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Written by NicoPony
Last updated: 05/06/2007 06:22:13 PM

Chapter 2

Storm stared into the impassive face of her once enemy, turned begrudging ally, Callisto. The other woman’s eyes were hidden beneath large sunglasses despite the dim light of the surrounding chamber. Candlelight winked on the shards of crystal which were placed here and there, beautiful despite the grim surroundings. Storm eventually looked away from Callisto’s battle-hardened face to gaze at the three disfigured forms at her feet. They were in a graveyard of sorts, within the abandoned New York tunnels that the Morlocks had once called home. Simple white stones marked the resting places of the dead. All but three of the stones bore the names of the fallen. All the dead could be identified save for the three slain bodies before them, which were burned beyond recognition.

“Where are the other Morlocks?” Storm asked, her voice the barest whisper. She dared not speak any louder, for fear of hurting the sensitive mutant beside her.

“Safe...for now,” Callisto replied, her voice equally quiet, though laced with harsh bitterness.

“And your attackers? Did no one see them? Where did they go?”

“They came and went,” Callisto said. “Like thieves in the night.”

“Do you suspect...” Storm began, but her throat closed up before she could utter the name.

“The Marauders?” The corner of Callisto’s mouth rose in a hateful sneer. “It wasn’t like before. You saw what happened last time. It was a blood-bath. No, this was something else,” she waved her hand to indicate the three charred corpses. “These three were singled out. No one else was harmed, though one was taken.”

Storm blinked, looking away from the bodies and back into the mirrored lenses of Callisto’s sunglasses. “Taken? Who?” Storm asked a little too loudly, and Callisto flinched and put a hand to her ear. “I am sorry,” Storm whispered and extended her hand to touch the other woman’s arm.

Callisto side-stepped Storm’s affectionate touch. She shook her head slightly, to indicate there was no harm done, though she kept her hand pressed to her ringing ear. “Marrow,” Callisto eventually replied. “She’s gone. We found one of her knives along the access tunnel,” Callisto reached behind her and drew a metal blade from her belt. She offered it to Storm. “Signs of a fight. Some blood. Whose, we don’t know.”

Storm turned the steel blade over in her hands. There was no trace of blood on the blade. The significance of the knife was not lost on her. “But this is not Sarah’s,” Storm whispered. “Sarah would not have need for a blade like this. Unless...”

“Sarah retains the physical attributes of her mutation, but her powers have been taken from her. For better or worse, she is human now.”

“It seems very much for the worse, my friend,” Storm replied.

Callisto took the blade from Storm’s hands and exchanged it for the handle of a spade. “Shall we get started?” she asked.

Storm nodded, her long white hair falling into her tear-streaked face. “Yes, let us begin.”

For the next few hours, the chamber echoed with the sharp sounds of the spades in the dirt. To the hyper-sensitive mutant Callisto,* these echoes were perhaps the most painful sounds of all.

(*Post House of M: Callisto’s original form and powers were restored temporarily by the Terrigen Mists.)


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