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Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Written by Souba
Last updated: 04/21/2007 01:03:44 AM

Chapter 2

They continued down the deserted street until they were only a few blocks from the museum. Jackket went down the alley and stopped to kneel. His fingers brushed across the asphalt a few times before resting in one spot. As Remy joined him he noticed that the lock over the lid of the sewers was cracked so that it opened without much effort. Gambit helped him move the lid over to the side then he pulled a card from his coat and ignited it sending down the passage way and watched as it fells several yards before hitting the water.

“Whew it be along way down” Gambit said with a whistle “good ting there be a latter, non?”

Jackket looked down but seemed to be searching for something.

“After you, preacher” Gambit said after a moment of silence.

To Gambit’s surprise Jackket grabbed the edged and leaped down into the darkness until Remy could hear a splash somewhere below. /show off / Gambit thought to himself then followed down using the latter. Once he could see the water he jumped down to join Jackket then ignited another card so they could see their surroundings better. The purplish florescent light cascaded across the surface of the dark water and several large passage ways all heading in several different directions.

“We go straight down several blocks…” Jackket began.

“den we have fun” Gambit said dryly.

They proceeded to walk side by side down the passage making their way onto the cement walkways.

“What a pleasant odor” Jackket commented.

“You tink this dis is bad?” Gambit began “I grew up near swamps make dis place smell like a roses.” He said with a smirk.

Speakin’ of roses,” Gambit began to get his mind off of their current surroundings “you have a girl, mon ami or is dat not allowed?”

“I’m a pastor, not a priest” Jackket corrected “and I’m engaged.”

“Does she know about your night job?”

“Yeah she does,” he said “longer than I have” he added with a smirk “what about you, Remy?”

“There is a girl, but tings are complicated between us” Gambit stopped there.

“This should be the right door” Jackket said as he joined him.

“It looks like its pretty thick, but dese cards should cure dat soon enough.” He said as he pulled a couple out, but Jackket placed a hand up to stop him.

“Save those for later,” he said then he leaned against the door with his eyes closed. Then he pressed his hand against it and stood back. Tiny cracks began to form in the door from beneath his hand and then made their way towards the door knob. Within seconds the cracks had formed a circle completely around the door knob and then it creaked open.

“Dat is an interesting trick” Gambit replied as he helped to pull the metal door open.

The entrance looked dark and there seemed to be no one in the room, but both hesitated to go inside.

“There’s…” Jackket began.

“Laser beams” Gambit finished.

“I’ll let you handle this one” Jackket conceited.

Gambit lit another cigarette and blew puffs of smoke across the white marble floor. He could see very faint outlines of red beams crisscrossing all over the room, but from what he could see it was a basic alarm. He already had an idea of where to land as he acrobatic his way through the room until he could reach the panel that controlled it.

Once he disengaged the alarm he turned to Jackket as he joined him “Can you do dat trick again?”

He placed a hand on the door and again the cracks formed and began to make their way towards the door handle then the door creaked open. When they entered they found a staircase leading up to the first floor.

“The pedant is on the 10th floor in the Early European display” Jackket said they headed up the stairs.

“How do you know where it is,” Gambit wondered “God tell you?”

“Let’s just say He lead me to the newspaper I read it in” Jackket said with a smirk.

As they approached the door they saw a dim beam of light move across the door window.

Both immediately moved to either side of the door waiting for the footsteps of the guard to subside. Once they were sure that the security guard left the room Gambit picked the lock and they came out behind the security desk which was empty for the moment.

“Dis is where the fun begins” Gambit said quietly.

They headed towards the back room where they hoped to find another staircase. The lights were dimmed but they could see outlines of various stuffed specimens scattered through the rooms. In their preserved state they added a more eerie feel. Their black eyes glistening in the dim light as they silently watched them crossing through the corridors. Jackket lead them towards the west wing until they found the stair case that would lead up ten flights. The aspect of having to risk going up so far while there were several guards on patrol may have seemed daunting to most thieves, but to Remy it made the mission even more of a challenge which he most enjoyed.

“It’s getting late” Jackket suddenly said once they reached the 5th floor.

“Don you mean early?” as soon a Gambit said it he noticed that Jackket expression seemed tired and there was a trace sadness in his expression. Jackket sank to the floor and pressed a hand to his forehead.

“What’s wrong?” Gambit wondered somewhat surprised by his concern.

“My other half…” he said with a sigh “he will wake soon.”

“You were de boy” Gambit began quietly “de boy dat was killed by his daddy?”

“We are the same person but Tomŕs doesn’t know about me yet” he said with a sigh “when daylight comes he will wake knowing nothing about this.”

“Den we should hurry, neh?”

Jackket got up and began once again up the stairs his face filled with a renewed desire to accomplish the task. They raced up towards the last few flights and not failed to notice the lack of guards in the past few floors. Both had a feeling that something was not exactly right about the situation but continued on their course to meet whatever may lie ahead. When they entered the room they noticed that the lights weren’t even on dim mode. It took them a few seconds to adjust to the darkness, but they soon saw an outline of a body on the floor. Jackket checked for a pulse then looked at Remy who saw that it was one of the guards.

