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Days of Future PEZent - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by RV Bemis
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 1

Remy LeBeau walked on the boardwalk of Atlantic City, wounded from the recent "expedition" and laden with guilt. "I am a monster," he muttered to himself, "How could I not see what Sinister wanted from me? And for all dis guilt all I got was dis?" He pulled the small package from one of the

many pockets of him trademark trenchcoat. "Dat damn Sinister, rippin' me off. Dis es NOT a 1963 Mickey Mouse Pez Dispenser! Dat man don't tink I don't know de difference between Mickey Mouse and Mighty Mouse? Dats de last straw!" He threw the Pez over the boardwalk into the ocean. "I will NEVER commit another sinister act for my Pez addiction again!!!"

"Have you ever heard of a mutant band of heroes called the X-Men?" She was growing up right before his eyes. Storm, when he befriended her, was no older the 12, but now she was a gorgeous, voluptuous African goddess - in a matter of 10 minutes no less!

"No, chere, I never heard of dem. I don' pay much attention to anyting outside of the latest art robberies."

"Perhaps you would like to join us? We are much like you family in New Orleans. There is Banshee, who is harder to understand, speech-wise, than you are. Not to mention Forge. I love the way Forge collects those... those things... you know? They hold little candy pieces, and have goofy

heads on them..."

"Pez!!" Remy was astonished, "You have Pez? Count me in ma cherie Stormy! I tink I'm gonna like hangin' wid de X-Men." Gambit ignored Storm's chiding about him calling her Stormy. He was busy, thinking of Pez. "How long ago was it?" he thought to himself, "since I worked for Sinister? It was just after Belladonna died... but wait, she's still alive, she can't die until X-Men #9, after I've joined dem. At any rate, dis is perfect!" Remy grinned from ear to ear... "I'll join de X-Men, and get all of does Pez dispensers from dis 'Forge' guy - and wid all those Dispensers to

shoot out kinetically charged candy..."

"...I'll take over de world!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! uhhhhh...

ooops." Remy realized he said the last part out loud."

"What was that my friend?" Storm inquired.

"Noting, chere. Let's be off to join your friends. I feel the need for their Pezence... I mean presence."

It had been a few months since Gambit had joined the X-Men. He did some fun things, like hand with the Starjammers and beat the tar out of Wolverine. But, Remy had yet to get the Pez dispensers.

"Have a good time you two lil' love birds!" Remy called out to Storm and Forge as he sent them off to a romantic dinner, "I be okay here."

Gambit made his way through the mansion to Forge's room. "Must get dem Pez dispensers," he muttered to himself. He opened the door to Forge's workshop, and...

"WHOA!" Gambit was in heaven. On the far left wall, there were shelves and shelves and shelves full of Pez dispensers. "Dis is paradise - I have never seen so many Pez dispensers in my life." He then turned his attention to the work table. "Dat man Forge," he said to himself, "always tinkering wid someting or other... what's dis?" He picked up what appeared to be a Pez dispenser, but, instead of where one would push up the bottom to dispense Pez, there was a trigger on the back. There were five of them, each had a carefully sculpted head of all five original X-Men - Cyclops, Marvel Girl, the Beast, Angel and Iceman!

Gambit put all five into his trenchcoat. "I must hide dese, wait until de time is right... but soon, I will use these souped-up Pez dispensers and TAKE OVER DE WORLD!!! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Gambit then went to hide them in a spot no one would ever find them...


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