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Written by Monica Tamaru
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 1

“You know that neither you nor your sister will make it very much longer. Quite frankly, I’m sure you could survive just fine on your own, but having her to watch over, well it makes you do things that are…unwise.” This was simply stated, with no malice behind the words. The stately man was seated behind an expensive mahogany desk. Eyes that missed nothing were locked on the two teens before him.

Remy gritted his teeth, trying to fight the bubbling anger. He was angry at being there, angry at his helplessness, angry at how right this man was. He glanced down at Jean, who was asleep in his lap. Her fiery hair was wild, hiding her face. She was sixteen as well, but could easily pass as thirteen as she was so small. Even in sleep, she had a tight grip on his hand.

“We’ve been through this before, homme. I don’ want what you’re offering. We’ve had people try to ‘help’ us before,” Remy sneered, as his free hand went unconsciously to his side where a blade had pierced when its owner tried to ‘help’ them. Auburn hair was long, almost to his shoulders. Strands fell into his face, giving an appearance that was calculated to seem the typical teenage boy. Circumstances had made him thin; his cheeks caved in, his ribs were apparent and he was only sixteen. His eyes told a different story. They were full of knowledge. They were stone cold.

Xavier couldn’t bring himself to be offended. He was well aware of the facts of life for a street kid. It wasn’t so long ago when he’d been there himself.

“I have no plans to force you to stay . . .”

“You couldn’ if y’ wanted to.”

“…but I think you should consider it. If at any time you think you’d be better off on the streets, then leave…”

“I don’ need permission.”

“…of course, the next time I’d see you or your pretty sister again is when the wheel you to the morgue.” Xavier’s steely blue eyes held Remy’s brown ones. “How about Jean? How much longer can she survive without you watching her every second? What if you turn away for a second?”

Remy cursed beneath his breath. Damn. He gazed at Jeannie, the picture of innocence. His long trench coat wrapped around her. Her legs were pulled up to her chest as if she were trying to make herself into a ball. Remy recognized the practice from being cold too many nights.

“We’ll see, homme.”

Remy glanced around the temporary room he had been given. The large bed took up nearly half the room, covered in soft satin. The whole place reeked of affluence. A huge window looked out onto the lake. Remy had meticulously placed his meager belongings about the room, and was leaning precariously out the third story window.

“Hey Jeannie,” he said, without turning around.

“Why do you always do that? Can’t you at least pretend to be surprised?” Jean pouted. Her bright green eyes shone from her pale skin, unmarred by a single freckle.

“Never try to sneak up on a sneak. Glad to hear you talking again,” Remy said, finally turning towards her. Her smiled tenderly at her. She was wearing Xavier Institute shorts and tee shirt. She looked like a little kid. The clothing hung on her thin frame that knew hunger for too long. He frowned. “Get out of the doorway, you don’t know who could be lurking around.”

Jean obliged him, bouncing on the bed while pulling the covers around her. Her head was covered completely be the comforter when she stopped wiggling around. Only a tuft or two of red hair peeked out.

“How’re you feelin’?”

She rolled her eyes at him. “You always ask me that. You could be starving, beaten black and blue, cold and wet, and you’d ask me that! You should look after yourself more. You’re too skinny, you know that?”

“I think I liked it better when you weren’t talking,” he growled.

Jean stuck her tongue out at him. “Your English is slipping in and out again. Have you seen the other kids around?”

“No, but I’ve heard them around. Noisy bunch. Seriously, though, Jean, how are you? Any dreams?” Remy bounced on the bed beside her and fished her out of the blankets. Jean snuggled against his chest and sighed contentedly.

“Seriously, Rem, I’m okay. No dreams yet.” She stared out the window. Not yet.

Remy and Jean lay side by side, unspeaking for a long while. Jean was remembering her latest dream. It was not promising. All her dreams were warnings of a sort that always came true and always brought pain. Her last dream had brought them here.

Another hour later, Jean and Remy found themselves back in Xavier’s office. Opposite them were the Institute’s instructors.

“Remy, Jean, these will be your teachers once you begin your studies.”

“IF we begin anything,” Remy cut in, arms folded across his chest. Jean pulled her legs up to her chest and was doing a good job of imitating Remy’s scowl.