“Looks like someone got here before we did” Gambit commented.

“Lucious…” Jackket hissed.

“I’m touched” a voice broke through the darkness “you came to see me again.”

Jackket immediately stood as Gambit lit a card to see what they would be up against. He couldn’t find anyone in the place but the cases of various objects.

“Aww and you brought a friend this time” The voice echoed.

Gambit began to notice that the air had gotten a thick with the stench of sulfur, and the room starting to get cold and seemed to be getting colder by the minute. Soon their breath began to come out in puffs. The cold would have a least been tolerable if it wasn’t the sinking feeling that began to settle deep within himself. Jackket didn’t seemed unsettled by the conditions on the contrary his eyes became focused and his expression was one of unshakable strength. Gambit felt something brush by his shoulder and backed away when Jackket placed a hand on him indicating not to move.

“You shouldn’t have brought him” the voice said before their eyes a form began to materialize into a young man blue eyed with blonde hair who didn’t seem like much of a threat.

“He’s weak” the figure said with a sneer “and he’s scared of me” Lucious laughed.

Jackket remained silent even as the laughs cut through Remy like a knife.

“What do you want” Jackket said.

“Same thing you do,” Lucious began “I’m not stupid.”

“I don’t know about that” Jackket said “you were in the presence of God once, yet rebelled.”

“Shut up, you &*$%#@!” Lucious screeched.

“The truth hurts” Jackket commented.

“The truth! The truth…” he said before turning towards Remy he smirked again “do you know the truth about your friend over here?”

“Remy Le Beau, the one who single handedly destroyed thousands of lives” he said his black eyes dancing with glee “you have lots of sins Le Beau and a nice place in Hell to pay for them.”

“Leave him alone, Lucious your fight is with me.”

“Don’t be arrogant my fight is with all humans” Lucious said “to see all of them on their way to their own destruction.”

“Not while we’re here” Jackket replied “not until the appointed time when you too will meet your end you vile creatures without grace, or mercy.”

Lucious’ face began to change to another form one that was so hideously distorted that it sent chills up Gambit’s spine. For once he felt that the present situation was between two who were much greater than he was and he unfortunately was caught in the middle of it.

“It doesn’t matter” the demon said in a low distorted voice “I’ll soon have the pendant then I can bring destruction to both realms.”

Jackket didn’t wait to reply instead he leaped into the air landing on one of the cases then used the momentum of the jump to leap again across the room. The demon turned and followed him across the area then stopped looked around for a moment before it vanished. Gambit who wasn’t sure what to make of it all tried to see where the creature had vanished to. Jackket was already on the other side placing his hand over one of the smaller glass cases. Gambit guessed that he was breaking it and trying to get the pendant before Lucious did. The lights began to flicker suddenly and the cold intensified making even Gambit’s trench hardly enough of a deterrence from the bite of the freezing temperatures. Then the body the guard that had laid lifeless before them began to move and rise slowly to his feet almost if his arms and legs were attached to some invisible strings. The guard then began to move towards Jackket who had now removed the pendant from the case. Gambit jumped into action before he could think and kicked towards the back of the guard sending him flying forward into one of the cases.

The body responded and turned to face Remy with eyes that seemed cold and lifeless much like the ones of the stuff creatures in the exhibits. The body maneuvered now towards him its eyes holding steadfast with as searing intensity that seemed to see right into his every dark emotion.

“You dare to try and fight me?” it said as if it were talking to a pest “worthless creature, you are nothing to me.”

Gambit’s stayed quiet his own thoughts repeating the same words to him inside. Every fault every shame that he had experienced in his life began to flood his conscious revealing to him only what the creature had already said. There was no mercy, no grace for Remy he knew that so why did he still keep living, why would he still keep fighting? The thoughts intensified making Gambit back away shaken and unsettled as Lucious continued to approach him. Suddenly the creature grunted and flew forward crashing into the wall behind the Cajun. Jackket landed onto the marble floor looking up at Remy with concern.

“Are you ok?” he asked but before Jackket could reply the body turned its head in an inhuman manner and then began to rise again. Gambit pulled out a few cards noticing his hands were trembling uncontrollably. Jackket held him back with his arm and faced the creature.

“Don’t you see how much of a burden you are, Remy?” Lucious said ignoring Jackket “just end it for yourself… for us all.”

“That’s your strategy to feed on the weak,” Jackket began “like you did to me as a child, you coward!” He hissed at him and turned his eyes back on the Cajun.

“You’re a waste of life Gambit” he continued “there is no forgiveness for you, no mercy.” Gambit again became overwhelmed by the same thoughts presenting his sins as evidence to a conviction.

“You’re wrong demon,” Jackket countered his grasp still firmly on Gambit’s shoulder “you’re the worthless creature who has no hope of redemption.”

