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Days of Future PEZent - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by RV Bemis
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 4

"What de hell happened here?" Gambit looked over the gutted mansion, devoid of so much he used to remember. "You know, if de X-Men needed cash I woulda stolen some stuff for ya. I mean, no need to hold a huge garage sale or nuthin'"

"Remy," Storm began, "The mansion was robbed of the interior by a madman known as Bastion. He was the one who planted a bomb in Scott. Weren't you listening on the way home?"

"Non, chere. Was too busy hurling up vital organs due to hearing 'bout dat Soylnet Green stuff." Gambit made his way towards his room. "I be right back, chere."

"He's here, Callisto. That pretty-pretty gene-jerk traitor is here."

Marrow stood over her debilitated mentor, looking at here with trademark fire in her eyes.

"I don't care, Sarah. He means nothing to me. Far as I'm concerned, at least he saved you. It don't free him of what he did, but it's the past now." Callisto coughed a bit, and blinked a couple times. "He joined the X-Men for some reason. The same reason I want you to work with them. You

need to attone girl, to learn to be a part of something good. Tell me you'll try."

"I promise nothing. He sold us out. I want his blood! I want to string him to a tree by his steaming intestines! I want to display his brain in a jar for fourth grade students to study! I want..."

"Sarah. Don't. The pain you inflict comes back to you a hundred times over. Just try to learn what it is to be a part of a good thing."

"We'll see. I ain't going to make it easy for pretty-pretty traitor." Marrow stood to leave.

"I never said you should," callisto coughed as Sarah left.

"De floorboard... somebody found my stash." Gambit rumaged through his possessions. The Hope Diamond, "Boy, dat was a fun pinch," an original copy of the articles of Confederation, "An' who said I was unpatriotic?" an autographed Carl Yaztremski jersey, "De man gave me de shirt off his

back," several precious stones...

"De PEZ! Where is de PEZ?!?!"

"Looking for these, Remy?" Storm stood in the doorway, holding the five PEZ shooters made by Forge. "Care to tell me why you have my ex-lover's specially made PEZ dispensers?"

"Stormy, it is a long story, chere."

"I have time, tell me."

"I... I can't. The downward spiral of my character demanded by Marvel Comics ensures dat I have to keep a secret for de next 3 years, even when everyone readin' has figured out what dat secret is."

"Remy, you cannot hide behind that excure anymore. We shall talk about the PEZ dispensers later. I want everyone to come see you. Scott and the others returned a couple days ago. Everyone has the right to know that you are back."

"Oui, Stormy. Let's be gettin it over wid."

Rogue buried the body of the now-dead Joseph (notice this writer fulfilled the promise of the summer by killing an X-Man quicker then the other ones on the book... okay, enough editorial patting-on-the-back in the middle of the story) in the backyard. "Ah cannot believe he died just by seein' me nekkid. I mean, ah know ah'm a sight to behold, but it's not something that Psylocke pretty much did. Ah mean, her outfit may as well be her nekkid..."

"Cody... Remy... now Joseph... this track record of mahn ain't doin' so well..." Rogue muttered to herself.

"Miss Rogue! Miss Rogue!" Cannonball was more excited then Eric Cartman's mother at a private session on the "RuPaul" show. "You gotta get back to the mansion, ma'am. Big news!"

"Okay Sam, ah'm on the way."

"By the way. We all know that what happened with Joseph wasn't yer fault. He shoulda known better then to bust into your room without knockin'. So don't warroy 'but it."

"Okay Sam, let's get back."

The reactions were plenty and varied.

"Though you were most certainly an accessory to the genocide of a group of individuals along time ago," Beast began, "I cannot think that you joined the X-Men for any reason other then to try and redeem yourself for that crime. Though I wish you would have said something much earlier then that 'trial' back in Antarctica, I believe that you are entitled to a second chance."

"Gambit," Iceman began, "You are a disgrace to this organization. Never mind the fact that you developed your powers quicker and better in less time then me. You don't deserve to hang out with us."

"Remy, though what you did in the past was horrible, I cannt help but see what you have done in the name of Xavier's dream. Your unswerving dedication since you joined with us is not unnoticed by me." Cyclops began into some tangent about Xavier's dream, which everyone ignored.

"I'm glad to see Mr. Remy back," Cannonball started, "I mean, now that Tabby and I ain't so hot n' heavy, I could use some tips to pick up chicks and stuff."

"Pretty-pretty traitor boy. I'm going to lop your head off at the neck. I'm going to make you a poster boy for open-heart surgery. I'm going to make a delicious delicacy out of your toes. I'm going to..." need I mention who that was?

"YOU COST ME MY WINGS!" athe Angel began, "Then you stood by my side without even so much as a word. I hate you. I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! and I'm going to whine like a spoiled-rich kid until I get my way! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I..."

"Bub. If there's anyone who knows anything about having a checkered past, it's me. What you did was incredibly stupid, but bub, even though I ain't the one who loved you most, you at least should get a second shot at redemption." Wolverine took a couple puffs and smiled maliciously.

"SCOTT!" was all Jean Grey managed to say, as usual.

"REMY! Ya'll alive!" Rogue ran up to Remy, totally forgetting herself, and kissed him long, hard, on the lips and with the tongue down to his tonsils. "Oh mah gawd! What have I done?"

"Nuting chere," Gambit, incredibly, was okay." You see, I tink dat de more we touch, de more I grow immune to it. I mean, you swipe any toughts just den girl?"

"Ummm, no."

"So now we have de loophole! No more 'xcuses chere. We can go forward."

"Mah gawd! This has to be a dream."

"Remy," Scott began again, "I am glad to have you back. But, in order to stay, you must submit to a mind probe by Jean. Will you do it? Because if not, we'll just take you back anyway, but boy, everyone will get pissed because of the total lack of use in the psychic department. Can't have

Marvel breathin' down our asses..."

"Scotty mon ami, I will do it. Nuting to hide now."

"10 minutes, go eat something and be back here in the War Room."


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