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Candra was an External, a mutant with the gift of near immortality, who started the New Orleans Thieves and Assassins Guilds hundreds of years ago. She was their mysterious benefactress until Gambit crossed her to save Bella Donna's life. She was continually manipulating the Guilds for her use, keeping them at odds by giving the Thieves the gift of long life with an elixir and the Assassins' super powers. Gambit also spent time with Candra in Europe during his past most likely as her lover prior to falling out with her over her cruelty but was unaware that she was the Guild's Candra/ Benefactress when he went to find her to get the elixir for Bella Donna. She is now presumed dead after a confrontation with Storm and a blast from Cyclops (leader of the X-Men) to her "crystal heart", something important to her existence.

[See the 1st Gambit LS, the Rogue LS, X-Men Unlimited 7]


Sekmeht (Sek) is an archeologist in charge of the historical research division of Elysian Enterprises, a military research firm owned by her father Anwar Anubar.
She is obviously intelligent and very driven. It has been hinted that her intelligence has been enhanced somehow at her father's (and possibly her own) request. She is presently searching for ancient technologies and artifacts that would beneficial/ powerful today as well as anything that can resurrect her mother, who died in an accident trying to obtain eternal life and youth. Sek feels partially to blame for her mother's death for a reason that has yet to be disclosed.
While breaking into and escaping from one of Elysian's archaeological sites to obtain something for the New Son, Gambit rescued Sekmeht when she got caught in the crossfire. She became enamored of Remy's charming heroic persona and good looks, and since that time, has helped him on a few occaisions including saving his life while they were both searching for the Tomorrow Stone, an artifact that had healing properties.

[See Gambit #1, 3, 10, 12 and the Gambit Cybercomic]


Jacob Gavin, code named Courier, works with his father running a "messenger service". Little is known about the business except that it obviously has both legitimate and shady connections.
Courier has somehow been enlisted by the New Son to aid him in his "cause". In this regard, he was sent to rescue Gambit from Antarctica placing Gambit in the New Son's debt. Initially, he was Gambit's contact with the New Son relaying the New Son's requests to the Cajun, but he became Gambit's friend in the course of their adventures!
He also became an attractive, young woman when a shapeshift in Victorian England went horribly wrong! While there, Sinister injected him with a substance that caused his body to revert to its base state, which turned out to be female. It also prevented him from changing back. This has led some to speculate that Jacob was actually a woman who had changed into a male form at some stage in her life in order to win her father's approval, but there is no other evidence to confirm it.

[See Gambit #1, 12-14]


Genevieve, the daughter of an infamous jewel thief, seduced and stole L'Etroile du Tricherie, the cheating star pendant, from it's owner. For Gambit's "Tracts of Passage" into the Thieves' Guild during his 17th year, Gambit was required to steal the pendant from her for the Guild.
In a sort of poetic justice and an attempt to have fun prior to his upcoming arranged marriage to Bella Donna, Gambit seduced Genevieve in Paris and stole the pendant from her.
Unfortunately, Sabretooth had been hired by the man from whom Genevieve stole the pendant to get it back, and he dangled both her and Gambit's brother Henri from high atop Notre Dame to get Gambit to turn the pendant over to him.
Sabretooth dropped them both in the end and Gambit was only able to save his brother while Genevieve fell to her death.

[See X-Men 33]


In his younger days before the X-Men, while in England stealing back an art work stolen in WWII, Gambit was framed by Yukio for her own thefts. He was trusted by Alexandra, a young British police officer, whom he helped to catch Yukio. He was smitten by her sweetness, honor, and trust, but she resisted the desire because of his shady life. She was later killed by Arcade in a plot to frame Wolverine.

[See the Wolverine/Gambit:Victims LS]


Little is known of their relationship, but Claire works in a diner in Millstone, Arizona where she once knew Gambit and a Native American named Grey Crow. She still keeps a picture of the three of them and vaguely refers to a strange time when she use to work with them.

[See UXM 324]

ESSEX, NATHANIEL (a.k.a "Mr. Sinister")

See Sinister


Fagan is/was the excommunicated offspring of an ill-fated relationship between an Assassin and a Thief.
Fagan obviously kept some ties to the Thieves and ran a mob of youthful street orphans in New Orleans. Fagan's mob was where the young Gambit learned the secrets of surviving in the shadows and back alleys and learned some of his thieving skills prior to being officially adopted by Jean-Luc.


Fenris is the collective name for Andreas and Andrea Strucker - identical twins with a Neonazi bent and a rarefied taste in perversion. They used to be members of the Upstarts, seeking both immortality and a new reich as their prize, but, after that particular group was disbanded, they decided to turn their efforts to acquiring the Momentary Princess. Gambit thwarted them, but lost the device himself. Gambit has suggested that he had an affair with Andrea, much to her brother's disgust!

[See X-Men #6-8, Gambit #10]


Fontanelle is another person recruited by the New Son for his "cause". One of the children of the infamous "Black Womb" project, she has a telepathic type ability call "dreamscraping" in which she can enter someone's mind while they are dreaming and cause them to remember in a dreamlike vision things from their mind she wants to know. She was also an information gatherer for the New Son and probed for information about Gambit from various people who knew him. However, when the New Son began threatening Gambit, her loyalties shifted to the Cajun and she ultimately aided him against her former employer.

[See Gambit #20, #24]

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