He hissed again his face distorting to a melted mass with big black eyes burning into his skull. “Leave here before I send you back to Abyss” Jackket shouted. Much to Gambit’s surprise the creature looked scared for a moment and seemed to back away but when his eyes focused on Remy he took a step forward.

“He has no protection,” he said looking towards Remy licking his lips with anticipation “he’s belongs to us.”

Jackket turned his head towards the Cajun “get out of here,” he whispered “now!”

Before Gambit could even think to answer the creature leaped forward tackling Gambit to the ground. Gambit hit his head hard on the ground but then felt nothing but the guard’s lifeless body lying on top of him. He hastily pushed it off of him and tried to get up to see if he had suffered any kind of injury. Jackket was already coming to his side when he froze and looked at Gambit strangely. Once he rose to his feet he began to hear a voice that sounded like his own whispering in his head. “kill him” it said then it repeated “kill Tomŕs, beat him…” The voice became more insistent and urgent as if Jackket was now the enemy.

“Do it!” it said as images of himself killing Jackket began to play over and over again in his mind. The voice was subtle at times telling him the same thing soothingly saying it would solve all his problems then it would be demanding and threatening. The images kept showing it that he became convinced that he had already killed him. He stepped into action sending out the cards towards Jackket who barely jumped out of the way. /It’s too late/ he said to himself as he pursued the shadow across the room. /no hope/ his heart cried as he continued to hurdle explosive cards towards the man who had once been on his side. His adrenaline kept him going as he met Jackket on the other side of the dim lit room and began to throw punches at himt. He avoided them his eyes focused but not filled with any contempt, or anger towards the Cajun. It made Gambit feel a second of peace before the cloud of darkness flooded him again. He became angry despite himself and could feel saliva running down his mouth like a rabid animal as he kicked towards Jackket’s midsection. The young man flew back into one of the cases sending glass shards scattering across the floor. Gambit was partly aware of his actions and unable to do more than concede and watch himself destroy another life. He felt himself being shredded inward to the point where he could only cower within like an injured child. The series of attacks continued and the helplessness became stronger as the creature taunted and abused him into submission.

Jackket jumped over the case as Remy fist when into it and then suddenly he was being held from behind. Gambit struggled but the arms would not ease their hold.

He could not hear the words that he spoke to him from behind but he could hear the screeching of the voice that he had thought was his own. He could feel that it didn’t want to leave like it had found a new resting place but the soft spoken words were tearing at the creature pulling away from Gambit’s mind as if it was caught in a black hole. Soon the torturous emotions and images began to subside until they had disappeared all together. The arms released him and he slumped forward onto his knees his arms barely able to hold him up. Now the whole experience began to settle in and left him feeling violated, and broken.

“Are you ok?” Jackket asked.

Gambit looked down to find his hand covered with blood the sting of the wound was now starting to set in “I t’ink so” he said after a moment.

Jackket let out a breath and took a seat against the base of the case looking upwards “thank you Father, for your protection” he whispered.

“What are you talkin’ about?” Gambit asked “dere was nobody here, just dat...” he couldn’t even bring himself to finish it.

“He was with us and his helpers too.”

“What are you talkin’ about dere was no one here” Gambit sat next to Jackket frustrated.

“Just because you didn’t see them didn’t mean they weren’t here.”

“Yo first name should be, Straight” Gambit replied annoyed.

Jackket let out an exasperated sigh then placed his hands on the sides of Gambit’s face “open his eyes,” he said softly “this once.”

Gambit blinked a few times when he could see several faint lights around them then they became intense and outlines formed of three ten foot silhouettes appeared. To Remy they appeared to be cloaked beings with large spears that loomed over them but didn’t feel evil or threatening. On the contrary their presence filled him with a peace that took away the last of the feelings of fear. Then the light began to fade until the dim lights of the museum was the only light in the room.

Gambit whistled again feeling a little more like his old self as he settled at the case. “I thought I’d seen some strange tings in my life, dat was until today.”

“Strange?” Jackket began with a smirk “this is normal for me.”

“Preachers sure are different from what I expected” he began then added as an after thought “Did you get de pendant?”

“No” Jackket said shaking his head.

Gambit cursed under his breath “all dis trouble and we didn’t get what we came for.”

“It’s alright, God had a purpose in this.” Jackket said as he began to get up.

“What purpose?” Gambit said as joined him cradling his bloody hand in his trench coat.

Jackket didn’t reply he just looked at the Cajun for a moment before they heard the sound of sirens in the distance, and an approaching elevator. It wouldn’t be long until the cops followed so they began back down the stairs and into the sewers until they came up in the alley.

“So what will you do now?” Gambit wondered.

“Get some rest, it is Sunday” Jackket answered “what about you?”

“Tell de Guild I didn’t get the item they wanted.” They began to head their separate ways when Jackket turned back towards him

“You know what Lucious said wasn’t true,” he began “No matter what you’ve done God will always forgive you, the moment you’re willing to accept it.”

Gambit looked down for a moment before turning to answer him, but he had already disappeared into the alley.

“I’ll keep dat in mind, preacher” Gambit said before walking off into the beginning light of dawn.

The End


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