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Written by Monica Tamaru
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 11

Hank stared at the door as the last of the guests left. The meeting had gone very well and so far everything seemed to be right on track. The government was very interested into pursuing the product – provided that there was conclusive evidence that it actually worked.

“I think that went rather well, don’t you?” Xavier asked, eyeing Hank speculatively.

“Absolutely. I can’t wait to further pursue the project. It sounded like they wanted tests. Human tests.” He didn’t know if he was more excited or scared. So much rode on the outcome of this.

“Yes. How close are we to that stage?”

“Very close, Xavier. Very close.”

Cece smiled at Jean as the girl sidled into the room. It seemed as if a lot of work had been piled on her immediately after accepting the position. She hadn’t seen Remy or Jean since her first day.

“Hi Jeannie. What’s going on?”

“Nothin’. Do you like working here?” Jean went and sat next to her. The medical equipment all around her made Jean grit her teeth.

“Sure I do. It’s a lot different than the ER, but I get to know the people I work with. It’s nice seeing a familiar face.” Cece absently pushed back a stray strand of hair that had fallen into Jean’s face.

“Do you remember when we left? You said if we ever needed anything, you’d help us.”

“I remember. You two…puzzled me. I missed you guys after you left.”

“We need your help.” There was no time for subtlety any more.

Remy was sweating. He managed to get down to the lower labs without tipping anybody off. Now he found himself trapped in a closet – with the most amazing news he could have dreamed for. He watched the entire meeting from a vent. He knew how to bring the Xavier Institute to its knees. All he needed was a little luck.

But right now there was a different goal in his mind. All he needed to do was get into the heavily watched section 023. That would lead him to answers concerning Jonothon Starsmore.

“Honey, I don’t think you know what you are saying. There is no way that Xavier would do such a thing.” Cece’s dark brown eyes stared into Jean’s.

“I know that it sounds strange, but believe me. Just check it out for yourself. See if what I say is true. Please.” She knew that Jean would get her way. The little girl always did with her.

“All right, Jeannie. I’ll look into it, but don’t expect me to cave without strong evidence. You go on and get back to your room now.”

Jean nodded solemnly though she felt like jumping joy. There might be a way out of this mess after all.

Jean was staring at the doorway when Scott finally made an entrance two hours later. Her hands were clutched together and her face looked pale in the harsh lamp light.

“Where’s Remy?” he asked, looking around the empty room.

Jean just shook her head. She barely glanced up at Scott, her eyes focused on the doorway.

“Jean, look at me,” he said firmly. He grasped her chin in his palm and slowly forced her to look up at him. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know…” Her voice faded out as she glanced towards the door. Cece came barreling in.

“How did you know? Why didn’t he tell me?” she yelled. Jean blinked before ignoring the women. If she kept watching for him, he would come.

“You don’t know where Remy is, huh?” Scott said softly. Jean slowly shook her head at him. “He didn’t tell you where he was going and you can tell something went wrong.” A nod.

Cece looked back and forth between the two. “What is going on at this school?”

Remy looked between the two men. Xavier and Eric were arguing furiously out in the hall. He tore his eyes away from the small window mounted in the door and looked at the young man sitting in the corner of the cell.

He looked a little older than Remy, with light brown hair and brown eyes. He was watching the door like a hawk. He had a dingy wrap wound around the bottom half of his face. It disappeared into the neckline of his shirt. He gave a pitying look to Remy when Xavier had first thrown him into the room, but had ignored him since.

Remy crept to the door and tried to flatten himself against the wall next to it. Claustrophobia was beginning to set in. He didn’t think that he could stand to be in there for very much longer. Eric peered into the room.

“He’s near the door. Little bastard tried that on me once, knocked me to the ground,” he said to Xavier, his mouth curled into a sneer.

“Get ready to grab him. I’m going to take him to the Box for a while.”

“Then what?”

“Jonothon would probably appreciate the company.”

Scott let Cece take Jean upstairs while he went down to the labs. He promised the girl that he would look for her brother, though he honestly didn’t know what he would do if he found Remy there. It’s not as if Xavier would just let him waltz back out.

He walked quickly down to the security room and accessed the cameras around the mansion. He quickly assessed that Remy wasn’t anywhere above grounds. Well, hell. He took off towards the containment area.

Jean couldn’t keep still. She sensed Remy and knew he was in trouble. She feared it had something to do with her dream, but that had been so vague. The worst thing was that she didn’t know what to do.

