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Crazy Mind, Broken Heart - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by Nicole Wagner
Last updated: 07/09/2007 08:17:39 PM

Chapter 4

Doctor Rudolph’s talk with Remy was anything but kind. He was told he was partially to blame for what had happened to him, and that he was to be placed in the anger management group. Partially to blame!? The man cornered and attacked him, and now he was being punished for it! He’d be stuck in a group with a bunch of psychos! Showing anger towards the good Doctor took strength, strength he did not have. Plus, it might justify his need for anger management a bit more.

As the doctor began talking about his current condition, and more medication he’d be on, a nurse knocked on the door, asking to see Doctor Rudolph. He got up from the chair next to his bed, saying he would be right back. This was hopeless, he was stuck in a hospital, physically ill, with doctors who failed to listen to him, or even care.

With what little strength he had, Remy rolled on to his side, pulling the thin blanket up around his body. He appeared to be curled up in a fetal position, just wanting to disappear from this terrible place. Curse his broken heart for making him so weak, curse those doctors who had their heads up their asses, curse them all. He closed his eyes, letting the long strands of white hair cover his pale, scar covered face.

“Mr. LeBeau?” Dr. Rudolph spoke quietly, walking back into the room. “Dr. Essex is here to see you, today. He has some concerns about your care, and would like to speak to you about them.”

Lord, no… not him! He was so weak, that Sinister could simply do whatever he wanted with him! His breathing started to pick up some, hands moving to his chest, as Remy tried to calm himself down. All he could do was pull the thin blanket of his bed closer to his body. Now he wished he could disappear.

“Doctor Rudolph…” The familiar sound of Mister Sinister echoed through the room, well, it sounded that way to Remy. He could see that the mad scientist had used his powers to look like a normal person, not the white faced demon that he truly was. He shook Doctor Rudolph’s hand and spoke to him quietly. The other doctor would simply nod his head, and then leave the room… leaving Remy with the monster he had come to fear most in his pained life. “I’m sorry to hear that my “experiments” caused you to develop a heart condition. That was not my intention, Mister LeBeau.”

Bullshit! He made his heart stop four times on the operating table, or at least that was what he remembered. “Non. You jus’ wanted at torture me, like you are, now.” Remy swallowed, his body shaking, both out of fear and because he was just too weak to put up with this. “You come to finally finish me off?”

“Finish you off?” Mister Sinister made a clicking sound with his tongue, a sign of mock sympathy. “You are of no use to me dead, Mister LeBeau. In fact, I have come to repair the damage to your heart. From the medical charts your Doctor has shown me, your condition has been rapidly declining. If your heart is not repaired or replaced soon, you will end up with a year left to live.”

“Den let me die.” There was a bitter tone to Remy’s voice. He would rather die, than make any sort of deal with Sinister. Why else would he want to repair his heart? “I won’ work fer you again, Sinister… I won’ betray de X-Men.” Even though they had left him to die, left him venerable to Sinister’s capture, he felt some sort of loyalty to them, still. They were a bunch of hypocrites, but they fought the good fight.

“Is that what you think?” Sinister walked around the bed to Remy’s side, kneeling down so that the two were looking eye to eye. “I am fixing your heart without any strings attached, Mister LeBeau. As I said, you are of no use to me dead. However, the damage to your body has already been done. Even with the repair to your heart, your quality of life may be… dismal. If you wish to fully have your life restored, then it will cost you.”

“Knew dere were strings somewhere.” Remy muttered, closing his eyes. He was frightened to ask the next question that came to his mind. “ ‘ow bad is de damage to my body?” He had to know, he had every right to know. But there was no way in hell he would agree to any deals, even if it meant returning to “normal” … or whatever “normal” was for him.

“Honestly? You will be bedridden, barely able to care for yourself.” Folding his arms over his chest, Sinister continued to speak. His tone of voice seeming so dull, uncaring… then again, this man only cared for his experiments and agendas. “Your Doctors have told you there was no damage to your heart, but your body is a whole different matter. Your last attack has basically depleted whatever strength and stamina you had left. Even if I repair your heart, your body will just be too weak to do anything other than lay your bed. I’m sure you can already feel how weak you are. Do not think I did not see the strain on your face when you rolled over on to your side, Mister LeBeau.”

