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Days of Future PEZent - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by RV Bemis
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 5

"Remy," Jean began, "I will be traveling through the inner-most regions of your psyche. Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"Sure, chere. It'll kill off a couple hours. 'Sides, I like de idea of you in someone else's head other then ole' fearless over there. His mind can't be all dat fun."

"Never you mind Mister LeBeau. Let's just get this over with." She sets her hand to his forehead, mostly symbolic, not that she really needs to touch LeBeau in order to read his mind. Of course, she always just wanted to touch him... those eyes... that body... that pseudo-French accent... just so much more excitement then plain old whitey-tighty Slim Summers.

"Now rest Remy... this will be a little while..."

Angel, in his anger, flew from the mansion. "Those traitors," he thought maliciously, "They let Gambit back in. How could they?"

"Wait up shugah." A familliar southern-fried female voice yelled out to Warren Worthington."

"What do you want Rogue? It is too late to apologize, you let my suffering back in to haunt me."

"Don'tcha'll think Remy deserves a chance? I mean, what he did was wrong, but he joined us. He isn't evil. He made a stupid mistake."

"His mistake cost me my WINGS - my very SOUL. I will never forgive him."

"What about Jonathan?"


"Surely you remember Jonathan, shugah. The very last person you slaughtered in the name of Apocalypse. I was the only one there to witness it. Are you any more holier then Remy? You killed him because he tried to stop you and that madman."

"At least it was by my own hand! He stood in the shadows as the Marauders killed hundreds of innocent Morlocks and..."

"And he rescued one and almost died when he realized what he had done. I was in his head, I know shugah. He feels guilty as all hell."

"Does he feel guilty because of what he did or because the truth was finally found out?!?"

"Both. Warren, give him a chance to make it up to you. He stood as an X-Man before we found out. He just wants to be a part of something right. You understand that dontcha. Are you so base to see that?"

"No, just scarred. I need time alone... I'm going to do like every other good X-Man in their time of need, and leave the group. Godforbid I surround myself with friends to help me through the tough times."

"Take care Warren..."

Rummaging through the surface of Remy's mind was like reading a fanfic by R.V. Bemis - going in so many directions it wasn't funny. "Hmmmm... Rogue in a thong... stealing an expensive emerald in a month... Rogue dripping in chocolate syrup... where is my Harley... summer home in Antarctica...

assumed look on Joseph's face seeing Rogue naked... seeing Rogue naked..." Jean was, of course, kind of put off, "Damn Remy," she thought, "Enough with the XXX-rated thoughts. Let's go deeper..."

Digging through his subconscious, she found a repressed memory. Intrigued, she dug deeper, and then "AAAAAHHHHH! Remy! so that's why you led the Marauders... an addiction worse then smoking, worse then drinking... it was... PEZ?!?!" Obviously disturbed, she probed further... further into Remy's mind where even Remy didn't dare go...

"New Orleans... wait, before, yes, before joining the guild... a young boy... stealing your PEZ dispenser with the Betty Boop head... crying... such pain... your mother... ignores you... you run away..." Jean broke from the probe in a state of shock.

Remy awoke. "What you see in dere, chere?"

"You don't want to know."

"Waiting... always waiting in the dark. Pretty-pretty gene-jerk traitor has to come back to his room come time." Marrow sharpened a bone blade with her teeth as she mused over what she planned to do next. "He thinks him saving me from meany-meany Marauders will save him from my red-hot wrath. Pretty boy is wrong. I'll slaughter him, and then his pretty-pretty girlfriend. Blood for blood..."

The door opened slowly...


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