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Written by Loup Garou
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 5

Remy rapped on the door and a new butler opened the door. "Bonjour, is Jean-Luc ici?"

"I'm sorry, he's busy right now." Said the butler as he tried to close the door on them.

"I'm sorry. But dis is my house. Come on Bella." he said stepping inside ignoring the man's protest. The butler ran off to tell someone else of this intruder's break-in. "Bella, where I am takin' y', y' can't tell t' anyone else an' y' can't exploit it. Ever."

She took a knife out of her jacket and made a slash on her hand. Her blood dripped to the floor and onto the carpet. "I promise." With a nod, he pushed a lever that allowed them access to the underground rooms. Remy entered and Bella was just behind. The tunnels was like a maze. One could get easily lost if they didn't know the way.

"Here it is an' dey are all here." whispered Remy softly to Bella. "I wonder what de best way is t' approach dem?"

Bella smiled an evil smile, she had done this once before. But at that time, she was a child and could not be subjected to any of the laws of the Guild. But she did get a stern lecture. Stepping around him, she entered the room.

"Jean-Luc! How nice t' see y' and your Council!" she smiled a bright smile.

"Bella dat was one o' de most stupidest t'ings y' ever done!" yelled Remy jumping out from behind the room and putting himself in front of her.

The Guild members drew their guns and began to shoot. But then they saw Remy throw himself in front of her. Jean-Luc sat horrified as his Guild members shot his only living son.

Remy felt the penetration of bullets. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground. "Ouch." he groaned as he pulled himself off the floor with help of his father. "Ah, bonjour papa. Don't touch Bella."

"Hey, it don' hurt anymore. Hey Greg, it's okay. De bullet wounds are gone." said Remy getting his bearings. He pulled Bella behind him.

"Papa, remember when I told y' dat I had secret an' dat I'd tell y' when de time was right. Well, de time is right." he said taking an empty seat, letting Bella sit on his lap.

"Remy, we were right in de middle o' discussing an important matter..." started Jean-Luc.

"I know. People are dying." said Remy.

"I have my whole Guild in de Church." admitted Bella.

"So dat's where dey went!" said an older council member. "That solves one problem."

"Not de biggest." Remy said seriously.

"Oh?" asked Jean-Luc. "Okay den, tell me."

"I'm not fully human papa." admitted Remy. "An a Son o' Satan an' not just because I have a demon inside me. Satan be my uncle."

Jean-Luc's mouth dropped, so did the whole council's. "An' y' were brought up a catholic!"

Remy gave a laugh, "Yeah I was, wasn't I! Anyways, dat's beside de point. Dere's a tear, a rift in Bella's ... where is it again Bella?"

"De foyer." she said.

"In de foyer dat's letting in people from Hell an' another dimension dat 'as vampires." said Remy seriously. "Y' need t' get everyone t' de church. It's de only place dat dey can't touch y'."

"Den how can y' be dere?" asked Jean-Luc.

"I float papa, f' now." said Remy. "But, we need t' go shut dis t'ing an' I need t' make sure dat it won't cause any more trouble here in dis universe. Go now papa. Get de whole Guild an' run."

Remy got out of his chair and took hold of Bella. "Don't let go or you'll be flyin' like everyone else." He opened a portal and they both stepped through it.

"Y' all heard Remy. Everyone take a section o' de guild an' get dem t' de church as fast as y' can!" said Jean-Luc with all the authority behind his rank and voice. The council acted immediately.

"Dere it is," whispered Bella softly. "It's down de stairs at de very bottom. Be careful."

Remy went down to approach the portal. Trying to use his own power to close it. It didn't work. "Damn." he whispered.

"Bella, is your house insured?" shouted Remy. The portal was beginning to make noise.

"Yes it is.. isn't yours?" she snapped.

"Good." Remy sighed. This was going to get messy.

Remy took a couple of steps back and made way for two prominent figures.

"Angelus, Lord Tzimisce how nice to see both again." he Remy politely, giving them both a bow. They both eyed Bella, and not just because she was a beautiful woman, but because she held the life giving force that both of them needed -- blood. "She is mine." Remy said softly.

"Who are you to dictate what is yours and is not?" asked Lord Tzimisce haughtily. "I think I have taught you better than that!"

"I apologize Lord," said Remy his head hanging down. "But why would y' want soiled goods?" Remy looked at Bella with fear. He didn't want her hurt.

"Come here child." summoned Angelus with a mesmerizing voice. Bella was compelled to come closer. "Bite her then Remy."