It was true, it took so much effort to roll onto his side. Feelings of despair and depression started to fill his mind. Just thinking about being cared for by a nurse or a family member for the rest of his life… losing his freedom and independence… No! He was not going to give in to it! He would not allow himself to feel so helpless that he would sell what was left of his soul, not again! “Fine… fix my heart if you want. Don’ care if I be stuck on a bed fer de rest o’ my life, ‘least I’d still ‘ave my soul.”

Hearing that brought a laugh to Sinister’s lips, while he pulled a needle out of his lab coat. “You have sold yourself to me before out of desperation, Mister LeBeau. What makes you think that you will be any stronger, now?” He reached for Remy’s arm, quickly injecting the substance into his body. “I know you, Mister LeBeau… I know everything about you. When you become desperate, you will come back to me, begging for my help, willing to sell yourself into my service once again. You are a creature of habit…”

Whatever Sinister injected him with started to work. Thank the good Lord! Remy had grown tired of the bastard’s babbling and long speeches. “Creature of Habit”… was he truly like that? Would he truly go back to the man who destroyed his very soul, just so that his body would be as it was? Could he become that desperate? He began to ponder these questions, until the bliss of unconsciousness washes over his very being.

With a low groan, Remy began to wake up. That was the strange thing about the drugs Mister Sinister would inject him with, when he would inject him with them, it would be a though he had blinked. Unconscious one minute, conscious the next. His eye sight was blurry at first and then began to clear up, allowing Remy to see where he was.

The room around him was completely different than the one he remembered being in. Lord, he hated this, always waking up in new places, without any memory of how he got there. Well… at least this room was the best one out of them all. It had robin’s egg blue painted walls, with some kind of banner patter at the top of the wall, near the ceiling. He was still in a hospital bed, but there were no restraints this time, and plenty of warm blankets covering his body. There was even a window in his room, a large window with no bars!

“ ‘least he gave me an upgrade dis time.” Even his clothing was different. Instead of paper thin hospital scrubs, he had on a t-shirt and some sweat pants. This only made him frown. He knew Sinister’s game all too well. He’d tear you down, rip your body and soul apart, only to give some form of kindness to lure you back to him. It was a combination of kindness and waiting for Remy to hit rock bottom to try and get him back. “Not gonna fall fer it… I’m not gonna go back to him… I can’ .. no matter ‘ow bad dis gets, I can’ ..”

Placing a hand on his chest, he could feel through the fabric of his t-shirt that there was some heavy bandaging, probably another scar added to the many that now covered his body. “Still look like I battled a garbage disposal an‘ lost.“ A weak smirk came across at the bad joke he just made. “ ‘least I still got my humor.”

Just placing his hand on his chest felt like it took a lot of effort. The one thing he knew about Sinister always spoke the truth, especially about medical conditions and genetics. But… was he also right that he would go back? Did he truly know him better than he knew himself? Turning his head towards the window of his room, Remy managed to take a deep breath as the question continued to plague his mind.

“Maybe… maybe I prove him wrong, fer once. Maybe I show him dat he ain’ as perfect an’ full o’ knowledge, like he t’inks.” Oh how he would love to shove that in Sinister’s face, but that was not the most important thing. The important thing was proving it to himself, that he can take back his life, no matter how bad it may become.

“Oh! You’re finally awake!” A cheery, brunette nurse walked into his room, clutching a clip board to her chest, blocking her name tag from view. “How are we feeling, Mister LeBeau.”

“I ache a lil’ … but I’m okay, chere.” he flashed her a charming smile, which made the young woman blush. He still had it, he still could be charming. Perhaps he could use it to his advantage to get the hell out of here, and someplace where Sinister could not find him. “Chere… would you do me a lil’ favor? Could you get me a pad an’ pen, I wanna write a letter to my father… I’d t’ink he be worried about me, neh?”

“Oh! Of course!” The nurse continued to blush and smile, as she began to walk out of the room. “I’ll be right back with a pad and pen for you. Also, the doctor wishes to check on your condition in a bit, just to let you know.”

“T’ank you very much, mademoiselle. I am in yer debt.” Remy continued to smile. He hated to bring his father in to this mess. He brought so much heartache to the man already, but this could be his last chance out of these hospitals, his last chance to try and stay away from Sinister.


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