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Crazy Mind, Broken Heart - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Nicole Wagner
Last updated: 07/09/2007 08:17:39 PM

Chapter 2

Thinking… it’s all he could do in that damn cell was think. There appeared to be no way out, no way to defend himself if there were multiple attackers, no way to escape. “No way out” really meant “no way out”, this time. Usually, the phrase never applied to him, until today.

Sitting on the padded floor, Remy just placed his forehead on the tops of his knees, just trying to think. He knew where he was, well, to some degree at least. A mental hospital… Sinister placed him in a mental hospital! But where the hospital was, he had no clue. All he knew, from what he could tell about his room, this place had high security. Great, that meant he was locked away with some of the worst of the worst.

His hands moved to the sides of his head, trying to think of some way out of here, some way to escape. Suddenly, the door began to open, and two men walked into the room, shutting the door behind them.

“I see you’re finally awake.” One them said. They were dressed in white uniforms, the kind that had buttons on the right shoulder. God, they looked like the kind of guys you see in a 1950’s movie about crazy people. Clean cut, muscular, and one of them was holding a straight jacket. This one had a name tag on. “Adam”. “C’mon… it’s time for you to see the doctor.”

“Doctor?” Remy found himself almost speaking in a daze, as he looked up at the two men. It almost felt like he was towering over him.

“Yeah, Doctor Rudolph… Guess you were still out when you were admitted.” The man shook his head. Remy could now see the man’s name-badge. “Harry”. “C’mon… are we going to do this nice, or are we going to have to get rough with you?” Harry held out the jacket, expecting Remy to place his arms in the sleeves, and simply go along with everything, only Remy was not willing to go along with any of this.

Before Harry and Adam knew it, Remy managed to kick out the legs of both men, forcing them to fall back in pain. Moving as fast as he could, Remy bolted for the door, before hearing an alarm sound. Shit, one of those orderlies had set off an alarm, allowing everyone to know he escaped.

As he bolted down the hall, more Orderlies showed up, closing rank around him. Within seconds, he was surrounded, with other patients just sitting against the wall, or peeking out of their rooms, looking at him. Great, he had an audience. Without thinking, he went into full battle mode, the kind of mode he was in, when he fought along sight the X-Men.

He punched some orderlies, kicked a few others, just trying to clear out the large group, so he could get out, or at least try to take a pair of keys off of one of them. He fought many battles with the X-Men where he was out numbered… but the point was with the X-Men. If things got too tough, someone would get his back. Not here… not now.

One of the fallen Orderlies grabbed his leg, forcing Remy down to the ground in a cry of pain. Once down on the cold, linoleum floor, they just piled up on him, doing their best to try and restrain him.

“Son of a bitch! He broke my nose!”

“Someone get the sedative!”

“Hold him down!”

“I have the sedative! Keep him still while I inject it!”

“No!!” Remy began screaming. It was all he could do, since he was pinned down and unable to get up at this point. There had to be at least five people on him. He could feel someone bringing down the bottom parts of his pants, exposing his hip bone, and part of his leg. “I ain’ crazy! I don’ belong here! I don’ belong HERE!”

“Calm down Mister LeBeau… just calm down. You’ll feel better real soon. “ The nurse just gave him a smile, before plunging the needle into his side.

The injection made him cry out, but then gave off a cool feeling in his veins, just like the stuff Sinister used to knock him out. Breathing hard, his limbs began to feel heavy, his body was exhausted. There was no fight left in Remy, as Harry and Adam pushed past the others, straight jacket in hand.

“I don’ … belong here…” Remy managed to practically whimper. Another orderly forced Remy to sit up, and extended his arms, so that they would slip into the sleeves of the straight jacket. He was quickly buckled into it, feeling even worse than when he woke up.

“Sure, Mister LeBeau… “ Harry spoke with a sigh, helping one of the fallen orderlies up, while Adam helped another lift Remy up to his feet. “You’re going to be losing privileges for what you just did, Mr. LeBeau!”

Privileges? He was in a fucking padded room, no toilet, no bed, no blanket, nothing! What more could they take away from him!? Being forced to stand, the guy whose nose he broke, his name tag read “Ralph”, he looked pissed.

“You son of a bitch!” He spat out, holding his nose and walking away with the nurse. More than likely, Remy knew that the man would make him pay for it later, or at least try. “Damn nutcase!”

