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Days of Future PEZent - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by RV Bemis
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 2

Snow... ice... what Hell would look like if it froze over. Gambit stared at the landscape of Antarctica. "You know, wid all dis hair on my head you would tink I'd have some chest hair or someting. Damn is it cold." Moving forward, Gambit tripped over something buried in the snow. Upon digging, he found the frozen body of Brett. "So dis es what happened to Landscape. Was wonderin' where he was durin' dat whole trial ting. Guess he didn't have no invitation." Gambit made for what appeared to be the Savage Land, shivering and freezing along the way.

"Oh boo hoo hoo. Boo hooh hoo." Rogue emptied the tissues out of the twenty-third box of Kleenex. "Ah do so miss Remy. Ah'd go back and get him, but I'd rather just sit here and bawl mah eyes out and get sympathy from the rest of the X-Men." Rogue looked at the trenchcoat Remy had hidden with her new costume, which, strangely, was not found by Bastion and his crew. She picked it up, and pulled out five cards from the pocket on the inside - 3 aces, 2 eights.

"Dead Man's Hand... mah gawd Remy! What have I done?!?! Rogue almost got up to fly away, but instead, she headed for the twenty-fourth box of Kleenex, and bawled her eyes out some more.

"You know, a tennis court and a big house with a thermo-nuclear generator, and I could make a nice summer home here." Gambit was attempting to forget the cold by humoring himself. He stumbled, faltered, fell upon the snow.

"Least she coulda done was gimme my shirt," he muttered as he wiped snow from his chest.

Remy reached for his pocket, to see if there was anything there to charge up and start a fire or something. His hand fell upon a long, straight object. "Pez!" Remy grinned. "I'm gonna get through dis lil' es-ca-pade after all." He quickly pulled out a blue Pez dispenser with a Tweety Bird head, filled to the brim with delicious cherry Pez. "Now, let's see, I use de Pez as a signal flare, and someone es bound to see it." Remy charged the candy with his mutant power, and fired a charged Pez into the air which exploded. He did this a couple more times, and then collapsed.

"De candy will save me... must have more faith in de candy den in Rogue...I live through dis and I'm gonna have to have a loooong talk wid that girl..." his final thoughts stopped just as a strange bald guy on a dogsled arrived upon the scene.

Storm sat in what was Remy's room, which was now bare thanks to Bastion.

"I miss that Cajun. He was a good friend. I would go and save him, but I am too busy sending Wolverine after Marrow and chiding Sam for trying to be nice to her." She noticed a floorboard space where the pattern did not quite fit in the the rest of the pattern. The untrained eye would miss it, but Storm, being trained as a thief, spotted it easily.

"Goddess, what has Remy managed to hide here?" She pried open the floor, and found some objects: the Hope Diamond, an original copy of the Articles of Confederation, an autopgraphed Carl Yaztremski jersey, and...

"Forge's special Pez dispensers? Why does Remy have them? These have been gone a long time. There must be a reason. I shall have to see if the Goddess has preserved my friend, and go to Antarctica to pick him up."

Storm raised her arms into the air, shouting, "Winds from the North, direct me to my friend so that I might find the reason he has my ex-lover's Pez dispensers." And off she was...


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