“Jean! Thank God you’re here! Where’s Remy,” Marie said, her voice filled with panic.

“I don’t know where he is.” She looked Marie up and down. There was guilt written across her face. “What do you know? Where is he?!”

Marie winced at the fury in Jean’s voice. “Well, I’m not sure, but I think he went downstairs to check on something.”


Marie quickly told her about the conversation she had with Remy on the roof. And what Monet told her.

“Holding cells. Great.” That explained why she felt Remy’s panic. She had to tell Scott somehow.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know.”

“You just better hope that Remy comes back up.” Jean ran out of the room, intent on hunting down Scott. “Leave the disks in the book!”

Marie shivered in spite of herself. Even though she was much bigger than Jean, she didn’t for a second doubt that the girl would follow through on the threat. And that she would seriously be in trouble.

Scott watched through the two-way mirror into the interrogation room. Remy was stalking around the perimeter, running his hands lightly over the walls. Xavier was sitting casually in the center of the room, Eric standing at his side. There was a small trickle of blood running down Remy’s face. He rubbed at it unconsciously, ignoring the men to concentrate on finding a way out. Scott could see the strain on his face as he fought the well of panic and fear.

“Now Remy, why did you come to visit Mr. Starsmore? Nobody at the school surely remembers him.” Xavier said pleasantly. He seemed to be pleased at seeing Remy stalk like a caged animal.

“Didn’ care ‘bout the boy. Wanted t’ see the room.”

“Tsk, tsk. We cannot have you lying to us. Do you want to get out of here?”

Remy nodded stiffly. On and on he paced. “Saw his name in the files. Saw the article on the ‘Net. No body. Weird stuff.”

“That’s better. Why did you think he was still here?”

“Last time I was down here, I saw pipes going in. Heard water working.” Remy could hear his blood pounding in his ears.

Scott found himself pressing against the glass. Come on, Remy!

“Did you tell anybody? Jean?”

“No. She’d get mad at me for coming down here.”

“I don’t believe you, Remy. Who else knows?” Eric tightened his hands into fists, a small smile on his lips. Remy glanced at him warily, but kept going.

“Logan knows.” That obviously surprised Xavier.


“T’at’s it.” His accent kept fading in and out. Scott hoped he could last a while longer. Once they left Remy alone, he could get him out. He just had to bide his time and hope Remy would hold up through the interrogation.

“What if I sent Eric to bring Jean down here? Would she tell me something different?” He made a mistake there. Remy fought a smile.

“My Jeannie wouldn’ tell y’ anyt’ing different.”

Logan was staring down at his bed. It was covered with clothing and papers. He was trying to decide what was important and what he was going to leave. Two packed bags were sitting in the closet. He had lived long enough to know when to cut your losses. He felt something big was going to happen, and he knew that he didn’t want to be in the center of it.

Should I tell ‘Ro? He wondered absently. Nah. It would only complicate things. He would leave tomorrow. His plane ticket to Tokyo was tucked into his wallet.

Cece was busy. Jean had poked her head in and told her to take a look at the disks that were tucked in the dictionary (under information). She wondered what the heck she was supposed to do with them. As soon as she read through the pages of research and theory, she knew what she had to do. She called Trish Tilby.

Marie was busy too. She got on instant messaging.

unTouchable1: I was 2 late

1DaddysGrl1: shit. Trouble?

unTouchable1: yup. Call in the troops?

1DaddysGrl1: R and J never used 2 b this sloppy

unTouchable1: just do it!

1DaddysGrl1: k. I’ll e-mail u with updates.

unTouchable1: thx. Bye

She hoped it was going to be in time.

He was practically whistling as he swept down the halls. Finally, his patience had paid off. Eric nodded at the students he passed, smiling politely at the young girls who looked up at him. He was told she was in her room. He paused at the halls entrance and began to count doors. Yes, his baby girl was finally going to be his once again. He knocked once and then pushed the door open.

“Can I help you?” The young girl barely glanced up from the computer on her desk.

“Is Jean here? Xavier requested an audience with her.” His frustration was barely held in check.

“She just left.” Marie stared in wonder at the man whose pale face was beginning to turn bright red. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, thank you.” Eric closed the door. The little bitch was always making things difficult for him. So, first a chase. He could live with that. Eric took off at a run.


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