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Days of Future PEZent - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by RV Bemis
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 6

Swooping, dipping, barrel-rolling. Warren Worthington felt ALIVE! Flying through the grounds of his expensive home, Warren felt care-free, and far away from those who let his pain back to haunt him.

"But you can never forget it... can you?" A familiar voice called to him from 30 feet away.

"You.. you're not real!"

"But I am. I am as real as you... or should I say as real as myself which is you." Angel was staring at himself in his Archangel gear.

"I am no longer that man. You must be the guilt of my past calling to me from my conscious to remind me of what I once was."

"Okay, you got me there. It was required in the by-lines. But since I'm here, let's chat a bit rich boy."

"About what?"

"You know. About Gambit. What he did was wrong. But look at the good he accomplished with the X-Men. He never betrayed the team. He made a mistake as a young man. He's changed."

"Don't listen to him Warren." Angel was feeling like he was in the middle of a Looney Tunes Episode. To the other side, 30 feet away, was another image of him, in his red Angel outfit, but with devil's horns instead of a halo on the chest."

"He led the Marauders to slaughter you! Chop off your wings! He doesn't deserve another chance, he deserves to lose his traitorous neck."

"Don't listen to him Warren! You are not evil! You are an X-Man! You must forgive Remy for his mistake!"

"He had you crucified and never said a word! Kill him!"

"He stood with the X-Men against Magneto. And Omega Red. And the Upstarts. And Mojo. He was there when Xavier took the team to Asteroid M. He has changed. Forgive Him!"

"Kill the traitor!"

"Forgive the repentant!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Why are you doing this to me? Couldn't you have just let me fly off, vent by myself, and return me later? NOOOOO! YOU had to torture me with this cliched good conscious / bad conscious cartoon crap!"

--Well, I never could stand you as a character, Warren. I had to torture you. It was a good idea to me, and I'm the author, so DEAL!--

Warren fell to the ground with a loud THUD...

"Have to injure me, too, right?"

--Of course.--

"Storm... I have a problem. One dat even de Betty Ford clinic couldn't help..."

"Good lord Remy. Heroine?"

"No no no, chere," Gambit stopped walking towards his room and faced Storm, "I... I have an addiction to... PEZ. It's not something I'm proud of..."

"But Remy my friend. Why?"

"Jean told me dat when she was goin' throu my mind, a boy stole a PEZ dispenser from me when I was real young. It hurt... changed me hard... made me start stealin... stealin PEZ. Dat was how I got in de tieves guild. I tried to steal a PEZ dispenser from Jean-Luc LeBeau."

"I thought it was his wallet you were after."

"Dat was just a rumor I started. Couldn't let you tink I was stealin' PEZ. My rep woulda taken a real blow."

"So why did you steal Forge's special dispensers."

"It was like a dream come true. Before I joined de X-Men, I found dat de special sugars in de PEZ worked extremely well wit my ability to charge tings." Remy stopped, breather, continued, "when charged with enough kinetic energy, it causes a bang bigger den anyting ever seen by man. I blew up a huge crater in de swamps. I had dreams of over-running de world wid dis new-found discovery... but den I led de Marauders. Sinister promised me a special PEZ dispenser dat would shoot de charged PEZ wherever I liked. But he ripped me off. It was a normal dispenser. In disgust of it all, I swore off PEZ... until you brought it up."

"And then you stole the PEZ dispensers from Forge because you knew they could help you. But why did you not just use them immediately?"

"Because, chere, I learned to love de team... de dream... plus Forge woulda known and you woulda kicked me out."

"Well, let's discuss this more in your room," and Storm turned open the knob to Remy's room..."

Rogue flew back to the mansion. "Gotta talk to Remy." Then, aslight pain flew over her knee... not enough to hurt her, just enough to notice."

"Someone's in Remy's room. Better get there quick. Wonder where that came from... ah well."

Remy stopped Storm. "Chere, I'm gonna get changed. You go wait in your room, I be right dere."

"Okay my friend. I will be waiting."

Remy opened the door to his room, and easily caught the bone dagger thrown right at his chest. "'Allo Marrow. As you can see, dis ain't no 'What If? #106 where de writers ferget dat I can catch things from mid-flight like nuthin' doin'. Now, lemme guess - vengence, correct?"

"Pretty-pretty, I'll tear you up like a bad credit offer in the mail. Your head and entrails will decorate my basement room. You will..."

"And yadda yadda yadda, petite. I heard what happened 'tween you and Wolverine. Ting being is dis - I won't let up to give you de choice. We dance, we dance to de end, and as I said to Wolverine soooo long ago - BANG! You dead."

"Can you so easily kill another Morlock traitor?"

"Far as I'm concerned chere, you ain't no longer a Morlock, just a poor 'cuse for a terrorist. I saved you before, and what I did was a mistake, but I won't let you kill me."

"You won't have a choice pretty-pretty!" Marrow threw another bone dagger at Gambit, who, once again, caught it like nothing-doing.

"Now, you want to try again, or can we have de nice friendly chat?" The answer came as Marrow lunged forth in a jump-kick that would have landed on Gambit's jaw, except Gambit cooly caught Marrow by her ankle and tossed her on top of his bed. "Ireckonnot."

The fight was anything but poetic. Marrow kept coming after Gambit, who kept fending her off with little effort. Thirty minutes had elapsed, Marrow was sucking wind on the floor, Gambit hadn't even broken a sweat. "Petite, I'm truly sorry for what I did. But I'm trying to be a part of

someting good. I suggest you do de same. Now please vacate my room. I don't wish to slaughter anyone."

"You said a couple paragraphs ago you would kill me pretty boy. chickening out? Get it over with and kill the last thing keeping you from happiness."

"Petite, dat would not make me happy. I'd rather see you grow to be something more. Something better then those piss-poor writers at Marvel made me out to be. Go now."

"You'll regret leaving me alive, LeBeau. It ends now." Another bone was tossed at Gambit, who's back was turned to open the door out...


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