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Unfinished Business - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by X-Treme
Written by Loup Garou
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Gambit and Angel are forced to become partners when a joint venture between the Thieves and Assassins threatens the X-Men.

Chapter 1 by Loup Garou & X-Treme Warren Worthington stormed into his room angrily...

Chapter 2 by Loup Garou & X-Treme The next morning, Warren was startled awake by the sound of the alarm clock buzzing...

Chapter 3 by Loup Garou & X-Treme "Grab your thing and follow me...

Chapter 4 by Loup Garou & X-Treme Warren sat in a cage, not unlike a prison cell...

Chapter 5 by Loup Garou & X-Treme Gambit sat in his room the next day contemplating yesterday's events...

Chapter 6 by Loup Garou & X-Treme After dinner, Remy LeBeau walked down the hall, to his room...

Chapter 7 by Loup Garou & X-Treme "Who are does people?" seethed Remy. "Dey be good. Very good. Almost too good...


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