“Of course,” Xavier said quickly. “This is Logan. He’s our history and physical education instructor. Everyone takes a self-defense class at the Institute, so you will at least have one course with Logan.”

Logan was a short, bulky guy. Muscles clumped over his body and his stare gave the impression of going to your very soul. He barely glanced at the kids, but both had the sensation of being judged and determined not worthy. Jean looked at him and figured it would be hard to get anything past him. Remy figured that he’d be hard to take down if it was ever necessary.

“This is Ororo. She teaches English, earth science, and dance. She also runs our Environmental Awareness Club.”

Remy thought that she looked like no teacher he’d ever seen before. He wasn’t able to get much further than that due to drooling teenage boy syndrome. Long white hair flowed down her back and swayed gently. Her blue eyes were a sharp contrast to the soft mocha skin. Jean decided to be cautious around her. She knew beautiful women were far more dangerous than men.

“Allow me to introduce Hank. He teaches the rest of our science classes from biology to chemistry to physics. Hank has published several works in the Medical Journal, and has won several service awards for his medical care to the homeless. Hank is our live-in physician as well.”

Hank looked like an ex-football player. He towered above the rest of the staff. He had a warm smile that helped ease the knot in Jean’s stomach. He was the only one smiling in the whole room. Both Remy and Jean thought the same thing. Never underestimate…

“And this is Scott. He teaches all the math courses and auto shop. He was the first student here at the Institute.”

Scott was an All-American looking boy. His brown hair was carefully combed back. He was lean and lithe, but his shirt clung to him that showed off a well-built body. He had rose-colored glasses on, which was the only strange thing about him. Jean stared in awe until Remy elbowed her in the side. She glared at him.

Xavier went on talk about the perks of the Institute and Remy found his attention slipping. He had carefully inspected the building, and if he was figuring correctly, there should be a whole lower level. There was no mention of that floor in the brochure that seemed to cover the type of food that was served to the types of flowers in the garden. He meant to find out all he could about this place whether the faculty liked it or not.

Jean wasn’t paying attention either. She was taking in her immediate surroundings. Priceless works of art were hanging on the walls and an oriental rug was under the desk. Jean very quickly priced the items and discovered that she and Remy had lived last year on less than the price of one of the Picasso paintings. She studied the professors once more. She found Logan staring back at her and quickly passed over him. He was dangerous. They would have to be extra careful when he was around. Hank was also a worry. He seemed like the type of guy who loved a mystery. She would stay far away from him if at all possible. Ororo didn’t interest her. She finally got to the one she wanted to look at. Schooling her expression to be blank, Jean looked her fill at Scott Summers. He looked nice, but there was a cord of steel in him. Jean wanted to just look a little longer…

“Let’s go,” Remy said, raising his eyebrows at her. Jean faintly blushed for getting caught again and followed him out. As they walked through the hall of marble and silk, Jean suddenly felt like a spot of dirt among the immaculacy. Remy was walking through the hall as if he owned it.

“Nothing’s too good for you, Jeannie. Just enjoy this while it lasts.”

“I really hate it when you do that,” Jean said, wrinkling her nose at her back. He looked over his shoulder at her and grinned.

“What did I do?”

“When you know what I’m thinking. It’s unnerving. Stop it right now.”

“Stop being easy to read. How long have I been trying to train you to be blank?”

“I am to everybody that isn’t you,” Jean protested, knowing he was trying to irritate her and getting even more irritated that he was getting his way.

They stopped at her door.

“Go along with them for right now, but keep your eyes and ears open,” Remy said softly before continuing down the hall.

Always be aware. Their motto. The only thing that had kept them alive for so long. Jean sighed. She could no more forget that than she could forge to breathe.

A soft knock roused Jean from her nap. Although the temperature was a perfect seventy degrees, she was buried under the thick crimson comforter.

“Yes?” she mumbled, stumbling over to the door. That was one thing that Remy despaired on. She was never able to wake up easily.

“It’s Ororo. I’m here to take you to the dorms.” Jean slowly opened the door, hastily trying to straighten out her hair. The older woman smiled warmly, but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. Jean picked up her duffle bag and silently followed Ororo into the hall.

