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What is the Gambit Guild?

The Gambit Guild is an Internet discussion group established for the express purpose of allowing fans of the X-Men's Gambit to discuss the character and things related to the character.

There is still a President, Vice President, and Council Members who are choosen by the President and VP. All of these positions are voluntary and in the past choosen by an election process.

The Gambit Guild has not held an election in quite some time. While the positions are still held by members of the Guild, due to change in technology, user use, and other unforeseen things.


I want to thank Spectrum, Lucia, and Leslina for helping with the maintenance of the site. And special thanks to SBB who has spent a large amount of time helping me with the site especially in the technical aspects.

The mailing list is run by Faith, Alexis (Neko) maintains the website. Thanks to Karen, Keri, Leslie, Keith, Karolina and many others who have participated in various roles through out the years.

GambitGuild is neither an official fansite of nor affiliated with Marvel Enterprises, Inc.
Nonetheless, we do acknowledge our debt to them for creating such a wonderful character and would not dream of making any profit from him other than the enrichment of our imaginations.
X-Men and associated characters and Marvel images are � Marvel Enterprises, Inc.
The GambitGuild site itself is � 2006; other elements may have copyrights held by their respective owners.