He wanted to respond to that, he wanted to tell the man he wasn’t crazy, that he was placed here as a punishment for betraying a madman… but hearing that in his mind, it did sound crazy. With a low groan, arms wrapped around his waist, and some hands were placed upon his shoulders, guiding him down the wall, the other patients just looking at him through drugged up eyes.

“I’m not like dese people…” Remy muttered under his breath, knowing that no one listened to him, or even cared. He could heard the click of a door opening, and then Harry giving him a gently push, urging him to go inside the room.

Sitting in a chair behind a desk was a grey haired gentlemen, probably in his late fifties, early sixties. He wore a white lab coat, and there were thin looking glasses on his face. With a small smile, he looked over at Remy.

“Good afternoon, Mister LeBeau, my name is Dr. Rudolph.“ He seemed to be nice, but perhaps that was a ploy to get Remy less worked up than he already was. “I heard you made quite the ruckus outside, young man. You do know such actions are not tolerated at this hospital.”

“You don’ understand… I ain’ crazy…” Remy spoke between breaths. Why was it so hard to breath all of a sudden. He could feel the sweat dripping down his face, and his chest, it felt like there was a jackhammer going. “ I… I ain’ sick…”

“Mr. LeBeau, your doctor, Dr. Nathaniel Essex, has sent you to me for as he put it “disturbing behavior, hallucinations, anger issues, becoming delusional from time to time, and server depression”.” The doctor looked into his folder, reading out every lie that Sinister told him. “You may not think it right now, but you are a very sick man, and my goal, along with the staff of this hospital, is to get you better.”

If he argued that Sinister was a mutant hell bent on making the perfect genetic mutant, and some super villain, he’d probably would be thought to be even crazier than he was, now. Breathing hard, a loud cry of pain escaped Remy’s lips, as a surge of pain went through his chest. “M-merde!! I-it… it hurts bad… m-my chest…”

The doctor cautiously moved over to Remy. If the man was delusional or hallucinating, then this was all in his head. But he had to make sure. Placing two fingers on a vein on remy’s neck, he began to take a pulse… and from what he felt, this wasn’t good.

“Dear God…take the restraints off, now! We have to get him to the lab!” Doctor Rudolph barked his orders at Harry and Adam, moving out of the room to flag a nurse over with a gurney. “Mr. LeBeau, I don’t want you to go into a panic… try and remain calm, we’re going to take you to the medical lab, and get you fixed up…”

Stay calm!? He felt like he was having a bloody heart attack over here! The two orderlies quickly placed Remy on top of the gurney, strapping him down with restraints, in case this was an act, or another escape attempt. He felt as though he wanted to just grip his chest, because the pain was just so bad. The doctor, nurse, and orderlies quickly rushed him into a medical lab, a place that scared him badly, and caused his heart to flutter a bit more.

“I… I can’ breathe…” His chest felt as though it was tighten even more. Tears escaped his red on black eyes, as the nurse began to cut away his shirt, then began pasting parts of the EKG machine to his chest. “ I can’… breathe…”

“It will be okay, Mr. LeBeau… please… just try and remain calm, like we talked about.” Doctor Rudolph gave a weak smile over to Remy, as he monitored the machine, and he ordered the nurse to place an oxygen mask over Remy’s mouth, to provide the young man with more air to breathe in. His eyes looked over at the EKG machine, seeing that the young man’s heart rate was close to being off the scale. “He’s suffering from Angina! Nurse Hudson, get me a nitro pill!

“Yes, Doctor Rudolph” Nurse Hudson quickly moved through the cabinets of the lab, and quickly finding what the doctor was asking for. She opened the bottle and took one pill out, moving back over to Remy. “Okay, Mr. LeBeau… I am going to take off the oxygen master, and slip this under your tongue… you have to keep the pill under your tongue!”

He didn’t have much of a choice at this point, did he? As soon as the oxygen mask was removed from his face, the nurse slipped the pill under his tongue. It was a rather tiny pill, but Remy managed to keep it under his tongue. Soon enough, he felt a though he could breath normally, again. His chest no longer felt tight, and his heart no longer felt like a jackhammer in his chest, anymore.

“His heart rate is back to normal, now.” Doctor Rudolph carefully monitored the machine, and then looked back at Remy. The young man seemed to be soaked in sweat, so much so, that his hair was wet. With a long sigh, he looked back down at the young man. “Mr. LeBeau… have you had any problems like this previously?”

