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Crazy Mind, Broken Heart - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Nicole Wagner www.gambitguild.com
Last updated: 07/09/2007 08:17:39 PM

After Sinister captures and tortures Remy for telling the X-Men of his past dealings with him, he places Remy in an asylum, posing as his doctor, and telling the world he is crazy. How do you escape a madhouse, when you are sane, and no one believes you? How do you escape that kind of place with your sanity intact? Post Antarctica.

Chapter 1 Snow… it was the last thing he remembered. Snow, white, fluffy, damp, wet snow… all around him...

Chapter 2 Thinking… it’s all he could do in that damn cell was think...

Chapter 3 Months had past, and everyday was the same...

Chapter 4 Doctor Rudolph’s talk with Remy was anything but kind...

Chapter 5 Remy quickly learned that he barely had the strength to sit up in bed...


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