Remy's head swung back to Angelus as he stared at him with side eyes. This he hadn't expected. But he couldn't go back now.

"Bella, come here." Remy commanded.

As she came closer he came down on her neck. Bella's eyes bulged as Remy bit. Then she moaned. The exquisite pleasure was so overwhelming that she couldn't support herself. As she slumped, Remy's embrace

caught her. But he kept on drinking. She began to feel faint, even after what she felt was two powerful orgasms. Finally he let go of her.

"Y' satisfied?" grinned Remy. Blood once again flowed through him - his power was mounting steadily.

"She is yours." accepted Lord Tzimisce. "But in a world like this one, where cattle walk freely, we shall feast!"

Remy then had to make his move. It was now or never. "Lord Tzimisce and Angelus I call you both out, as the blood brother of both your families for the titles of Lord." He became serious.

They both were startled. They both now had to fight regardless, or else they would have to give up their titles. "I taught you well. Perhaps a little too well." considered Lord Tzimisce.

"Very well, I accept." said Angelus frowning at Remy.

"I too." said Lord Tzimisce.

"In two hours, in de grave yard o' de church. Y' know de one Lord Tzimisce -- it's de one dat y' dumped me off in." said Remy in total composure. He turned around and picked up Bella. "An' remember de rules. Y' or anyone not o' your relm can't harm anyone in dis one until after." He opened a portal and stepped through it.

"Step back!" shouted Remy tiredly as he set Bella down on a pew. Assassin rushed up to her.

"What did y' t' her demon?!" yelled Gris-Gris.

"I was forced t'. She'll be okay. But kinda embarrassed. I gave her a pretty powerful orgasm." said Remy with a rueful grin. Then he stood up on the pew. He noticed that Thieves were already arriving. "People I have an announcement." shouted Remy. People's attention fixed upon him. "Satan is now on Earth an' so is someone named Lord Tzimisce, he is a vampire lord."

Screams came from outside as the forces of evil amassed in the graveyard. "Right now, dey are outside in de grave yard. Everyone stay inside here an' DON'T leave here!! No matter what. Dey can't touch y' here." yelled Remy over top of the mumbling' of the crowd. "Y' can open de door t' people comin' in, 'cause dey can't come in regardless."

Bella woke up suddenly and accidentally tripped Remy. He went flying onto the altar. He was no longer floating. He was directly on the ground -- holy ground.

"How dare you step foot on holy ground, Creature of Satan!!!" shouted a voice that came from directly on top. Remy felt like cringing, but he held his ground and didn't even blink. "There is no mercy this time."

"I'm sorry Gabriel. I was pushed." he muttered his head hanging down, remorseful.

"You should not even be in this holy place." he bellowed. "I told you that before. Now you shall pay the price!"

Remy lost patience, "Yeah, well, I have family t' take care of!!" he screamed. "See all dese people. Dey were dying 'cause o' Angelus. See dis woman here. She was my wife, once upon a time. We were married in dis church. My love is here as well, tryin' t' save dese people." He pointed at Rogue. "An' if y' don't like me in here, den go t' Hell!! I'm goin' t' help dese people. I'm goin' t' win dis challenge an' den, I'll leave y' alone forever! Sound good t' y'?"

"Why would you help save these people, demon?" asked Gabriel curiously, a lot of his initial anger gone.

"Y' ask me how? How couldn't anyone?" he demanded all his anger burning through his eyes. "I was raised a Christian by my papa. I know right from wrong. How could y' have de nerve t' ask me dat!!!!"

"Will you let me take a look at your soul?" Gabriel asked finally after thought.

"Go ahead. What else do I got t' lose right now, besides my own life." he grumbled, all his hot air gone. Gabriel seemed to enter him. Remy turned towards Bella tiredly. "Am I seein' t'ings Bella, 'cause I t'ought dat I just saw an angel." The look on her face said it all.

"Remy y' be glowing." she gulped slowly.

Remy looked at himself. "No I'm not."

Jean-Luc pressed himself to the front. "Papa, am I glowin'?"

"Oui, y' are." he confirmed.

Gabriel exited Remy with a quizzical expression on his face. "You have no evil beyond your actions. Yet, you are a creature of Satan. How is that possible?"

"Um, I did hit a period o' power not too long ago." said Remy.

"That wouldn't make a difference." said Gabriel looking at Remy intently. "What did you say you were going to do?"

