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Written by Vicki Lew
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 2

"Are ya sure?" ah asked desperately. "Ah really need ta-"

"I'm sorry, ma'am. But I've checked everything possible, there is no Remy LeBeau staying as a guest here, and neither is he an employee. I'm sorry, but I can't help you in your desperation, ma'am."

The reservation clerk looked sympathetically at me. She wanted ta help, ah can tell.

"Ah...Thank ya very much...Thanks for tryin', ah appreciate it," Ah smile weakly at her and went to the waitin' area to take a seat.

You're a fool, girl. O'course he would nevah check in under his own name. Thief rule...Or maybe he's usin' someone's card. Now what?

'Now you wait,' a voice in my head told me. Ah knew it was right.

For the next few minutes, my eyes tired themselves out from searchin' the stream of people who walked about the lobby. Ah was about to break down when ah finally saw him.

There in that corner. Behind the plants, waitin' for the elevator.

Ah nearly flew there, but ah caught myself in time and ran, fast as ah could towards him. Damn! He got in before ah could get there.

Staircase. Where was it?

The moment ah was alone in the stairwell, ah flew up the stairs. Ah checked every floor, but ah was beginnin' to lose hope by the time I got to the 18th floor and still had no sign of him. Damn these 5-star hotels.

The 20th floor. That's when ah spotted him, walkin' down one of the classy, orange-lit corridors. Ah called out his name. Ah don't know if he was ignorin' me on purpose or he really didn't hear.

Could ah really blame him if he didn't want t'see me?

He disappeared round the corner. Ah heard people comin' so ah got down on my feet. Slowed me down more. Ah went round the corner too, just in time to see him disappear into a room. Ah stood there, catchin' my breath.

Ah finally had the guts to creep towards the room 2019, as silent as ah possibly can. My hands are shakin', they're cold and clammy. My eyes--constantly brimmin' with tears, more than ah'd like them t'be.

Lord, but ah'm so scared and lost. Ah hate myself. Ah'll bet he hates me.

Ah try the door; it's unlocked.

The sight before me makes my heart cringe painfully. How did he...Never mind...There're little bottles of wine and liquor from the hotel's mini-fridge scattered over the rose-coloured carpet, mostly empty. There ain't no sight of him; his clothes are crumpled on the bed. Ah can hear water runnin'...

"Remy?" She called out, her voice shaking.

Rogue stepped into the bathroom, searching for him. Her eyes teared up as she saw a man, a broken man, drunk and out on the tiled floor, water pouring over him. She could almost see his heart on the floor, broken and trodden upon. She had done this...

"Oh sugar..." she sobbed as she went to him. "Oh, Remy..."

His body was so limp, it was hard move him even with her strength and all. She turned the tap off. It felt so good to have found him, to have the chance to hold him in her arms again. She was crying so hard that she could hardly see.

"Lord...Remy...Ah'm sorry. Ah'm so sorry..." she mumbled over and over again like a mantra. "Sugar, can ya hear me...?"

Through de shadows and wraiths hauntin' me, I thought I heard her voice.

Cruel dream. She ain't never comin' back.

"Sugar...Oh Remy, please..."

She sounded like she was cryin'. She cared? Dieu...Dat too much t'hope for, LeBeau. Open y'eyes, boy. Won't hurt t'check, neh? After all, if'n she not dere, what's another disappointment t'ya?

Dieu. Oh, dieu.

I see her beautiful face. She cryin'...Dose tears, mon cherie...Dey for me? I reach t'touch her face...


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