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Crazy Mind, Broken Heart - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Nicole Wagner
Last updated: 07/09/2007 08:17:39 PM

Chapter 3

Months had past, and everyday was the same. He woke up, he ate, he was given a bath, sat in his bedroom, ate lunch, sat by the window in the hallway, ate dinner, take his medication, and go to bed. The only time this schedule changed was when Doctor Rudolph came to talk with him, or when he had another angina attack.

Depression sank in, and quite often. If he were to escape this madhouse, what would is life be like? The angina attacks were so bad that he was often left bedridden for a few days, until his strength returned. And even if he did not have an attack, Remy found himself out of breath often. The Guild would call him an unfit thief, and not even let him act as an active guild member. The X-Men would consider him a liability, and restrict him to teaching classes or something like that… if they ever let him back in.

Sitting in a chair that faced a window in the hall of the asylum, Remy placed his hand on his chest, just thinking. He was a sickly man, physically, not mentally. This place was basically treating him for the wrong thing, but they didn’t care. As long as he was sedated and “manageable”, they were happy.

Resting his head upon the cold metal bars of the window, he just peered outside. There were nothing but grey clouds outside, and soggy grass thanks to the rain. He felt just as gloomy as how it looked outside. Soon enough, his eyes would leave the window that lead to the outside world, and turn back to the chaos of the inside world of the hospital.

Remy was surrounded by psychopaths, sexual deviants, and even a few killers that got off on an insanity defense. If anything, he felt like a fish out of water. He was nothing like these creeps and perverts. When ever one would come by and try to talk to him, or just come too close, he’d shoot a dirty look with those red on black eyes of his. It worked almost all of the time scaring them away, for awhile.

“Hey, LeBeau!”

A sigh escaped his lips. Ralph was calling him. The guy was often rough with him, ever since he broke the man’s nose trying to escape. He frowned, looking up at the bulky orderly, a few strands of long white hair in his face. “Oui, Ralphy?”

“The doctor wants to see you, now… so you better get your ass out of that chair!” Ralph HATED it when Remy called him “Ralphy”. He viewed Remy as a stupid, sick southern hick… and he was stuck caring for him every so often. His hand moved to Remy’s shoulder, grasping it tightly and pulling him up. “I said NOW. You understand!?”

“Oui, I understand!” He hissed in pain, feeling the tight grasp on his shoulder that forced him up to his feet. Since he had been in this hospital, he had lost even more weight, making him look rather scrawny, and his hospital scrubs too big on him. Once on his feet, Ralph nearly dragged him into a room. Once in the room, Remy realized it was dark, and no doctor inside of it. As he turned his head, he watched Ralph shut the door behind him. “What de hell is dis, Ralph?”

“Payback.” Ralph smirked, speaking so coldly to Remy. His fist quickly curled up into a ball, and found it’s way to Remy’s stomach, knocking the wind out of him. As he fell to his knees, Ralph quickly kicked him in the side, as though he were nothing but a piece of trash. “You fucking mutie! You broke my nose! I’ve waited MONTHS to finally get back at you for that!”

The blows were quick and hard. Remy barely got any reaction time, thanks to the medications he was on. They left him in a bit of a daze. As soon as he was punched in the stomach, his knees buckled under him, and he found himself on his hands and knees on the floor, gasping and coughing up blood. Then, he was kicked in the ribs, forcing another cry of pain to escape his bloody lips. “You mus’ be slow if it took you months to get back at me, homme.” A weak smile came across his face, as Remy lifted his head up, looking directly at Ralph. He still managed to keep a spark of his old self still alive.

The insult hit Ralph hard. This crazy, mutant hick… was insulting him!? With a loud battle cry, he launched himself at Remy, forcing Remy on to his back, and landing several punches to the young man’s face. “You freak! You scar covered, mutant freak! No one talks to me like that! No one!” He kept punching Remy in his face and chest, his right hand covered in some blood from Remy’s nose and mouth.

The blows just kept getting harder, and the ones to his head made it ache and even more dazed. His hands curled up into fists, blindly punching at Ralph. God, he should be able to take down this guy in seconds but without his powers, and with his heart condition, he was close to helpless.