"I'm goin' t' go challenge bot' Angelus and Lord Tzimisce in 'bout half an hour." said Remy wondering why he was looking at him funnily, despite the fact that what he was doing was suicidal.

"That's dangerous." he admitted slowly. "And what do you propose to do if you get those positions?"

Remy thought that one over. There were so many changes he had suggested to Angelus over the years that he never did consider. "I'd let de souls dat 'ave worked off dere sins, go."

That made Gabriel look twice at him and blink. "You would?" he asked with hope in his eyes.

"Yeah, I would." he said with finality. "I have never been, nor ever will be a part o' Angelus' plans."

Gabriel looked at him, then floated down to Jean-Luc. "You break a very important commandment ever time you steal, yet, it does not tarnish your soul. And you," he continued looking over to Bella. "You also break one

of the most important commandments, yet the evil does not slight your soul towards Hell." He looked at them both. "Never has and never will there be an exception to the commandments. You, active church goers, are in God's graces. You follow him, he grants you his favors as you are baptized, and yet, you kill each other in hopes of gaining an upper hand and not to mention your professions go against much that we all stand for." His eye brows came together in uncertainty. "Raphael, please come down. I need to speak with you a


Remy tore his gaze away from the brilliant light to the other that now stood beside him. Rogue had wiggled her way to the front to hold onto Remy.

"Gabriel." the other angel acknowledged with a nod of the head.

"Have you been listening, Raphael?" asked Gabriel.

"All of heaven has been listening." he replied curtly. "The day when Satan releases those souls, will be a truly momentous day." His gaze fell upon Remy.

"Ok, why do I feel so insignificant now?" Remy mumbled to himself.

"These people should be slated for Hell." admonished Raphael after a moment. The people in the church began to cry out. Was there no one to speak for them? Wondered Remy.

"Dese people de have honor." Remy cried out. "Dey honor dere children above everyt'ing else. An' let me tell y' somet'ing 'bout dese t'ieves. Dey only steal from people who 'ave already stolen an' givin' it back t' de rightful owners! De Assassins, dey 'ave hearts. De real bad people o' dis world, de people dat could o' ruined f' everyone

else, dat's who dey kill. Dey kill t' protect. Who cares if dey make a profit. I know y' do de same Gabriel. Y' protect y' pearly gates from people like me. An' don't y' dare try t' tell me dat y' wouldn't o' protected heaven if I tried t' go in dere."

The two angels just stood there looking at this demon who was protecting these people. "Why do you care?" asked Raphael softly. "Demons are not supposed to have souls."

Remy then realized something about himself. He had a soul. Countless of generations had gone by and he had never realized this one fact that made him so much different from everyone else he knew in Hell. "Dat means... dat Delos and Angelus 'ave one too." he whispered softly.

Gabriel looked at Raphael in shock. Their arch nemesis had a soul. What could of warped it so?

"I have a soul." he declared loudly. "I can make decisions f' myself."

The two men up above seemed to talk to each other by telepathic communication and when they were finished, they were both smiling.

Gabriel raised his hand and a sword came flashing through the sky to appear in his hand. "I give you this to fight with and may your fight be successful."

The sword laid itself onto the altar and the two angels disappeared.

"By Shara." breathed Remy. He turned to his dad, "Did y' just see dat?"

"I'm not too sure myself." murmured Jean-Luc. He went to go pick up with sword, but he couldn't hold it because of a shot of power that ran up his arm.

Remy cautiously went up to the sword. Why does dis feel like de sword an' de stone story? Picking up the sword, he felt more powerful as he closed his eyes.

"Remy..." mumbled Bella, backing up a few steps.

"Mah God." breathed Rogue in awe.

"What? What?" asked Remy uncertainly. He didn't feel any different. "What's de matter now??!"

"Y' are covered in lightnin'." said Jean-Luc simply. Remy looked at his body startled and he dropped the sword.

Rogue ran over to him and gave him a big hug. "You're okay now sugah! The lightning is gone."

"Rogue, I have to go now." he said, picking up the sword again. His change was evident to everyone. Again, his skin turned chalky white and his eyes went sparkling red. Although, this time, the bolt of energy didn't stay on the sword. It enveloped his body, but only other people could see it.

Rogue abruptly let go. "I love ya."

Remy came up close and pressed a quick kiss on her lips. "Me too chere." With a grin, he turned towards the door. "Everyone wish me luck an' if I don't win, stay in de church an' don' ever leave."

"Je t'aime." yelled Jean-Luc.

