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Days of Future PEZent - REVIEW THIS STORY

Written by RV Bemis
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 8

"Remy, Rogue, good to see you back. Where were you all night my friends?" Storm was concerned about where the two lovebirds were all night.

"Chere, I've got news. Rogue and I are gettin' hitched."

"That's right, shugah, don't ya'll forget that."

"That is news indeed. Why don't you two shower up for breakfast?"

"Okay Stormy, I be goin' to my room now, be back in a few."

Remy opened the door to his room, aware of the presence waiting for him there. "Warren, I figured you'd be de last who'd want to see me. what brings you here, ami?"

"I'm not your ami Remy. Not right now, perhaps never again. But I at least want to speak with you. My first and possibly only question Remy, is simple, concise - why?"

"Warren. I was a diff'rnt man den. I..."

"Remy, I want the truth, or so help me I'll pluck you fingers off your hands as the Marauders plucked my wings."

"Okay. It was all a plan, I was addicted den... to someting I'm none too proud of.... it was PEZ."

"PEZ? PEZ?!?! You led the slaughter of thousands for PEZ????"

"I said I was none to proud of it. But I've changed, Warren. I wanted to be a part of somting good... and I wanted Forge's PEZ dispensers, but mostly 'cause I wanted to change. Stormy has all my dispensers now..."

"Remy. Tell me the truth. Were you so dumb as to not know what the Marauders were going to do?"

"I didn' tink it would be so horrible. I really didn' know, Warren. But, dis was my chance Warren. My chance to be a part of de good guys. I had hoped it would somehow, absolve me of what I did, no? I know now dere ain't no easin' dat ever. But, I still want to fight de good fight. To REACH THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM! THE UNREACHABLE..."

"Stop singing, Gambit. Look, I cannot forgive you for what you did, but I can at least try to stand by you."

"Why, Warren?"

"So that I don't have to put up with another stinking Looney Tunes bit with the good self / bad self."

"Good enough for me, ami."

The whole team remaining were in the dining hall, enjoying breakfast, trying not to watch Marrow eat with absolutely no finesse whatsoever (she can't even handle a fork, let alone combat, right?). Near the end, rogue stood before everyone. "Ah have an announcement. This morning, in Atlantic

City, Remy proposed matrimony to me. Ah said yes. We're gettin' hitched!"

"WOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEE! I love a good down-home hitchin! I'll supply the moonshine!" Cannonball was obviously happy for this event.

"Damnit Rogue. Why you gotta be dissin' me? I was with you during that whole Seattle thing, and you go for LeJerk LeBeau? Damn you!" Iceman was obviously less then thrilled.

"I hope you two are as happy as Jean and I." was all Scott had to say.

"SCOTT!" was all Jean managed to blurt out, as usual in critical moments.

"You worthless gene-jerk traitor. I'll slice you open with the knife meant to cut your cake! I'll smash your head in with one of the violin's from the orchestra! I'll..." Duh.

"Bub, married life ain't all it's cut out to be. but, since you're scoring a primo babe in skunk-hair over there, I guess it can't be all bad. Don't blow this like you blew most everything else, bub." Duh part two.

Most were approving, but one person was missing. The one that meant the most to Remy. Warren was not at the table.

"Remy, I'll wish you happiness once you grant me one thing."

"What's dat Warren?" Everyone turned around to see the Angel.

"Give me some tips on how to wow over Psylocke. She's been cold-shoulderin' me again. It's pissin' me off."

"You got it, mon ami. Stormy, one ting. Tink you can get in touch wid Forge?"

"I believe it is possible Remy, but why?"

"I want him to be the best man."


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