“No… I’ve never had heart problems… before.” It took Remy awhile to speak to Doctor Rudolph, he just felt so exhausted, now. His eyes moved from the nurse, to the orderlies who just appeared stunned, and then to the Doctor, who was running his hands through what was left of his hair. “What’s wrong… wit’ me?”

“Mr. LeBeau…” Doctor Rudolph was looking for the right words to use. He was dealing with a man who lived in a so called fantasy world. Would he even understand what was wrong with him, much less remember it? “You have Angina. It means that sometimes, you’re heart will beat too fast, and it will make it difficult to breathe.”

“Can… can you cure me?” Was it like an infection? Remy had no clue what the hell “angina” even was! It almost made him wished he paid more attention to Hank’s medical babble. “You… you can fix it… right?”

“Unfortunately… there is no cure for this, Mr. LeBeau.” the doctor sighed, taking his glasses off his face to briefly clean them. “You’ll have attacks like this, every so often. We can treat you when you have the attacks, but that is all we can do, Mr. LeBeau. I’ll have your room changed so that you are closer to the nurse’s station, we’ll even you wear a heart monitor, just to make sure.” Placing his glasses on his face, Doctor Rudolph could see the look of despair on the young man’s face. “We’ll give you a heart healthy diet, and some vitamins to your medication. You’ll be just fine, Mr. LeBeau.”

All Remy could do was try to tilt his head away from then. He wasn’t going to be fine, there was no way he could make another escape attempt, not like this… and even if he were to get out, he’d have a permanent heart condition. No more being a thief, no more being an X-Men… even if they let him come back, no more anything. He had a dull look in his eyes, watching the nurse take off the things that kept him connected to the monitor, and Harry leave the room with Adam, probably going to get his new room ready. He could feel the doctor pat his leg, and begin to leave the room.

“I’ll talk to you when you are feeling better, Mr. LeBeau. For now, I suggest you stay in bed, and try not to fight off the staff, again.” Doctor Rudolph then left the room, leaving Remy alone with Nurse Hudson.

“Would you like a nice warm bath?” She gave him a cheery smile, one that made his heart sink even more. He was so weak at this point, that he needed help with a simple bath. Remy just nodded his head yes, and Nurse Hudson smiled, using a walkie talkie to get a male orderly to help her take Remy to the bathroom.

The bath itself had not been comforting or relaxing at all. The whole time, Remy just thought about what this meant for his life, now. He’d be handicapped, always worrying about another attack. He’d probably stuck in this hospital for the rest of his life, since no one seemed to care enough to look for him. Maybe Bishop was right… maybe he was going to become “the Witness”, some crazy old man in the future, the last man to know about the X-Men. He already had the long white hair for the part.

Remy’s eyes moved down to the floor. Nurse Hudson and some orderly changed him into another pair of hospital issue scrubs, with a pair of slippers and a robe. They were wheeling him into his new room, which wasn’t impressive at all. A simple room with four white walls, a single barred up window, a medical bed in the center of the room, with heavy restraints on the sides of it, and a heart monitor, ready to be hooked up to his body. Yes… the future looked dim.

“Okay, Mr. LeBeau, let’s get you hooked up to the heart monitor, and then straight to bed.” Nurse Hudson continued to sound so cheery, that it made Remy want to puke. She wheeled him over to the bed. “Nelson, can you help me get Mr. LeBeau into bed, Hun?”

“Sure, Nancy.” Nelson flipped up the pedals of the wheel chair, and easily took Remy into his arms. The kid practically weighed nothing in his arms. Poor guy, must have been so ill, he’d forget to eat or something like that. He placed Remy into med medical bed, and begin to strap him down with the restraints, while Nancy began to place the heart monitor strips on Remy’s body. Once the monitors were on Remy’s body, Nelson placed a blanket over Remy and began to tuck him in. “There we go, snug as a bug in a rug.”

“Okay… Now you’re all hooked up.” Nancy smiled at Remy, trying to get the young man to smile, as well. “Now you have a call button at your side, you just push it if you need to go to the bathroom, and someone will assist you to the bathroom. I’ll come by and help you with your dinner later.”

Once Nelson and Nancy left the room, Remy could see the door was wide open, as if mocking him. He bit his bottom lip, looking away from the monitor that checked on his heart, and towards the plain, white wall. Hopelessness finally sank in, and with that came depression. No way out.


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