Remy turned around with a tear in his eye. "Moi aussi papa, merci pour tous." Without another word, Remy was out the door.

"Did y' see dat?" whispered Gris-Gris to Bella. She could only nod and glance at the Thieves who kept on piling into the church.

Remy went into the graveyard. "Beelzebub, long time no see."

The demon smiling at his friend, "Yes it has been, hasn't it. What have you been up to of late?"

"Getting into trouble here and there, like usual." he smiled easily. "You?"

"I'm here to make sure this is a fair match believe it or not." he said sardonically. "One of the elder Gods came to me and appointed me this job. Man, does it suck! I can't even interfere! But, then again, this is supposed to be the 'match of the millennium', so I've heard. You know who is fighting Angelus AND Lord Tzimisce?"

"Me." he said without hesitation.

"You??" he asked in surprise.

"Me." he repeated with deadly intent. "Recognize de sword?"

"The Devil!! That's Gabriel's sword!!" yelled Beelzebub. Others overheard it and came over to inspect the sword.

"Yes it is." Remy hissed. "Shut up now, b'fore y' give me away!!!"

He lowered his voice. "Hmm, I guess the rumors were right. This is going to be an interesting fight."

"Hardy, har, har." sighed Remy. "Do I have to fight them together, or separate?"

"You challenged them together... you fight them together." he said with emphasis.

"Damn." he hissed angrily, taking an anxious peek back at the church

where people were watching him intently through the windows. Taking a deep sigh, he tried to calm himself. He needed a clear head to win this fight. Now was the time to put these 'new' powers to the test.

Remy walked into the middle of the graveyard. Lebeaus and Boudreauxs alike had been buried here over the years. It would serve as a good reminder as to why he was fighting. Lifting his sword high above his head, he yelled, "I call Lord Tzimisce, Lord of de Terror dimension an' Angelus, Lord o' Hell, as de blood brother o' both y' realms, for de titles o' Lord."

Angelus and Lord Tzimisce walked into the center with deadly intent. "Fight and die." they responded angrily, bringing their own swords down in a swipe, beginning the fight. It was obvious that they had already talked battle strategy. Remy was already being driven back into a corner.

Remy began testing the waters. Taking his sword up, he swiped at Angelus, while giving Lord Tzimisce a high kick to the head. Why is dis so easy?

"Look at him go Logan!" said Rogue in awe. He was moving so quick, they would barely follow him.

"I don't think he realizes how fast he is going darlin'." said Logan very impressed.

Jean Luc sat at the window watching his son go at it. It was quite an impressive sight. It was one that he would never forget, ever. He was so proud. Jean walked over to him and silently, they both watched as he


Bella and Gris-Gris looked at his opponents carefully. They weren't as fast as he was. Remy would punch them and be out of the way when they tried to return it. He made countless portals. The two men dogged them

as Remy kept opening them all around everyone. Remy himself kept on jumping through them appearing in different places. Jumping behind them, he'd swipe them with his sword. Never once did he use his charge power. THAT was unusual.

Betsy sat beside Delos. Delos' hands hand turned dead cold. Which was probably natural for a vampire. But at that moment, he looked as if he needed a friend. Betsy sat beside him, looked him in the eye and then turned her own gaze back to the fight.

Remy was beginning to get tired, but so were they. Being tired made him make mistakes. Lord Tzimisce all of a sudden tripped him. It took him totally off guard. Damn! Angelus had his foot on his chest holding him down with a triumphant smile.

"Finish him off Lord Tzimisce." whispered Angelus looking directly into Remy's eyes.

Lord Tzimisce brought up his sword over his head, "In vengeance for the disgrace you have called upon our family's name, I do kill thee."

"NOOO!" screamed Remy. He would NOT let this happen! I promised Xavier dat I'd bring dem home. My family will be gone. De earth'll be gone. I have t' keep on fightin'.

A portal appeared above him, but this one was different. It became razor sharp and as it passed through the two men standing above him, they disappeared instantly.

Remy got up groggily. All the other portals he had constructed to get around had disappeared. In fact, all minions of Hell and Lord Tzimisce's relm were gone. He was laying in the cemetery beside his sword covered with blood.

People began to stream out of the church to go into the grave yard, but no one approached him. Almost as if he was too holy to touch or to come near.

Remy didn't want to get off the ground. He was perfectly happy laying on the ground, but the sound of helicopters coming in the distance convinced him otherwise. "People go home quick. De police be comin'."

he yelled.

