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Written by Loup Garou
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 4

"Delos, get off o' me." whispered Remy with a hoarse whisper. He took a gander at the alarm clock on the table beside the bed, 10:45 a.m. Damn.

"Oh sorry Remy." he said groggily taking his head off Remy's stomach. "I'm not really accustomed to sleeping at night yet."

"Dat's okay, just get off me." mumbled Remy picking himself into an upright sitting position.

"You're looking well." remarked Delos.

"I feel well." said Remy puzzled getting out of bed. "Why am I in Jennie's ol' room?"

"Well, if I hadn't put some telepathic blocks on, your range would overwhelm you." he said empathetically.

"Um, okay." he said. Stretching his muscles as he stood up he began to walk out of the room. "Are y' coming?"

"Right behind you, coz." smiled Delos. Remy was up and going now. They headed for the kitchen, but they stumbled into Hank in the hallways coming for his third checkup of the morning.

"What are you doing out of bed?!?!" exclaimed Hank in shock.

"What's it look like homme?" asked Remy quizzically. "I'm goin' t' get something t' eat."

"Get back into bed now!!!" yelled Hank.

"Why?" asked Remy. "I feel fine." And he continued on walking towards the kitchen.

"You know that he has changed." said Delos to Hank as they watched Remy walk off.

"No he hasn't! Every test I've done so far has turned up inconclusive!" replied Hank.

"How are you supposed to locate things that are supernatural?" inquired Delos.

That one stumped Hank, "I ... don't know."

"My point exactly." smiled Delos, because he made his point. "The most you can do now to help him, is to just watch him from a distance." Delos began to turn in other direction Remy was heading before turning back to

Hank again. "Hank, don't piss him off before he discovers what he can do... or you might just become the

unfortunate bystander."

With that warning, Hank went back to his lab to check over his findings again.

Remy, to his relief, entered the kitchen when there was no one in it. He had an unfamiliar strong thirst. Opening the fridge, he looked around. "Hmm, dere's beer, orange juice, water, milk...." Taking out a beer, he proceeded to open it. He drank it all very quickly. The thirst wasn't gone. He went back to the fridge and poured himself a glass of water and then walked outside. The sun was shinning brightly as he walked along the path that lead to the pond. He began to get hot with the sun beating down on him, so he took off his shirt and jumped into the pond. The cool water rippled and splashed as he began to swim. 'Dis is fun!' he thought. After ten minutes, he decided it was time to get out. Bathing in the sun once again, he dried. Under the

intense heat of the sun, he fell asleep.

"Where is he?" exclaimed Rogue in a panic. Bella was on the phone.

Delos sat on the couch watching the TV. "Who are you looking for?"

"There you are!" she said letting her breath out. "Come on! She's on the phone."

"Oh... perhaps I'm not the one who she should be talking to..." said Delos uncertainly. "Remy is up and walking. He should be the one..."

Rogue grabbed him before he could finish his sentence and hauled him to the phone. "No, he's not up yet. Here, talk to her!"

Delos reluctantly picked up the phone.

"Hello." he said finally.

"Who are y' ?' she demanded.

"I am an acquaintance of Remy's." he said mildly. "You called?"

"I won't talk t' anyone 'cept Remy." she declared.

"Then I'm sure you'll be waiting on the phone for a long time.. in which you will have to pay for since you made the phone call." he said dryly.

"Dis is outrageous!" snarled Bella.

"No, your manner is outrageous young lady." Delos said peeved, becoming impatient with her. "If you except any help from us, may I suggest you show some respect."

Bella knew she was had. "I'm sorry," she mumbled. "But I need t' talk t' Remy. My people are dyin'."

"That's much better." he said satisfied. "We will help... there will be Remy, myself and whoever will volunteer to come. Once we arrive, we will fill you in on everything that has been happening. Until then, get

your people out of that house."

"I already 'ave." she said sardonically.

"We will be there in two hours." he said.

"Fine. I'll take de bounty off his head... f' now. Where shall we meet y'?" grimaced Bella at her words.

"Church... neutral ground. You know the one." he said. Before Bella could ask just how he knew of their 'neutral ground', he hung up.

Rogue looked at him with a smile. "Y' did it!"

"That wasn't too hard once I established that I was boss." he grinned.

"Then we'd better get ready." said Scott coming from behind the corner. "Oh, good job!"

