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Submitted by Gambit Guild on Sat, 2005-10-01 11:34.

When X-Men fans get together, they often enjoy discussing which hero or villain would win in a fight. Gambit fans are no exception. For the purpose of those arguments, in this section, we chronicle Gambit's various victories and defeats at the hands of other Marvel characters.

Gambit vs Bandit

Gambit matched up against Bandit in Gambit #11-12 (second series), where he was Belladonna's new boyfriend who was using her to gain control of the Guilds. Because Bandit is essentially the poor man's Gambit, Remy defeated him without much difficulty.

Gambit vs Batroc the Leaper and Zaran the Weaponsmaster

Although these two men have traditionally been enemies of Captain America, Gambit defeated both of them with ridiculous ease in Gambit #16 and later Gambit #18, after they tried to assasinate him and claim the bounty on his head.

Gambit vs Bishop

Ignoring the infamous Boisenberry Pie incident of X-Men #8, Gambit and Bishop fought in X-Treme X-Men #43, when Bishop was mind-controlled by Bogan and made to attack to the X-Men. Although Gambit lacked his powers, he was easily able to beat Bishop using his bo-staff and his agility.

Gambit vs Daredevil

In Gambit #11, Gambit and Daredevil fought, as Matt believed that Remy was helping the Constrictor. They appeared to be evenly matched. Eventually, they worked out that they were on the same side, and the fight concluded amicably.

Gambit vs Hawkeye

Gambit fought Hawkeye in the somewhat artificial setting of Contest of Champions II #5, and defeated him easily. Gambit's agility, accuracy and mutant ability to charge cards was more than a match for Hawkeye's archery.

Gambit vs Jubilee

In Uncanny X-Men #279, Gambit fought Jubilee, while they were both under the influence of Legion and the Shadow King. Unsurprisingly, he emerged victorious.

Gambit vs Nightcrawler

Gambit defeated a mind-controlled Nightcrawler in the Gambit/Bishop LS.

Gambit vs Nightman

In the Gambit/Nightman LS, Gambit fought both Nightman and his feral doppelganger. He managed to defeat both of them fairly easily, although both versions of Nightman were severely weakened at the time.

Gambit vs Professor Xavier

Inexplicably, Professor Xavier came under Stryfe's mind control in the Gambit/Bishop Limited Series. Together with Beast and Nightcrawler, he attacked Gambit. Gambit threw charged cards at him, kicked him in the head, and defeated him without much difficulty.

Gambit vs Rogue

Gambit fought a mind-controlled Rogue in Uncanny X-Men #285. Unsurprisingly, given her superstrength and her invulnerability, she defeated him without much difficulty.

The two X-Men fought again under very different circumstances in X-Men #45. In anger and frustration, Rogue threw parts of a theatre at Gambit, and then flew away from him. The fight ended in a highly emotional draw.

Gambit vs Sabertooth

Gambit fought against Sabertooth in X-Men #38 after the X-Men captured Creed and tried to rehabilitate him. Although Creed was in partial restraints and therefore perhaps was not as capable of defending himself as usual, Gambit beat him.

Gambit vs Storm

Gambit sparred with Storm in X-Treme X-Men #32. This fight couldn't be considered representative as neither of them used their powers, but Gambit proved himself more than a match for her in hand-to-hand combat.

Gambit vs Wolverine

Gambit and Wolverine have battled on four occasions.

In Uncanny X-Men #273, Remy and Logan fought in the Danger Room and Gambit won by distracting his opponent with a simulation of Lady Deathstrike. Certain people argue that Gambit's victory should not count because he used trickery to accomplish it, but it could equally be argued that he was intelligent enough to know that he could not stand up to Logan in a physical fight and therefore had to find another way of winning. A comparison could be made with Batman's famous fight against Superman.

In Uncanny X-Men #280, when Legion and the Shadow King were in control of Muir Island and its inhabitants, Wolverine attacked Gambit and beat him. Similarly, in Victims #3, a crazed Logan defeated Gambit again.

Finally, in Contest of Champions II #4, Gambit and Wolverine had another bout, and Gambit emerged the victor, although he did have the possessed Rogue's assistance.

[Thanks to KillPhil for information.]

Daredevil-Gambit 11
Gladiator-UXM 277
Constrictor-Gambit 11,17
Werewolf by Night-Moon Knight 51,52
Bullseye-Gambit 16,17
Spider Man-Web of Spider Man 113
Nomad-Nomad 7,16
Moon Knight-Moon Knight 41,52
Tombstone-Spider Man Team Up 5
Storm-X-Treme X-Men Intafida arc(can't remember what specific issue)
X-Cutioner-Gambit 1,5
Bandit-Gambit(2nd series) 11,12
Jubilee-UXM 279
Forge-X-Men 3
Banshee-X-Men 3
Various Marauders-X-Men 34,Gambit 8,9
Archangel-Gambit annual 2000(they were kinda faking)
Rogue-X-Men 45, UXM 285
Crossbones-Gambit 18
Batroc-Gambit 16,18
Zaran-Gambit 16,18
New Sun-Gambit 24
Psylocke-X-Men 22(it was just one knock down blow)
Nightman-Nightman/Gambit 1-3

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Here's a key, so I don't have to do as much typing:

WEREWOLF BY NIGHT-Moon Knight#51,#52-D
SPIDER MAN-Web of Spider Man#113-D
CANDRA(younger version)-Gambit#14-W
CANDRA(regular timeline)-Gambit LS#3(thru charm)-W
MOON KNIGHT-Moon Knight#41-D,#52-D
TOMBSTONE-Spider Man Team Up#5-W
JULIAN-X-Men#8(flashback)-W, Gambit LS#1-W,#3-W,#4-W
HYDRO MAN-X-Men Unlimited#18-W
STORM-X-Treme X-Men Intafida arc(can't remember what issue)-W
NIGHTCRAWLER-Gambit/Bishop Sons of the Atom#1-W
BANDIT-Gambit(2nd series)#11-W,#12-W
QUICKSILVER-Contest of Champions#3-W
VARIOUS MARAUDERS-X-Men#34(bad Riptide clone)-W,Gambit#8(Scalphunter)-W,#9(Scalphunter, Harpoon, Riptide)-W
ARCHANGEL-Gambit annual 2000(they were kinda faking)-D
ROGUE-X-Men#45-D, UXM#285-L
THE BROOD-X-Men#9-W, Ghost Rider 26,27-W
PROFESSOR X-Gambit/Bishop Sons of the Atom#1-W
DEATH'S HEAD II-Death's Head II#1-L
NEW SUN-Gambit#24-W
PSYLOCKE-X-Men#22(it was just one knock down blow)-W
RAX THE NEO-Gambit#22(Rax endangered innocents to achieve victory)-L
STARJAMMERS(WarSkrull Impersonators)-UXM#277-W

There you have it - KillPhil

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