The Guilds started to run off into their respective tunnels into their Guilds and left by walking as well. Others went back into the church to pray for their good fortune.

Remy got up off the ground and came head to head with Rogue. Without thinking twice, he drew her close and pressed a deep kiss onto her.

"Marry me Rogue."

"Ya know Ah will." she smiled back.

"You know Logan. Warren HAS to marry me now." she smiled to herself. "He promised that if I lived through this he would!" Logan laughed and gave her a congratulatory slap on the back. Bobby having heard had a

good chuckle with them.

Jean-Luc came up to Remy giving him a big hug afterwards. "Gettin' married are y'? Y' better ask Bella f' dat divorce mon fils."

"Already have Pere." he grinned. "It's over an' done wit'." Rogue who had been holding her breath with Jean-Luc's comment, gave out a deep breath. Remy gave a deep throaty laugh. "Papa, I'll call y' when I get back t' New York."

He opened up a portal that lead right back into the War Room. "After y', people an' try t' make a better landin' dis time!"

Delos gave a laugh, "I'll go first so that I can catch them."

Betsy smiled brightly at him, "Thank you!"

One by one, everyone jumped through the portal. Remy was the only one left and he closed the portal. He knelt down on one knee holding out the sword in the air.

Gabriel came down beaming. "You truly have a good soul." He took his sword back. "Now go do as you promised."

With a nod, Remy opened another portal and stepped through.

Remy walked into the living room about an hour later, only to see all the X-men watching the TV.

"What's on?" he asked curiously.

"This is truly a momentous day." smiled Storm.

Xavier smiled up at Remy. "Mutants are now protected by law and Senator Kelly has apologized to all mutants for Operation Zero Tolerance."

Remy left everyone alone to bask in their moment. Instead, he went to the Danger Room where he had told Delos to go. The Danger Room was basked in candle light. Real candles of all colors and scents were

lining the room.



"Who did y' get f' a sponsor?"

Scott stepped out from behind some shadows. Remy couldn't contain his surprise. "Him?"

Delos just nodded, Remy had to accept it. "Fine, if y' want a telepathic bond wit' him, y'll have it."

Looking at Scott, he motioned him over to the middle of the circle. Delos put them back to back and holding hands.

Remy strolled up to them and bit them both. Scott gave a shudder of delight. So this is what Jean was feeling. He mused.

"Delos, it's y' duty t' protect Scott now." Delos nodded.

"Scott, it's y' duty t' protect Delos an' y' are testimony t' dis transfer. Anyone who asks y' tell." Scott nodded, he'd been warned that he couldn't make a noise.

"Delos, y' have control over de relm o' Hell. I appoint y' t' look after it until de time dat I will come back. Beelzebub is t' get control over de relm o' Terror. He answers to y' an' y' answer t' me."

Remy took a deep breath and his breath turned a misty blue. The two men breathed it in and both drew in a sharp breath. He hoped that he had cut off his connection to Jean for this.

Remy felt a great weight lifted. No, it wasn't that his power was gone. It was just the major responsibility that was gone and that in itself was a relief.

"Now, y' go an' tell Beelzebub what I told y'." said Remy. Delos nodded and left. Remy walked up to Scott and steadied him.

"Y' can talk now." said Remy softly.

"Shit... did you have to bit me?" moaned Scott grabbing onto Remy.

"Yeah, now come on, we go get y' some water eh?" grinned Remy.

Remy hauled Scott to the kitchen and made him drink as many drinks as he had drank the day Angelus had bitten him in front of Stormy. Rogue was there waiting for him.

"Come 'ere." he whispered. Rogue sauntered over, swaying her hips provocatively. "Y' be beautiful Rogue, ma petite chatte."

"Oh? If Ah'm a cat then yah the bird and Ah'm gonna eat ya'll up." grinned Rogue pressing a kiss to his lips.

Later on that evening, all the X-men were all out eating dinner. But Remy wasn't there. He was on top of the roof thinking. Rogue didn't go either, instead, she followed him up there.

"Remy, what's the matter?" asked Rogue.

" Things'll never be de same again." he whispered.

"The future scares ya?"

"Yes, it does."

"Well it shouldn't." she said very firmly.

"Oh, why's dat chere?"

"'Cause ya goin' ta have ME in it."

Remy looked at her and smiled with a playful grin, "Dat's what I'm afraid of. I love y' Rogue.

"I luv ya too swamp rat. But we will just have ta take things as the future throws them at us."

"Like always."


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