Rogue began to follow behind him.

"Wait, where's Remy?" asked Delos.

Scott and Rogue stopped in their tracks. "You mean he's not in bed?"

"Of course not!" scoffed Delos. "The last time I saw him, he was going to the kitchen for something to eat." Scott and Rogue looked at each other before running off in opposite directions.

Remy woke up deliciously relaxed. By the position of the sun, it was just after lunch. He sat up and stretched. His pants were dry he noticed as he put on his shirt to walk back into the house. All of a sudden, his senses went berserk. Something was flying at him.

"Oh non y' don't." he gritted out as he jumped at least six meters in the air to tackle the person.

"Ouch!" cried out Rogue, as they both tumbled straight towards the ground.

Remy had her pinned underneath him, his bare hands on her bare arms. Neither noticed. Both, were now extremely pissed.

"Why ya swamp rat!" she screamed. Her fist came flying across to smack him in the face. It didn't faze him. He through a punch which knocked the wind out of her. Rogue, bringing up her knee, canned him with all

the might she had. Remy's eyes crossed in-wards as he doubled over.

"Oh Remy... Ah'am so sorry!!!" she stammered, realizing what she had just done. Remy glinted at her as he picked himself off the ground. He stood up completely and looked her straight in the eye. Before she knew

what was happening, Remy was on top of her again, pinning her down on the ground and pressing a hot kiss onto her lips. After a minute he got up and left to go into the house.

Rogue lay there on the ground in shock. He had kissed her!!! It was so savage, yet so wonderful. She sat there contemplating what the implications of what he had done meant for her. Was she free of her powers negative aspect? Then, her comm badge beeped.

"Rogue here." she stammered.

"Rogue where are you?" demanded Scott. "We sent you to go get him to bring him to the meeting. He came, but you didn't. Get here on the double."

"Be right there." Rogue out.

She picked herself off the ground and looked down at the spot that she would remember for the rest of her life. With a sigh, she headed to the meeting.

"Good of you to join us." said Scott to Rogue as she entered the room and took a seat. Remy looked at her with one of his sexy smiles. His smile said something along the lines of 'You're mine and no one else's. Don't bother running from me'. It made her shudder. She wasn't sure if it was because of pent up emotions for him that she wanted

to express right there and then, or the fact that he had become so sure of himself and so damn sexy!

"Who is going to go?" asked Scott.

"May I make suggestions?" Delos asked, respecting Scott's authority... for the moment.

"By all means."

"I suggest Remy, myself, Logan, Bobby, Jean, Psylocke, Rogue and Bishop." he said ticking off fingers.

"Non." Remy said suddenly. Everyone turned towards him. "Not Bishop. He may be good hand t' hand combat... but dat's not what we goin' t' be doin'."

Remy took a silent pause before continuing, "Dese people fight wit' powers an' if dat doesn't work, den combat. But, Bishop won' be able t' absorb dese powers of dere's."

"If you think that is best." said Bishop nodding his head at his


"What about me?" asked Scott.

"Notice dat I didn't object t' anyone wit' projectile powers dat work wit' energy. It doesn't affect dem. You'd be a liability." Remy said as he turned towards Scott.

"Bobby has a sort of projectile power." informed Hank.

"Non, Bobby has been workin' on his powers. He can turn himself t' water an' freeze de air itself. Dat's not seen an' it'll be helpful." said Remy. Bobby blushed as everyone looked at him in new light. Indeed he had been working on them. But how Remy had found out, he didn't know.

"Is this true Bobby?" asked Xavier, speaking up for the first time.

"Um, yeah. I can freeze the air in people's lungs to liquid oxygen and nitrogen." he admitted slowly.

Remy with a nod of his head stood up. "We leave in ten minutes."

"Remy, you've changed." said Jean carefully. "Can you tell us exactly what changed?"

Delos looked at Remy. He too, was curious. Remy thought about that a moment. With an evil smile he sauntered over to Rogue and by the hands pulled her up. Carefully, he pulled off her gloves.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" demanded Bobby. "She's gonna suck you dry!!!"

Taking her chin in his hand, her pressed his lips to hers. Softly touching, they became more persistent. In front of everyone, he dipped her back onto the table and ran his hands through her hair as he kept on kissing her. Carefully drawing away, he picked her up off the table and set her down on her chair. Rogue sat blushing a deep red, while Remy looked around at everyone with immense, deep satisfaction.

