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Written by Protege moi
Last updated: 07/30/2007 11:36:51 AM

Chapter 7

Charles Xavier picked up the remote and flicked off the TV. He couldnít help but feel an incredible sense of disappointment as he returned the remote to its resting place on the coffee table. Several X-Men gathered in the common room to take in the news reports being broadcast on pretty much every channel. Charles didnít have to scan the room telepathically to gauge the reactions of his X-Men. A lot of them were so completely taken aback by the current events that their emotions were ruling them. Thoughts of shock and unease were being blatantly projected and Charles was unable to ignore them.

The unexpected nature of First Contact from the Shiíar still lingered in the air, though their other world allies had announced their existence to Earth a little over twelve hours ago.

"Youíd think weíd at least get a íHey guys, Iím gonna be in the neighbourhood,í" Bobby commented.

"I second that frustration, Bobby," Hank replied. "I, too, am feeling a tad miffed at the lack of warning given, considering the numerous times weíve aided her causes."

"Fair is fair," Logan growled from the corner of the room.

"I believe Logan to be correct," Ororo responded. "It would only have been polite."

"I am certain she has her reasons for not saying anything," Charles countered. However, he wasnít sure if it was to convince the X-men or himself.

"Am Ah thaí only one who thinks this is a little strange foh a lady whoís usually the perfect example of manners?"

"No, Rogue," Xavier replied. "It is very odd for Lilandra to ignore any form of Politess. As much as I do not fully understand Shiíar social graces, I have to admit to feeling...snubbed."

His use of a more colloquial word earned Xavier a raised eyebrow from Scott, but Scott remained silent as he had all day long. Charles resisted the urge to pry into Scottís mind for some inkling as to what he was thinking, but he knew that in time the X-Menís leader would speak up after thoroughly thinking things through.

"Have you been able to make contact with the Flag Ship, Charles?"

"No, Storm, I have not." He desperately whished he could talk to Lilandra and find out the reason for all of this! "I tried earlier to make telepathic contact with her, but she effectively waved me off and has been ignoring me since."

"Maybe we should try sendiní a message to the ship," Sam proposed.

"Itís too dangerous," Scott shook his head, finally speaking up. "If our signal was intercepted, weíd have a lot of very powerful people asking a lot of uncomfortable questions."

"Yeah, aní we already got enough problems with hate groups aní government as it is. We donít need more media attention than we already got," Logan added.

"Loganís right," Scott said. "We canít let on that we have prior knowledge of the Shiíar or that we have access to their technology. It would compromise the schoolís anonymity."

"Uh, guys..." Bobby interrupted. "I hate to change the subject, but I think we should maybe talk about the more recent take on the news."

All eyes focused on Bobby.

"What do you mean, Robert?"

"Well, Ro, it sends shivers down my spine when I think about America declaring war on the Shiíar."

The X-Men had been following the news broadcasts around the clock and were all disgusted and horrified by what they saw. The United States government was urging the world to see these aliens as a threat. It wasnít so out of the question to assume many of their allies would follow suit, and join with the American train of thought. As much as Charles loved his country, he was quite discouraged by its decisions. American news agencies were already hypothesizing defensive military strategies, and trying to predict what the Pentagonís logical course of action would be.

"I have images of Independence Day floating through my head, but this time it doesnít look so pretty for earth," Bobby added.

"I have to agree," Ororo said. "Those images are less than encouraging, as much as they are apt."

Having seen the film, Charles could only nod his head in agreement.

"The Shiíar do have superior technology and firepower to that of Earthís." This time it was Bishop who spoke. "I guess even in this time stream weíre still stuck with xenophobic policies created by scared idiots."

"Even though Lilandra has a soft spot for the X-Men, does that extend to our planet? I mean, if push comes to shove and Earth becomes hostile towards the Shiíar, Iím betting her Empire comes first regardless of what the X-Men have done for her." Jeanís comment finally voiced the unspoken fear.

"Yeah, aní itís not as if yíall can go runniní tí Langley waviní a white flag foh the Shiíar folk."

"Too right, Rogue," Scott agreed. "They would want some kind of proof for a claim like that."

"That puts us right back to the issue of having prior knowledge of an alien race." Ororo stated plainly. "Are we willing to admit that we have had contact with extra-terrestrial life and kept this knowledge from government agencies?

"As much as I would like to see a peaceful existence between the Shiíar and Earth, I do not see how we can safely reveal what we know to the Military."

"The risk to our security it too great," Bishop concurred.

There was an uncomfortable silence that settled over the common room. There was one common thought that was blaring at Charles: if Earth went to war Earth would loose, and this time the X-Men seemed powerless to prevent it.

