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Exiles Gambit

Exiles Gambit was the leader of his "dimension-hopping team" called "Weapon X". The purpose of the team was to help an evil Tony Stark capture the Inhumans. Rhis was Weapon X's only way of returning home to their own realities. Weapon X did aid him in doing that, but, by the time they did, most of the Inhumans had committed suicide. Gambit was affected by that find but was whisked away (along with Weapon X) to another dimension or 'home' before the effect of the mass suicide could have any ramifications in that reality.

Gambit in the AoA

In the Age of Apocalypse, Gambit was the leader of a group of mutant outlaws called the X-Ternals, which consisted of Lila Cheney, Jubilee, Sunspot and Strong Guy.

At one time, however, he had been a close friend of Magneto's and a member of his resistance. He was also in love with Magneto's ward, the untouchable Rogue, who clearly reciprocated his feelings. Knowing how much Rogue meant to him, Magneto promised him that he would find a way for Gambit to touch her, but betrayed him by instead marrying her himself. (To understand the full vileness of this, remember that Mystique had placed Rogue in Magneto's care and he was a father-figure to her, as well as the fact that she was probably underage.) Naturally, Gambit was furious and broke all ties with Magnus and his team, forming his own group of rebels and starting up a relationship with Lila Cheney which, while not loveless, was always haunted by his former affair with Rogue.

However, when Magneto's team rescued Bishop and discovered the key to fixing the mess that was the AoA, Magneto was quick to call on Gambit. The mission was astoundingly difficult. He had to travel to the Shi'ar Imperium to retrieve a shard of the M'Kraan Crystal (the nexus of all realities) through which they could travel back in time. Ironically, he knew that he could trust him not to fail because he would not disappoint Rogue.After many setbacks and the sacrifice of the truest part of himself, Gambit managed to obtain the M'Kraan Crystal, but lost it through Strong Guy's betrayal. In a nutshell, he was forced to choose between the Crystal (and Charles, Rogue's baby) and Lila, and, having no other option, chose the latter.

The task of retrieving the M'Kraan Crystal fell to Magneto's team, and, although they were successful and the timeline was restored to the way it should be, the rebels were wiped out in a last-ditch, nuclear bomb attack on Apocalypse's domain in America by the humans.

Gambit in Mutant X

In the Mutant X reality, Gambit was a vampire and the leader of the United Guilds of New Orleans. Although he asked to be changed into a vampire to save his life, he hates who he is as well as the fact that he has to feed on people to survive. He also is resentful towards Bloodstorm for agreeing to bite him, despite the fact that she was reluctant to do so.

It happened on a mission to obtain two children - one of whom Gambit would later adopt and the other who would become X-Man - for Sinister from Apocalypse's laboratory. As Gambit and Bloodstorm were partners in crime as well as lovers, she accompanied him and helped him infiltrate the building. Unfortunately, they were not stealthy enough as the Fallen detected them and attacked them. Gambit was critically injured and begged Ororo to change him into a vampire in order to save him, despite her reticence.

Despite his condition, he managed to have some semblance of a normal life, and his marriage to Belladonna cemented the alliance between the Thieves' and the Assassins' Guilds. Under his leadership, New Orleans became a safe zone for both humans and mutants, seperate from the politics of the United States. However, when his brother-in-law, Julien, betrayed him to Bastion, resulting in the death of Belladonna and the kidnapping of his adopted daughter, he chose to join the Six in order to get revenge, as well as rescue his child.

Ultimate Gambit

Hailing from New Orleans, Ultimate Remy somehow found his way to New York City where he 'works' as a ' street magician of sorts'. Using his powers, he 'tricks' people into thinking that he can 'burn off' the edges of cards, leaving only the suits to dazzle the audience.

It was during one of his 'performances' that he met a little girl (whom he only called, 'little one') who thought that he could use his magic to bring her mother back to life. Hammerhead had killed her mum and boyfriend in front of her. Remy took charge of her welfare, seeking to find a way for her to travel to her aunt. It was revealed that Remy was not on good terms with 'the law'. He did , however determine to help her. He took 'little one' back to his modest abode (an abandoned train car) where she would eventually fall asleep on his lap. When she saw him fixing up a stick to use as fuel, she incorrectly thought that he would beat her, it was then (during a flashblack) that it was revealed that he was beaten by his father. He assured her that he would NEVER hurt her. Remy eventually, inadvertantly fell asleep as well, waking up to find that she was taken! Remy hunted down Hammerhead and 'fried' his head (with his power) and in so doing saved 'little one'. He later put her in the care of two religious care workers.

At one point in this tale, he was approached by Xavier with an offer to join the X Men, but he declined, believing them to be a religious charity!

However, that was not the last that the X-Men saw of Gambit. While the team was enjoying some downtime (and angst) on Coney Island, Gambit appeared to kidnap Rogue. His interest in her was strictly professional. He had been hired by Fenris to bring her to them, as they were interested in having her as an ally and were prepared to offer her a device that could control her powers in order to get her on their side. Rogue is not particularly convinced by the offer, and she and Gambit end up making a break for it.

In the meantime, Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men have tracked the two of them down in an attempt to rescue Rogue. Logan, in particular, starts to deliver a savage beating to Gambit. At this point, Rogue steps in and threatens to blow his head off, if he does not let Remy go. She accuses Logan of being a ruthless assassin and an animal. Storm tries to comfort Wolverine, but he shrugs her off and leaves.

