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KATRINA (a.k.a. Sister Katrina)

A young nun preparing for her final vows and having a crisis of faith, Sister Katrina encountered and was attracted to Gambit while trying to help save the fallen angel Anielle from Oliver Stoker. They shared an intimate encounter prior to Gambit's learning she was a nun.

[See the 2nd Gambit LS]


Lapin is a cousin and boyhood friend of Gambit's from the Thieves Guild. Although Gambit has frequently referred to thinking of rest of the young thieves like brothers, he and Lapin were apparently very close friends and spent time getting into trouble together in their youth. Lapin risked going against the Guild Council to warn Gambit about the danger of his returning to New Orleans after he'd been banned.

[See the Rogue LS]


Etienne was Gambit's younger cousin. He was killed when the two boys were attempting to escape from the Pig during his Tilling (the initial rite of passage through which all thieves pass). The experience devestated Gambit, especially as he was serving as Etienne's sponsor\protector at the time.

[See Gambit #6-7]


Henri is the blood son of Gambit's adopted father, Jean-Luc LeBeau, and treated and loved Gambit like he was his blood. He sponsored Gambit's "Tracts of Passage" into the Thieves Guild.
Henri came to New York to warn Gambit of the Tithing and renewed war with the Assassins Guild and was killed there by an unknown Assassin.

[See the 1st Gambit LS and X-Men 33]


Jean-Luc is Gambit's adopted father and head of both Clan LeBeau and the Thieves Guild Council.
Gambit was stolen as a baby from the place of his birth by the Thieves Guild for someone called the Antiquary who dealt in the stealing and selling of children. However the Antiquary decided to keep Gambit for his own, and Jean-Luc was disturbed by the the thieft of the red-eyed baby. He managed to "remove" Gambit from the Antiquary's possession and watched over him while Gambit grew up on the streets as a part of Fagan's mob.
Jean-Luc manipulated both Gambit's first meeting with a young Bella Donna Boudreaux and then with himself. Jean-Luc "met" Remy when Gambit tried to pinch his wallet. At that time, Jean-Luc finally expressed his interest in the brash young thief officially adopting him, raising and loving him as his own son.
Jean-Luc was likely one of Gambit's main teachers once Remy became a part of the Guild. Jean-Luc was also the one who arranged Gambit's marriage to Bella Donna with her father, Marius, and in the end the one who had the final say in banishing Gambit from New Orleans on two separate occasions - the duel with Julien, and the loss of the tithe given by the Guilds' Benefactress, Candra. Both were done to keep the Guild intact and to stop needless bloodshed and likely to protect Gambit as well. It is probable, however, that Jean-Luc still considers Gambit his son and therefore heir-apparent.

[See the 1st Gambit LS, Gambit #1]

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