"Well, I knew sheíd do it one day, but I guess I never really expected it to happen this soon," Logan admitted, getting up from his spot. He made a motion towards the kitchen, an empty bottle of Molsonís Export in hand.

However, just before Logan crossed the threshold of the room, he turned around and looked at the Professor. "So, Chuck, did Lilí send any word on how she intends to keep Gumbo outta this mess she just created for him?"

Charles was immediately hit by a wave of guilt and concern. The X-Men were all aware of Remyís assignment, but none had heard any word from their resident Cajun thief since heíd landed on Chandilar.

"As of a few days ago, Lilandra still hadnít heard any word from Gambit, though she did not seem too surprised by that. She had an inkling that he would have to ígo darkí very early on.

"Unfortunately, as I stated before, I havenít heard from Lilandra since." Charles paused, wrinkling his brow. "Had I known she was planning this, I would have insisted Remy be removed from his assignment." He couldnít ignore the looks of worry he received from Ororo and Rogue, but he had no reassurances to give to them.

"Heís gotten himself out of many hairy situations before; Gambit can take care of himself," Scott stated coolly, his arms crossed. Charles was well aware that Scott did not harbour much concern for Gambit, nor was he emotionally attached to the man. It did not surprise Charles that Scott would prefer to waste little time discussing Remyís safety. This emotionless reassurance was all the team was going to get from him.

"Maybe so, Cyke," Logan shrugged. "But then again, heís never been an alien in the worst Bronx you can imagine on a planet he ainít ísposed tí know about. Aní then Chandilar goes aní makes First Contact with his home world. Not to mention, Gumboís injured." Logan paused and shook his head. Charles could only assume that he was giving Scott time process the implications; however, Logan continued to drive the point home.

"I donít know that too many oí the territorial thugs weíve been told íbout, especially thaí smart ones, íre gonna find it just a mere coincidence that heís there." With that, Logan started towards the kitchen again.

"In my experience, Fearless, they ainít gonna be too happy íbout this."

Toríkol was irritated. All of those who worked near him knew he hated interruptions, especially ones he did not ask for. Regardless, Daiímon, the man heíd sent to gather intelligence on this unwelcome Terran, was in front of him, seemingly out of breath. Toríkol narrowed his eyes at the figure in front of him.

"This had better be extremely important," he sneered. "Your thirty six hours are far from complete and I am rather busy at the moment."

Toríkol was in another council meeting to discuss this Terran immigrant. He had left instructions that his council was not to be disturbed unless the building was on fire or there was some other catastrophe in progress. However, Toríkol did not smell even the faintest trace of smoke. The grip on his patience was growing weaker, so he continued his severe glare at the incompetent Shiíar in front of him.

"Sir, Iím terribly sorry to interrupt; I know how much you donít apprecia..."

"Out with it," he said to Daiímon.

"Yes, sir," he replied and began speaking rapidly. This was not usual for Daiímon, as he was rather chicken-shit when it came to talking to Toríkol; however, Toríkol appreciated not having to pry answers out of him this time around.

"Youíd better turn on the news. Chandilar has just made first contact with the Terrans! Itís got to be more than a coincidence!"

For the first few moments after the proclamation Toríkol said nothing.

"Hmm," it was the first sound Toríkol made. He brought his fingers to his lips as he pursed them. "This does not bode well for our Terran friend."

Daiímon remained silent. He knows better, Toríkol thought to himself. And he preferred the silence. No one spoke unless they were asked to do so.

"Very well, Daiímon, you have proven to bring news worthy of disrupting this council."

Daiímon nodded his head quickly in acknowledgement, but Toríkol gave it little attention. He was now barking out orders to those around him.

"I want him brought in. He has a lot to explain for! Do we have any new surveillance info on him?"

"Sir, we will give the request for whatever info the field agents have, reported or not," a rather large, scary looking goon said.

"Good. Now tell the girl outside to send in the news feed to our conference room media screens." Toríkol folded his lanky hands on his lap after pushing his chair back and crossing his legs.

"Letís see what Terra is all about," Toríkolís lips formed a sadistic grin. "Maybe it will give us a little insight into our visitorís purpose in my realm." His grin took on a supremely satisfied look.

He didnít appreciate strangers in his territory, especially strangers who came under ambiguous circumstances. His tolerance for them was almost non-existent, as trouble seemed to almost always follow behind them. So, this alien was about to receive a lesson in what happened when Toríkolís tolerance was exceeded.

The only thing stopping Toríkolís grin now were his ears.


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