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Anielle is a fallen angel on the run from the evil Oliver Stoker. Gambit assists her, attempting to somewhat redeem his soul but finds that she may have only been a spiritual lesson to get him and Sister Katrina to realize not only both their flaws but the inherent value in each of them as well.

[See the 2nd Gambit LS]


Little is known about the Antiquary except that he is a member of the New Orleans underworld and at least part of his business is the stealing and selling of children. He has ties to or is a relatively powerful member of the New Orleans Thieves Guild since he used the Guild to steal Gambit not long after he was born with plans of keeping him for his own purposes in some type of program/ lifestyle/profession called the "Velvet Ministry". It has been implied the Antiquary became enamored with Gambit because the boy was easily identified as genetically unique due to the fact that he exhibited his distinctive red eye coloration from birth.
The head of the Thieves Guild, Jean-Luc LeBeau, was disturbed by Gambit being turned over to the Antiquary and had Gambit underhandedly "placed" away from the Antiquary and raised on the streets until he could bring Gambit into his own household without causing political problems within the Guild.

[See Gambit #1]


Anwar Anubar is the owner of Elysian Enterprises, a U.S. (?) military research firm with international ties. (The name Elysian refers to the abode of the blessed after their death in classical mythology). He is the father of Sekmeht Conoway, an archaeologist who runs Elysian's historical research division. It has been hinted that he has been involved with enhancing his daughter Sek's mental capabilities to benefit his company.
Presently Elysian's historical research group is looking into obtaining ancient artifacts/objects that would be valuable for military/government use. Objects which include a Celestial space ship like the one obtained and used by Apocalypse; the Fountain of Youth; etc.

[See Gambit #1]


Apocalypse is an External (a mutant with the gift of immortality) who desires to control the world and make it a haven for his chosen, those who prove themselves worthy. So far, he has shown little interest in Gambit except as a member of the X-Men. In the AoA, he considered him nothing to worry about, yet it was Gambit who ultimately helped end his reign by obtaining a shard of the M'Kraan crystal with an unselfish act.

[See Gambit and the Xternals]


Arcade is an enemy of Wolverine's and the X-Men's who has an insane love of games. Like Apocalypse, he has also shown little interest in Gambit except as an X-Man. However, Gambit was critical in thwarting Arcade's plan to pin a series of murders on Wolverine and helped put Arcade into an insane asylum so it is doubtful Gambit has endeared himself to Arcade.

[See the Wolverine/Gambit:Victims LS]


A guild of Assassins headquartered in New Orleans and headed by Marius Boudreaux. Gambit was raised in the New Orleans Thieves Guild, which generally considers the New Orleans Assassins Guild to be their enemies. Both Guilds were established by the External Candra and the Assassins have continually fought with the Thieves.
Gambit's arranged marriage to Marius's daughter, Bella Donna, was an attempt to bring peace between the two groups, but the marriage ended and and now that their leader is an unhappy Bella Donna, their hatred of him has only increased.

[See the Ghost Rider/X-Men/Brood crossover, 1st Gambit LS, Nomad 17, and Rogue LS]


Gambit and the X-Men have an uneasy relationship with the Avengers, but they have assisted each other on a number of occasions including the Blood Ties crossover and the Onslaught series.

[See also Avengers 401]

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