"Come on people, dis is no show. Get ready!" he said loudly grinning. "Ten minutes, back here."

Rogue got up to go leave, but Remy caught her hand. "No chere... y' be perfect de way y' are right now."

"But Ah'm in shorts an' a tang top." she protested weakly.

"More o' de leg t' see." he smiled easily his hand on her thigh. Rogue gave a little jump at the physical contact. She gave a nervous laugh. "Not t' mention a view from up top." He looked at her breasts appreciatively. Her blushed spread to the tips of her roots. Rogue took a little initiative and brought herself a little closer to Remy and

pressed her thigh up against his, with hot desire.

"Non... not now Rogue... I'm goin' t' take dis nice an' slow when we 'ave all de time in de world." Remy said as he backed off a couple of steps with a promise on his face. Rogue blushed even a deeper red at the thought of what she just did. The more she blushed the more pleased Remy seemed with himself.

"I'm ready," said Bobby entering the room in battle gear. Others followed behind him. Every X-man was there.

"Okay, I prepared the Blackbird." said Hank.

"Hank... were not goin' by Blackbird." said Remy softly. Turning to an open spot in room. Something that looked like a little black hole appeared in his hand and he threw it like a frisbee where it started to circle in the air.

"I'm not going in there." said Betsy stubbornly. "The last time we saw one of those Scott was brought to Hell and Delos here came out of it."

"It does not go to hell Betsy. It's a direct route to New Orleans." said Delos. "Did you see any ball of fire when he did that?"

Betsy didn't and therefore shut up, but that didn't change the feeling that she was walking into a trap.

"After y'." said Remy gallantly to Rogue. Rogue took a deep breath, closed her eyes and walked through. Bobby shrugged and threw himself into the black void.

"Be careful honey." said Scott honey, taking Jean into an embrace.

"I will." she said as she stepped through the portal.

"Warren, if I get through this alive. Will you marry me?" asked Betsy.

Warren was taken aback. "Yes. I will." Betsy gave him a wink. \\What did I just say yes to?//

"I'm going to hold you to that." she promised blowing him a kiss, then walking through a portal.

"Goin' Delos?" asked Remy tiredly.

"Yup... um, just one thing. I made the meeting place on holy ground." he stammered as he jumped through.

Remy couldn't yell at him. He was already gone. "Dat bugger!!"

"What's the matter with holy ground, bub?" asked Logan.

"Nothing." he said with a sigh. "We better be goin'. Xavier, we'll be back. All o' us. I promise."

Xavier nodded. Logan jumped into the void and Remy walked into it.

"God go with you." sighed Scott.

"Don' go near it!" Bella shrieked. Another hole, almost exactly like the one that had opened up in the foyer of the Guild Mansion, had opened in the church. "Get ready t' kill whatever comes out o' dere!!!"

A moment later, Rogue came flying out of the portal and landed on the floor with a thud. "Ow!!" she yelled as she slid to a stop at the feet of someone. Slowly, she looked up. "Oh, hi Bella."

Next came Bobby, people heard the yelling from inside the portal. "Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!" he screamed and then suddenly kerplunk on the ground. "Cool!! It was like a roller costar!!! I can't wait to do it again!" Then he took a look around at all these people with guns pointed at him. "Oh shit!! Betsy was right, Remy brought us to Hell!!" he whined.

Rogue helped Bobby up, but they were both hit down by a flying Jean. "Hey guys, thanks for the landing pad!" Jean got up and was promptly hit down by a flying Betsy. "Oww!" she yelled.

Delos was the next one to come out of the portal and he floated down nicely.

"Dat's one o' dem!" yelled a man. "Get him." Assassins charged towards him.

With a swipe of his hand, they went flying backwards. "Do not dare try to challenge the Son of Satan. Or I swear by the Lord of Evil, you will lose." He walked over to Jean. "Sorry guys, I should of told you how to make a nice landing."

He turned around at the portal and caught Logan who was flying out. "Thanks for the catch bub."

"Not a problem." he smiled.

Remy was the last one to exit. Like Delos, he floated down. Turning around at the portal he closed his fist and it disappeared.

"Delos!" Remy bellowed. "Y' brought us onto holy ground!" Remy picked him by what seemed to be telekinesis and held him before him.

