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Days of Future PEZent - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by RV Bemis
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 7

"AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIYYYYYYYYAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEYAAYAAAYAAAAAYAYAAYAYAYAYA!!!" was all everyone heard for the next two minutes as a chakram collided into Marrow's bone inches before it was to gauge into Gambit's neck.

"Oh good lord," Marrow muttered, "I shoulda smelled the cross-over comin'"

Standing before her was, well, some chick in tight black leather spilling out all over the place.

"I am Xena, and LeBeau is mine!" (Bet ya'll didn't see THAT comin' now did'ya? Admit it! You all thought Rogue was gonna save Remy and I made a baaaaaaaaad cross-over that will end up ruining the story like most Marvel cross-overs and.... oh, sorry...) Anyway, Xena continued, "You can't harm LeBeau, because I claim rights to him!" Of course, she strided over to Gambit and proceeded to aim for his tonsils with her tongue.

At that very same moment, Rogue flew into Remy's room, to see him lip-locking with Xena - WARRIOR PRINCESS (trademark MCA entertainment or something). "Remy! What are you doing with this slut from centuries ago?"

"Chere, I do not know. 'parrently de author saw the need for a senseless cross-over, and I was de recipient of de creative liscense."

"Now Remy, tell them how Sinister sent you back into the past and you were my number one thief. Sinister brought me here - I'm the hand Sinister dealt you. You ready to play it?"

"Ah'll kill you!" rogue flew fist-first into Xena, who smiled, drew her sword and went after the Southern Belle.

"So Remy, guess your little wench here doesn't understand the deal Sinister made you."

"Chere Xena, I owe de man nuthing. I ain't worked for him in years. Dis es just his way of making my life difficult until I work for him again. It ain't gonna work, mon ami."

While Remy was busy explaining, Marrow had run into her basement, and Rogue and Xena were going at it. The battle was mythical - like it was a time of gods, warlords and kings. Like the world was crying for a hero... and she was Xena, warrior princess. And Rogue decided that she had had enough of the silliness, and removed her glove, touched Xena's face, and Xena went out cold. But, as she did so, she vaporized, back into her own century.

"Remy," Rogue began, "Why? why did you have Sinister send you to Xena's time?"

"It was part of his genetic plot. He recognized de woman as the first true mutant. He figured dat if he could get a mutant from de future to 'intertwine' his DNA with de raw mutant genetic code, he could..."

"Stop talkin' like the Beast and tell me straight."

"He sent me to get it on with her to further mutant genetics earlier then his own experiments. You know - he wanted me to father her child."

"Remy... ah, ah... let's just go. Anywhere."

"I know just de place, chere."

"Stupid human-flatscan author... thinks he can stop my vengence on LeBeau with a crummy cross-over that made no sense and ended stupidly... I'll show him... I'll get Gambit... and then Rogue... and the weather-witch... I'll drink their blood..." Marrow was busy licking her wounds, plotting again... she did not like failure...

Gambit walked Rogue onto the Atlantic City boardwalk. It had been a long drive, traffic was bad. But they were there by 3 am.

"Remy... why are you draggin' me to the boardwalk?"

"Dis is where it began, chere. I had just led the Marauders... I had left Marrow with Callisto... I swore to begin my life anew. Mon amour, I bring you here for de very same reason."

"Remy, what are you sayin', shugah?"

Remy dropped to one knee, and opened his hand to reveal a small, red velvet box. Inside was the most dazzling ring ever made my a jeweler. Rogue was shocked, flabberghasted, etc.

"Petite. I never thought I would marry again. Belle was de first love I ever had... until you. It was flirting at first, but i grew to care about you. I know what kind of man I want to be. You make me who I want to be. I now know love again - and it's you, mon amour. Marry me."

--Author takes time to hand Rogue a HUGE box of Kleenex, by the way, since this has been the story of cliches, you shoulda seen this one comin' a mile away--

"Remy... Ah can't even..."

"You forget, petite. After touching me so many times, and with what went down in dat whole 'Trial' mess, I've grown immune. Remember when I returned? I said we could move forward. Tink you're brave enough to do so?"

"Shugah, you know the answer," and the reply was finished as she took Gambit into her arms and gave him the most passionate kiss she had ever given him (and since they've only shared about 3...)...

"So happy together," Warren thought as he flew above them, "Does he deserve happiness? I mean, what to do? He cost me my wings, but he's stood with me for so long... and Rogue. doesn't she deserve to be happy, even if it's with him?" Warren was full of questions, none which could be answered so easily. He flew off, back to the X-Mansion... back to face whatever

needed to be faced.


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