one believed me. He can't live here an' not drink like me."

"That's all I wanted to know, bub." Logan leaned himself into Remy.

How was Remy going to do this??? This was his friend!!

"Logan, are y' sure?" stammered Remy, his fangs itched with the powerful smell of Logan's blood.

"Yeah bub." sighed Logan.

"Dis won't hurt a bit." he promised softly. His canines sharpened to a point as he brought his face close to his neck. Quickly, he bit.

"Oh my God." said Logan gasping for breath. He his grew ragged and Remy could sense the savage beast within him. He had to be careful. Pushing on Logan's every nerve could drive him insane. Insane with pleasure, but insane nonetheless. Carefully he drew away.

"Y' okay Logan?" asked Remy.

"Yeah." he smiled. "Shit!! Who needs Viper?!"

"Dat was more dan I needed t' know." groaned Remy.

"Thought so. Look, I'm already healing. Give me five minutes." said Logan easily.

"Logan," Remy shouted as Logan was starting to leave the room. "Most vampires wouldn't go dat route. Most like de dangerous path. Dey like t' give pain."

Logan became serious, shook his head and then left. Just then Hank came out of his office.

"Why... you look much better!" exclaimed Hank. "You have more color in your cheeks. From now on, whenever you are hurt like that, come straight to me!"

"Fine, fine." chuckled Remy.

Remy was almost outside the med-lab when the red alert button sounded. He began to run to that room which he was beginning to hate, the War Room. And it wasn't even supper time yet.

Again, he was last, except for Hank, but he always wasn't expected to attend these things if he had experiments running.

"What's the matter?" asked Bobby. "Whoa Remy, you look freaky!!!"

"T'anks." said Remy dryly taking a seat.

"We have a tear in space over top of New Orleans." said Scott seriously. "Since this has happened about ten hours ago, there have been reported twenty dead."

"Scott," said Remy sharply. "N'awlins be de most dangerous city in de US, dat's not unusual t' have dat many people dead at once."

"Why do you say that Remy?" asked Hank.

" 'Cause dere are gang wars dere." he said simply.

"Yeah, but they all reportedly have bite marks on their necks." said Jean cutting in.

Remy looked over at Delos sternly, "What do y' know dat I don't."

"Nothing!!! I swear Remy!" said Delos putting his hands up into the air.

"I don't wan' t' go t' hell." said Remy shortly. "It's better dat we fight dem on our turf. But dat turf has t' be safe. We don't have a safe turf. Dat means we'll have t' make one."

"Make one?" inquired Xavier.

"That means that we need to vacate a city, or area, of all it's inhabitants and use it as a focus point. In this case, it will have to be in New Orleans. It's where the rift opened." said Delos.

"Non!!" shouted Remy. "Dey won't leave. None of de Guild will leave. Not only my Guild, but de Assassins would rather die dan leave."

"Then we give them the choice, no?" asked Delos.

Everyone couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"Guys, even if you wanted to do that... do you really think the American government would let you take over a city? Do you know how many people live there? To have to displace them all in how much time?" asked Warren.

Delos smiled, "It's either that or have your world die. It's really quite simple actually." Then he turned serious. "They are just going to keep coming and coming. You can't tell them apart from ordinary people. The people that they are going send can walk in day light. They'll have powers that you could never even dream of."

"Well, that'd I'd like to see." muttered Bobby.

"You will all right." said Remy softly.

"What was that gumbo?" asked Logan hearing the Cajun's comment.

"Y' guys don't have any idea what y' be up against here." sighed Remy. "Where exactly is de rift?"

"By my calculations.... where that little red dot is flashing." said Hank pointing to the screen.

"Merde, dat's de Boudreaux mansion." groaned Remy. "Why me?"

"Why you what?" asked Bobby curiously.

"Why does all dis shit have t' happen t' me?" moaned Remy.

"Whose house is that?" asked Scott.

"Dat be a house full o' assassins." said Remy softly wondering what he did to God to piss him off so much.

"Hmmmm, can you say... demon." laughed Delos hearing Remy's thought.

