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Written by Vicki Lew
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 3

The shadowy figure stayed in the shadows, watching the young X-woman slipping into the room. A smile played on the person's lips as they moved to whisper the words, "Do it right this time, Rogue."

Another guest appeared and walked past, and when he left, the mysterious presence was no longer there.

"No!" His callused hand cupped her cheek despite her protest. Rogue closed her eyes and waited dismally for the rush of powers and memories, but none came.

She blinked in surprise.

"How..." The question evaporated as Remy started to hack violently, coughing so hard she thought his lungs would collapse. His eyes closed again as he drifted off into another stupor.

The young woman knew she had to get him out from the cold bathroom. Cradling him in her arms, she laid him tenderly on the large bed, covering him quickly with the quilt, suddenly aware and embarrassed about his nudity. Rogue knelt by him, rubbing a soft towel into his hair, afraid that he had caught pneumonia. She'd have to get him back, back to Beast; he'd know how to make Remy better.

Her mind had one less trouble. At least now she knew that he was alive...Not well, but he was alive. She was suddenly overwhelmed with relief; her arms went around him and she hugged him as tight as she dared, silent tears running down her cheeks.

Remy coughed again, and she hurriedly pulled another quilt over him. He was feverish, so she went to prepare a cold towel, and placed it over his burning forehead. Deciding to get him back to the mansion as soon as possible, Rogue started to gather what few belongings that had come with him.

"Aren't we going out after her? There's no knowing what she might do!" Scott complained.

"Shut up, Scott." The other X-men turned round and stared incredulously at the young man who had spoken. "Uhh...Scott...Sir." Sam regained his stutter back after that little outburst. "Ah think Miss Rogue's been through a lot. Ah don't think she'd ever do that to Logan, he's one of her good friends...So can we all please give Miss Rogue the benefit of the doubt?"

Storm blinked a little, but realised how true Sam's words had been. X-men were not supposed to be so quick to judge without sound reason. In fact, his words had shamed her greatly, for she had been the one to accuse Rogue of stealing Logan's powers and memories.

"I shall look for her, but for a totally different reason," Storm announced and got up to leave. "Rogue mus-"

Her sentence got cut off by a tired, Southern drawl.

"No need for that, Storm." Rogue stepped calmly into the main hall, with a totally unexpected visitor in her arms.

"Goddess! Remy!"

"Is he gonna be alright?"

"He'll be fine, but he needs time to heal," Hank removed the rubber gloves from his hands and threw them into the waste bin.

She fretted over Remy's prone figure for a bit, tucking him in properly before following after Beast.

"Where did you find him, Rogue?" The doctor spoke in hushed tones.

Rogue answered accordingly, giving a brief run-down of what had happened.

"Some of us will not be pleased to see him when they return from the mission, Rogue."

Her eyes grew angry and she retorted, "None of us got a right ta judge him! None of us, ya hear? Ah don't care what the others think...If he can't stay, then ah'm leavin' with him. Ah owe him that much,"

"I do not wish to see him leave, Rogue. I have come to decide that I have nothing against him."

There was a long silence before Rogue finally spoke again, in a soft, watery tone.

"Y'know, ah don't know why ah left him behind...An' ah don't know why ah didn't go back for him immediately...But ah do know what it's like not ta be trusted even when ya've put all of ya soul inta bein' a better person." She swallowed hard, trying not to let tears consume her again. "And that ah love him."

Beast blinked, slightly surprised at the tone his team-mate had used for that last final comment. It was the most assertive, most confident sentence he had ever heard the insecure Rogue utter.

He smiled and gave her a comforting hug.


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