Jean counted doors as she went. She had a good sense of direction that came in handy in the past. She wasn’t paying any more attention to Ororo than Ororo was paying to her. She was engrossed in the hall decorations when Ororo stopped.

“Here we are.” Ororo knocked lightly before entering.

“Yeah!” came from the inside. Ororo opened the door and lightly pushed Jean out in front of her. The room was painted a pale blue. There were three beds arranged in three distinct living areas. One was covered in pale pink was lots of stuffed animals on it. The white vanity was covered in pictures and notes, but a sleek silver laptop was the only thing on the surface. This was where the girl was sitting.

“Kitty, this is our new student, Jean Grey. She will be rooming with you. Please show her around, take her to lunch, and make sure she’s in Xavier’s office by forth period. Thanks.”

Jean looked studied the young teen. She had long brown hair that was swept on top of her head in a ponytail. Friendly brown eyes looked out from a fresh, young face. As soon as Ororo had entered, she slammed the top of the computer down. She looked up mischievously at Jean.

“Hi! I’m Kitty Pryde and I’m a junior here, but I’ve been at Xavier’s since I was eleven. What is your talent? Me, I’m a computer whiz. All the kids here have something that makes them special. Marie, that’s our other roommate, is a great fighter. She could be a bodyguard or something, and no one would even suspect that she’s dangerous.”

This barrage of words threw Jean off balance for a second.

“I’m not accepted yet. I have to take an entrance exam.”

“You’ll get in, especially if they are already giving you a room. They almost never make a mistake on who to accept. Although I think there are a few kids who should never have been allowed to stay,” Kitty sniffed. “That bed over there is yours. There is an order list of bedding and towels and stuff you can order on the desk. Hopefully you have taste more like mine than Marie’s.”

The other bed was covered in black with gray pillows. There was no mess anywhere, and the furniture was all dark. On the walls were simple ink drawings that matched the surroundings in starkness.

Kitty continued to talk about everything from the pool to the students and teachers to the type of movies they rented on the weekends. Jean listened carefully and fixed a look of interest on her face. Her bed was by the window. She got to decorate. It was too much to hope for.

“What were you doing when Ororo came in?”

Kitty had taken a pause to breathe. “I was snooping in Scott’s computer. He doesn’t have very much on there, but he does keep a journal. Unfortunately, he’s the most boring person I know. He also talks in code on his own computer. Honestly! Come here, and take a look.”

The girls peered over the computer and laughed at the daily musings of Scott Summers, math teacher extraordinaire.

“Remy, you’ll be rooming with Bobby and Peter. They’re both in class right now, but go ahead and get settled in. I’ll send a student around to bring you to the dining hall in a little bit. You are expected in Xavier’s office immediately after lunch. Is there anything else you need?” Scott hated dealing with the new students. They always made him feel self-conscious.

“I’m good. T’anks, homme.” Remy said absently. He was looking around the room in disgust. Bobby and Peter were obviously two of the biggest slobs he had ever seen. Both beds were covered in navy and the walls were plastered with garish posters. Their clothing was spread over the thick carpet. Scott quickly left, leaving Remy alone in the huge room. He shoved everything that was creeping over to his living area over and quickly unpacked his meager belongings. When everything was just so, he opened the window and closed his eyes against the soft breeze. He just stood there, enjoying the peace for at least ten minutes before…

“Can I help you?” he asked, reluctantly turning away from the sun. He moved languidly, like a cat after a full meal. Sunglasses adorned his nose to protect his sensitive eyes from the harsh sun.

The girl in the doorway looked surprised. She had bright green eyes that were more vibrant than Jean’s and thick chestnut brown hair that cascaded in waves down her back. White streaks framed a face that had a handful of freckles scattered across her nose. She was stunning.

“Remy? I’m Marie. Scott asked me to show you the dining hall for lunch.” She was looking him over none too discreet. He found himself standing straighter under her scrutiny. Dressed all in black, he showed a very lean, trim, artsy look. She stared back, unabashed.

“Oh, ok.” His silver plated tongue had turned to lead. He saw her full lips turn upward in appreciation and her long fingers motion him to follow her. He watched her hips sway as she moved as he followed like a puppy on a leash.

“If you’ll just follow me.”

“Anywhere, chere, anywhere.”


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