"WHAT?" was the major exclamation of all the X-men present.

"De leader o' de Assassins Guild lives dere." said Remy.

"Cousin, we have to talk to them and get them out of there quickly." said Delos.

"I agree." exclaimed Hank. "Innocent lives are at stake." He handed Remy the phone.

"Me?!" asked Remy shocked. "Why me?"

"Because you know the people already." said Warren.

"Okay, y' asked for it." muttered Remy punching in the phone number.

Ring... ring... "Bella, it's Remy." he said. He immediately took the phone away from his ear while she screamed profanities. "Non, I'm not dead yet." he said as if humoring a child. Once again, he took the phone away from his ear. "Bella, y' have a rip in space somewhere in or around y' house. I know dat y' people are dyin' an' dat's why

y' need t' get out o' dere, now." A few seconds passed. "Non!! I'm not threatenin' y'! It's real.... fine den, don't believe me... when y' start t' believe me, phone de phone number 1-(780)-988-8852. Den I'll be able t' help y' den." Angrily, he hung up.

"Dat woman 'as her head on backwards." he grumbled.

"Why wasn't she willing to take your help with her people were dying?' asked Xavier.

"It's kinda complicated Professor..." muttered Remy. "Our families don't get along well. Let's just leave it at dat." Everyone accepted his explanation, for now.

"What do we do now Professor?" asked Scott.

"Well..." he started.

"We wait until Remy hits his period of power so that he can contend with what you meet up." interrupted Delos.

Everyone looked at him with the look, 'Who died and made you boss?'

"Your ass' are going to be wiped all over the floor if you don't have him with you in his next state." said Delos with a smile.

"When is he going to hit it?" growled Wolverine. "You've been goin' on and on about him hitting this damn period of power but... it hasn't happened yet."

"Do you want my estimation?" he asked everyone.

"Yes!" exclaimed Bobby.

"Sure, why not." said Rogue looking at Remy carefully.

"Yes, please." responded Xavier.

"In... three, two, one... now." counted down Delos. Two or three more seconds passed. "Oh well, can't be right all the time."

All of a sudden, a wrack a pain hit Remy as he let out a terrible scream. His body fell off the chair and onto the floor with spasms and convulsions. Clenching his teeth you could hear the hard breathing of pain.

"Hold on Remy." shouted Hank running out of the room. "I'll get you codeine... no, make that morphine!"

Remy tried to pick himself off the floor but his eyes were burning hot, like fire and made him dizzy as he gained elevation. Taking Delos' hand, he made it up to his chair.

"I think you better be able to put a mental shield around everyone and especially him... I don't think he wants to hear the thoughts of everyone in this world, nor perhaps this universe." said Delos cautiously.

Jean picked him up with her telekinesis and carried him to her old room, while Hank came and gave him a shot of morphine for the pain.

Remy fell into a delusional state. His face was beaded with sweat and unintelligible words were spewing from his mouth.

"His pupils are dilating." yelled Hank as he brought his equipment into Jean's old room, where Remy lay.

"This that good or bad?" asked Delos uncertainly.

"That's bad... really bad." said Bobby with a hushed whisper from the door. Hank set up a respirator and hooked Remy up to it. Thank God he was strong and big enough to carry this all up here.

"All we can do is wait." said Hank after a while. "I have him stabilized and what he needs now is rest."

"How has he changed?" asked Scott curiously.

"From what I have seen, not at all." replied Beast. "He still looks the same and that is all I was able to determine at this time." They started walking away, with everyone else leaving Rogue and Delos.

"I'm going to stay in here with him." said Delos softly.

"But what if Belladonna calls back?" asked Rogue uncertainly. "She'll want to talk to someone who knows what's going on and they have to meet her 'expectations'."

"And you think I'll meet this person's 'expectations'?" he asked dryly with a tired grin.

"Ah don't know sugah." said Rogue dejectedly. "All ah do know is that she'll not talk t' any of us."

"Then bring the phone in here if she does call and I'll see what I can do." he said turning towards her.

"Thanks." she said sincerely.

Delos went into the room as Rogue left down the hallway.


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