Once he has gone, Gambit and Rogue make their way outside, where she reveals her name is 'Marian' and he kisses her. In true soap-opera tradition, Iceman (Rogue's boyfriend in Ultimate) appears and is outraged. Rogue, however, does not care. She announces that she is dropping out of the institute and she leaves with Gambit to become the Princess to his Prince of Thieves.


In Amalgam's JLX, a combination of the X-Men and the Justice League/Society, Gambit's counterpart was the metamutant, Todd LeBeau, more commonly known as Wraith. One of a set of twins, Todd was separated from his sister, the Jade Enchantress, at birth. While she was raised on New Asgard and eventually became one of the New Asgods, he grew up on earth.

Wraith possesses the ability to change into a shadowy form and "phase" through solid objects. If those solid objects happen to be sentient, they experience an intense cold that incapacitates them. He focusses these powers using a magical set of playing cards, which he obtained in New Orleans bar and without which he seems unable to phase at all.

His powers also allowed him to touch Runaway, Rogue's JLX counterpart. However, because she absorbed some of his darkness, she was gradually being driven insane, becoming reckless and evil.

He joined Mr X's JLX, which was formed from the ranks of the Judgement League Avengers, and helped him find Atlantis, a long-lost mutant haven. He also fought alongside them them in battles against Thanoseid and Ms. Tique and her Brotherhood of Injustice.

However, at that point, the United States Congress passed the Armageddon Agenda, a bill that allowed Will Magnus to eradicate all metamutants using his Sentinels. Magnus's crusade caused the deaths of many metamutants, but Wraith was not among them. Before he could be hunted and killed, he vanished into nothingness with the assistance of the Shadow Guild, leaving Runaway to mourn his loss.

Note: All the characters in JLX were amalgams of heroes from the Marvel and DC universes. In the specific case of Wraith, he was a combination of Gambit with the JSA's Obsidian, and thus drew on Obsidian's traits and backstory as well. For example, Wraith's relationship with the Jade Enchantress mirrors Obsidian's relationship with Jade. The same applies to his phasing powers and the darkness that consumes him. For more information about Obsidian, you can visit The Comic Characters Database.

For the sake of completeness, it may also be worth mentioning that Runaway was a combination of Rogue and Gypsy, a relatively minor JLA character.

New Son

New Son was a Gambit born in his reality's foremost mutant research and genetic planning facility. Much like the children in "Dark Angel", he was trained for the use and exploitation of his mutant powers. When he hit adolescence, however, he was skilled enough to incinerate the facility and escape. He, then, made his way to the X-Men, where he found a home for a few years until he killed that world's Phoenix.

He was banished from the team and spent some years both as an ally and foe of various superhumans. When he was 18, however, he was taken in by Jean-Luc LeBeau, whom he called his friend and mentor. While with the Guilds, he was informed of the prophecies of the Resurrection of the Old Kingdom and his role in them. They were meant to bring about heaven on earth, meant to lead everyone as one into the shining light of the sun. In a tragic sense, they did. Instead of the utopia for which the Guilds had hoped, the energies of the Old Kingdom when combined with his biokinetic powers created an uncontrollable cascade of energy that destroyed everyone and everything save the New Son.

Ravaged by guilt and grief, he tried to undo his actions, to control time by controlling the flow of kinetic energies, but could only manage to breach the space between multiverses and travel to other realities.

So, he decided to prevent his alternate counterparts from making the same tragic mistake as he had.

X-Men: Evolution's Gambit

Evolution Gambit is part of Magneto's group of mutants (also consisting of Peter, Pyro, Sabretooth and Mastermind). Although Remy's work so far has consisted of fighting for Magneto's cause (even fighting against the X-Men), his thieving skills have also been explored,in that, he (under Mesmero's 'mind control') stole an artifact from Angel's mansion. Remy's relationship with Rogue has also been visited when he gave her a charged 'King of Hearts' card on their initial meeting. More sparks between them have since flown.

X-Baby Gambit

In their original incarnation, the X-Babies were the real X-Men who had been deaged by Mojo and made to star in one of his insane shows. Naturally, Gambit was not a part of the team at the time, and therefore was not included among the first generation.

Using their powers, the real X-Men managed to escape and return to their real age, but the X-Babies' ratings had been so high that Mojo decided to create a set of his own. Gambit was part of that team.

Unfortunately, after Mojo was killed in X-Men #11, the new regime decided to axe the X-Babies in the literal sense of the word, and sent two executioners, Gog and Magog, after them. The X-Babies managed to escape to earth where they encountered the real X-Men. Together, they were able to defeat Gog and Magog.

As they were still in danger, the X-Babies were placed in the custody of Longshot, Dazzler and their followers, until such a time as Longshot was crowned ruler of Mojoworld.

XTAS Gambit

XTAS Gambit is one of the truer forms of the character, outside of the 616 comics. His past with the Guild, Belladonna, Storm etc had been well planted in his history here. He bore his charm and kinetic wielding powers intact in this show. Remy's wit and humour were also well accounted for as well as his mutual love for Rogue (both of them being part of the X-Men here).

- Thanks to M for providing bios on Exiles, XTAS, X-Men Evolution and part of the one on Ultimate Gambit! Phew!
- Thanks to Haruka for X-Men Evolution Pictures.

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