Suddenly, a sharp pain hit him in his chest. “Merde… no…” Remy thought, realizing he was having another Angina attack. He stopped punching Ralph, and grasped his chest, gasping for air. “I… I can’ breathe…. Merde… I can’ …”

“Aww… what’s the matter? Having another attack?” Ralph finally stopped punching Remy, just straddling him and watching him suffer. Seeing the young man pleading for help, covered in blood, and gasping for air was more than he could ask for. Instead of calling in a “code blue” (which was used for emergencies), he just sat on him, watching him shiver and cry out in pain. “Maybe I should just sit here and watch you for a few minutes. Let you suffer in more pain, mutie.”

“F-fuck… you…” This was a last resort. If he didn’t get Ralph off of him, he was going to have a full blown heart attack, and damage his heart further. With the little strength Remy had left, he managed to push Ralph away some, and then knee him in the groin, causing the man to cry out in pain and cup himself.

With Ralph subdued for the time being, Remy began to crawl towards the door, trying to sit up and grab the doorknob. The pain was just becoming so intense, that even doing this caused him pain beyond belief. His hand was shaking, once it grasped the knob, only it began to turn in his hand, and the door opened up.

Nelson heard some thuds coming from a room down the hall. He had just finished doing bed checks, when the noises started, once he opened the door up, Remy collapsed at his feet, his face and shirt covered in blood, and his hand on his chest. He could see Ralph with his hand covered in Remy’s blood, rolling on the floor while cupping himself. Shock just took over, and he bent down near Remy, grasping his shoulders as gently as he could.

“Oh God! Remy, what the hell happened!?” Nelson’s eyes were wide, seeing the young man shaking, his hands grasping his own chest, and tears rolling down his eyes. “Remy… Remy!”

“Can’… can’ breathe… Nelson… I… I can’ …” It was becoming harder and harder to breathe. Panic was starting to set in Remy’s mind. Was Nelson going to help him, or was he going to be just like Ralph? He seemed to care… but was it an act. “ Attack… he…. Attack…”

“Jesus…” Nelson glared at Ralph, and took out his walkie talkie, yelling into it. “Code Blue, I have a Cold Blue! I need help here!!” He quickly went back to Remy, laying him down on the ground, while checking his pulse. “Okay, okay… just hang in there, Remy… you’re going to be just fine!”

It looked like Nelson could be trusted. He had called for help on his walkie talkie, and was checking his pulse. Tears had formed in Remy’s eyes. It felt like his heart was unable to stop, and was going faster and faster. He could see the gurney and a few nurses wheeling it over to him, just as he was blacking out.

When Remy’s eyes began to open, well, tried to open at least. To his surprise, he could not open his eyes all the way, they must be swollen from those punches he took. But from what he could see, he was in a REAL hospital room, which meant that his condition had to be serious, especially if he’s hooked up to the heart monitor and oxygen mask, again.

Remy could feel someone’s hand on his own, and tried to turn his head, to see who it was. It was Nurse Hudson, and Nelson was at her side. He swallowed hard, trying to open his mouth to speak, but there was absolutely no strength to do so.

“Save your strength, Mr. LeBeau, please.” Nurse Hudson smiled at him. It wasn’t a cheery smile like she usually gave him, but a sad smile. “You had another angina attack. The pain was too much for you, so you passed out. Luckily, you didn’t suffer a heart attack, or any damage to your heart.”

Nelson stood by Nurse Hudson, folding his arms over his chest, looking down at Remy. He couldn’t believe how battered Remy looked. Sure, the man was covered in scars from head to toe, but seeing him in bruises and more stitches was just shocking.

“You won’t have to worry about Ralph, either, Remy. He tried to give some half assed story that you attacked him, again… but he was sorta caught red handed… literally.” He tried to give Remy a smile. “Yeah… that wasn’t a good joke. Sorry about that.”

“S’ok… it’s kinda funny… in a morbid way…” Remy finally managed to speak, giving a small smile back to the two. At least there were some people that did care about him, in this horrible place. “T’ank… you…”

“Don’t worry about it, Mr. LeBeau.” Nurse Hudson continued to smile at Remy. Her hand moved from his, and began to pull up the blankets of Remy’s bed, so that they were up to his chin. “Just rest for now. Dr. Rudolph will speak with you later. He’s concerned about what Ralph did to you.”

Remy wanted to laugh at that. The only time that doctor showed concern was with his medication. He still thought he was looney tunes! He just gave a small nod of his head, basically telling Nurse Hudson that he understood. There had to be a way out of this place. Now he was sure that there was no way he could physically escape the hospital… but when you can’t go in the front door, there is always a back door to go through.


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