"Put me down," he growled. "Or we'll see just how much power you have gained."

Remy set him down. "I told them to come here because it's the safest place for them." said Delos.

"An' for us??" he demanded.

"Well, not too good for us." admitted Delos. They turned towards Bella.

"It's good t' see y' Bella." said Remy with the nod of the head. "Why y' would need a thief's help is beyond me."

Everyone in her Guild was there and waiting for her response to this arrogant bastard. "Y' know damn well, HUSBAND, dat y' agreed t' help my Guild when I asked."

"Dat was before y' died EX-WIFE. Bella, y' died!!" said Remy exasperated. "I gave y' de elixir o' life dat I stole from Candra."

"An' doin' dat, y' made me alive again an' dat means everyt'ing y' said still holds." she gritted out.

She had him there. Remy looked at Rogue. She had a look on her face; it was not with pity or anger. It was adoration. He smiled, "Okay, y' goin' t' have t' show me where dis rip is...." His smile turned to a frown by a loud screech. It was not made by a human voice.

"Damn." Remy yelled ferociously. "Logan, come wit' me. Jean, Psylocke an' Bobby stay here. Rogue, come wit' me an' y' too Delos. Bella, if y' want t' watch stay in de church an' if y' want t' stay alive don't leave." She nodded and looked directly at all the shocked faces of her Guild.

Rogue, Delos and Logan stepped outside while Remy shut the door firmly. They didn't look any different that humans.

"Traitors!!" yelled the group of men on the side walk. They were unable to step onto holy ground. Rogue looked back at the windows, saw people crowding around the windows to get a look at what was happening

and gave a huge gulp.

"Enzitla, from de relm o' Lord Tzimisce, what are you doing here?" Remy demanded angrily. "Dis is not your world."

"Nor is it yours!" he shouted back. Obviously he was the leader of the group.

"And you Marz, from the relm of Hell, by what right do you invade the relm?" demanded Delos. Rogue and Logan stood behind them.

"Traitor. Just wait until your father is done with you. Even if he doesn't have an heir after, he will make you pay." he sneered.

"We know your names and now have power over you. Begone. You are banished from this relm." yelled Delos.

"We will be back Son's of Satan." the two yelled.

"Well that's two down." mumbled Rogue looking at the other 8 that were there.

"I'll take care o' dem." said Remy. A ball of fire erupted in his hands. Bringing them both together he shot it at 6 of the 8. The 6 burst out in flames and out of existence. The other two just stood in place as Remy came closer to confront them. He grabbed one and threw him to Delos beside him. They were now off holy ground. "Y' know what

t' do." said Remy to Delos.

Remy savagely brought the man towards him and bit into his neck. The more the man struggled, the more Remy drank. His blood ran over Remy's chin and face as the artery splashed. He threw down the body which had

turned a pale white. Pulling the handkerchief out of the man's coat, he threw a fireball at the body. It burst into flames, then disappeared. Delos did the same. Although, the other man didn't have a handkerchief. It was a good thing that he was not a messy eater.

Remy walked back into the church with the handkerchief in hand. He opened the door to see many guns pointed at him. Smiling evilly, he began to rub the blood off his face.

"Yummy." he said out loud, with a laugh.

"He really is a demon!" someone exclaimed. "I told y' so!!!"

"Remy... dat was disgusting!!" shouted Bella. "Y' didn't really do dat.. right?"

"Oh Bella... my sweet innocent to a point Bella." smiled Remy. "I'm a lot older dan y', a lot smarter dan y', and a hell of a lot more powerful dan y'. Now, y' can show me where dis rip is."

She looked back uncertainly at her Guild council. "Remy, are dese people we be fightin' o' de devil?"

"Yes, dey are sweet t'ing." replied Remy. "Not only de devil, but a world dat 'as only vampires. Dey ganged up on us... it's only fair dat we do de same t'ing."

Again, turning to her council, she saw looks of pinched faces, but all seemed to be proud of her and the risk she was taking going with him. She nodded at Remy.

"Delos, stay here. If y' dad comes... den, challenge him or somet'ing keep dese people safe. And de T'ieves are goin' t' be comin' here too. It's de only safe place." said Remy. And they both left.

"Logan," said Rogue hesitantly. "Ah think that every time he does that, he becomes more an more unlike himself." Logan nodded in understanding.


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